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  1. After doing a cruise on the MS Rotterdam for a Trans Atlantic cruise in 2017 to Rotterdam we took a full day while in Rotterdam and went to Keukenhof to explore the tulip & daffodils. We used public transportation to get there which allowed us to set the amount of time to see all of the flowers. We went on a Saturday and expected it to be crowded. But the garden area is so large that it was comfortable walking around and we did not feel cramped with people. The experience was more than we anticipated. The millions of flowers were extraordinary and absolutely beautiful. It's an experience not to be missed. Here are a couple of pictures of the garden and a link to our Microsoft OneDrive with other photos we took along with some from the windmills at Kinderdjyk. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=7AFC87CDF2F6DCA!24967&cid=07AFC87CDF2F6DCA
  2. We had a 14 day Alaska cruise scheduled for May 18, 2020 that was canceled by HAL. We contacted our TA and took the 125% FCC. Don't remember the date we had our TA call HAL but were fine knowing it could be 90 days until we got the port fees and taxes refunded. Well we got credit onto our creditcard yesterday for the port fees. We got notice via e-mail from HAL back on June 9th for the FCC. It now shows up on-line when we log into our HAL account (nice added on-line info by HAL). We had friends on this same cruise that also got their full refund yesterday along with other friends that were on this same Alaska cruise that started the day we ended our cruise who got their full refund yesterday also. It appears the processing is finally coming thru at a brisk pace.
  3. Well....the Sept. 30th date doesn't help us with an Oct. 3rd sailing from Rotterdam. With an original final payment date of aprox. July 4th we are not sure we will be able to assess the Covid-19 situation at that time on whether to cancel or make the payment. An Aug. 4th date would give us a better view. But who knows, this can change in a hour.
  4. Found this link from KVAL-TV in Eugene OR from an interview done by it's sister station KOMO-TV in Seattle with Seth Wayne, Brand Ambassador for HAL. As reported earlier he was on the Zaandam during this cruise ordeal. This article and video gives us an inside view of what transpired during the cruise back to Ft. Lauderdale. Seth was a meteorologist at KVAL-TV Eugene Oregon prior to going to KOMO-TV in Seattle. https://kval.com/news/coronavirus/this-isnt-stopping-me-from-cruising-former-komo-weatherman-recounts-trip-on-zaandam
  5. Just noticed Captain Jonathan of the Amsterdam just posted on his blog board. It was dated March 29 and has a "strange" video he did walking around the "empty" ship. Here is the link to his blog: http://captainjonathan.com/and-on-the-8th-day-30th-march/
  6. I think HAL is canceling Alaska cruises by "blocks" of dates, i.e. thru April 14th, then thru May 14th, next thru June 14th etc. etc. I feel this is how HAL can manage the work-call loads that would be generated from the cancelations. It would be better to handle only the customers from each block then everyone calling thru a July 1st. cancelation period. We have a May 18th cruise out of Vancouver to Alaska booked and am pretty sure it will be cancelled. Just waiting for HAL to cancel that cruise until we start making contact with them. They are just BURIED with dealing with the results of this pandemic. No one had any idea what havoc this pandemic would cause. Patience is the name of the game and we will wait until ours gets cancelled by HAL.
  7. That's a commissioner I'd vote for at a drop of a hat!! Great comments from her!
  8. Also picked up the comment from Burk at the Broward Co. meeting that there are two passengers who are very sick on the Zaandam that they were requesting be medivaced off the ship to Mexico but MX declined the request. He also stated that they would need immediate medical attention in Ft. Lauderdale "if they made there". Very sad situation.
  9. Here also watching both ships get thru the lock. Happy for them especially the Rotterdam which we will be on in Oct. We hope. 😉 Now we pray everything else goes smoothly and everyone on board both ships stay safe and healthy.
  10. Good to see the Zaandam get thru the new Cocoli locks. Now which locks will the Rotterdam go thru?
  11. Boy you folks are so fast in posting photos of the Zaandam that I am only going to watch your's instead of posting mine. 😁
  12. The Europa has been sitting at the Panama Canal anchorage for a number of days. She was previously in Puerto Vallarta MX prior to her current location.
  13. Found this USA Today article. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/four-dead-138-sick-on-holland-americas-ms-zaandam-cruise-in-limbo-amid-coronavirus-crisis/ar-BB11Oc2j?li=BBnb7Kz Pray for all involved and those who lost family members on the Zaandam.
  14. Has anyone signed up the book and movie rights to this saga? 😁 Crossing my fingers and hoping everything goes right this morning in LA.
  15. We did a 14 day Land-Sea cruise that had Dawson and Whitehourse as stops in 2016. We did not buy the meal plan due to the cost and because you were relegated to using the restaurant in the Westmark hotels (HAL). We wanted the ability to sample different eating spots in each of the towns. HAL does own the Westmark hotels in both Whitehorse and Dawson. There are enough restaurants in each of those towns to find something that meets your needs. We talked to a couple people in our touring group who did buy the meal package who said the vouchers worked fine and they were satisfied with the plan but missed the ability to sample other eateries in each town. I am not sure if the current plan is any different than the plan that was available back in 2016.
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