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  1. I agree that it's really odd to announce that they're sending Westerdam to North America, only then to be (apparently) returned to Europe to start up in Barcelona in April. Maybe it has to do with getting certified in the US, not sure. Moving this cruise to 2022 sounds like a likely scenario, but I sure hope it would have a very similar itinerary to the 2021 version.
  2. Yes, I was able to do so twice with the same FCCs after having applied them to cruises which were subsequently cancelled.
  3. Thanks, Happy, for relaying the Pfizer explanation. We're booked on the 5/14/21 Westerdam 24-day collector cruise in the Mediterranean. Up to now we've felt like there's a 25% likelihood that this cruise will occur, I'm reducing our estimate to 10% (or less). We have a 30-day land trip booked overseas in August/September 2021 followed by six booked cruises on HAL through April 2022. Virtually everything is cancellable with very little of our skin in the game, and we see no other cruise itineraries we'd want to book at this point even if there was no more Covid. So, we're going to
  4. So, the CDC has approved the cruise ships to sail, provided that the cruise ships get the CDC's approval to sail. So?
  5. Roger that. (Though it's great if you've never been.)
  6. To the OP, I feel it is indeed necessary to look ahead to May 2021. We are booked on the Westerdam in the Mediterranean in late May and early June. I feel only about 25% confident that this cruise will take place at all, and less so with the current itinerary. We'll evaluate before the final payment date, unless HAL or the EU makes the cancellation decision for us beforehand. I also think that the Westerdam's SA/Antarctica program will be cancelled this winter, possibly making the Mediterranean their first potential return to service with the current lineup of itineraries.
  7. I always smile on the HAL cruises when I see the one or two kids hanging around their parents early in the cruise, and then by the end of the cruise they've become BFFs with all the other kids on board and they're inseparable.
  8. Second one this year... https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/05/how-to-protect-yourself-from-princess-cruise-and-holland-america-data-hack.html 😖
  9. If they haven't decided already, I think they will decide to cancel the So. Amer. 2020/21 cruises for the Westerdam. I don't think they would purposely wait to cancel until you pay in full, but if I were at the payment deadline for a So. Amer. cruise this winter I'd cancel. I think they'll buy a vowel from Vanna and wait and see before they cancel the TA, depending on how things do for US cruising in Q1 2021.
  10. Very good G-2, DeeDee. To me, that's a pretty telling bit of information. We're booked to depart Sydney 11/2021 and trying to keep an eye on developments there. Thanks.
  11. I appreciate HAL extending their pause further (and fewer times) earlier this year than some other cruise lines. Better that than the pain of one month at a time.
  12. Yes, but only just recently extended to include Asia and Australia.
  13. I'm seeing the discounts for my booked Europe cruises May/June 2021 Westerdam and Asia cruises February 2022 and April 2022 Noordam.
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