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  1. We have had a few CD's who wrote their own questions and tailored them to the ports and cruise. Ben was wonderful on the Noordam last year on our AU/NZ cruise. There were some very competitive teams!!! This is not an understatement. Ben would hand out pins to anyone who wanted one and kept the competition fun. Trivia was very well attended.
  2. We had to buy it again for the next twenty days. You will have to buy the 9 days. It is still much less than you buy it per day. This year we will buy the 31 days and then another 13. I am not sure what will happen when we are in China.
  3. The longer the cruise the better the price We bought the package at the start of the cruise. . The price for 31 days was @ $260 for the middle package, everything but streaming. We could not be on line the same time but we shared the purchase. We had to buy more because we were on 20 more days and the price was still a good deal.
  4. We are on the Westerdam from Jan 16-Feb 29. We will not be docking at the Bund. alas. Temma
  5. Vey true experienec carry on he cans!
  6. We have traveled on Hal for over 280 days and never received any pins. We did get a medal for 100 days and our grandsons love playing assorted games with them. Yes, the free laundry is a great perk.
  7. We were in our early 70's when we had the shots. We had no reaction to the shots except the expense. My doctor said that we should get the shots.We had to go to a travel clinic for the vaccine. I was very happy when we ended up at a Brazilian port that was passing out flyers about yellow fever in the area. Signs were up everywhere.
  8. We've done B2B and then additional legs in Asia, Australia, and Europe. Your onboard card is for your entire voyage not just the B2B. Your account carries to the end also. You can buy WiFi for up to a 30 day cruise and the rate is much less expensive than buying daily. We then could buy additional WiFi days. You do not have to go to the safety drill until you will be on more than 30 days . We like to do our own tours during days that people disembark/embark.. We have always been given transit passes. We have had to go through passport control in Australia this year when we were continuing the voyage.
  9. Great planning! We had an ocean view on Deck 4 for our Antartica cruise and it did exactly what you want. We would run on deck as did everyone on the ship. We ate early at a table for 4 which was at the window! Dinner was so exciting: whales, penguins and seals everywhere. It will be COLD on deck. The bow was open too. Bring super warm gloves and a very warm hat. It can be very windy and rainy but still glorious!
  10. We use magnets to hang maps etc. and my dh baseball caps. Most ships have some metal walls.
  11. We were in Antartica last February and had 4 days of lovely weather. Often the ships do not have such great weather. Bring WARM gloves and hats. The views are breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Love your comments. We board the Noordam January 4 and will have the orange view too. It will be wonderful to follow your comments. I agree with Mrs. W: no elevators and my DH ignores me. This ship is larger than our last few HAL ships so the climb from 4 to Lido will be more than a challenge. Thanks again Temma
  13. I believe they use precracked eggs that you can buy in wax. paper cartons for their scrambled eggs. They also have those eggs at the omelette station BUT you can ask to have a regular fresh egg cracked in front of you. They have real eggs with shells. Just ask. Yes, you can taste the difference.
  14. I don't believe they will let you charge both rooms to your account. We had this problem when we traveled with family too. Only one cabin will get the discount. It also is reflected if one family has a drink package
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