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  1. We are in the same situation after being loyal X fans for many years. Your assessment of the new fare plan is right on. We are very disappointed. Lorraine
  2. Of course. Captain Kate handled it beautifully.
  3. As a retired third grade teacher this is one of my pet peeves along with the incorrect use of their, there, and they’re. Thanks Kate!
  4. Still no transparency about what will happen with the first cruises sailing. He says they will be short and only a few ships. But they are still taking reservations for November. ?????
  5. I will be calling Icelandair today to try to get proof that my $600 fare is non refundable. This isn’t going to be easy!
  6. I’m just quoting Carnival. I don’t know what ”assistance” actually means.
  7. That was my point. I am not affected but two of my clients are and I am embarrassed by the WS offer. They will be cancelling because they really wanted to go to Iceland and the next opportunity won’t be until 2021. We were also booked on Miami to Colon but cancelled months ago and booked Celebrity instead. Phew!
  8. Re Carnival Mardi Gras delay vs WS delay offer Carnival said that the guest notification process began promptly after the notice by Meyer Turku so that impacted guests could begin to make alternative vacation plans. The cruise line is offering these guests a 25 percent future cruise credit (FCC), in addition to the full refund of their cruise fare (and applicable fees and taxes and other pre-purchased cruise components), as well as assistance with non-refundable airline and hotel reservations already booked. In addition, if guests rebook their cruise vacation using their 25 percent
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