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  1. But if your TA calls, the FCC was applied (it appeared one day and then went to $0) to our cruise next summer
  2. We have received all of our refunds, this last time just three days after HAL cancelled our 2021 Maasdam to Alaska by selling the ship. We have yet to pick a new cruise to apply our future cruise credits but all our booked shore excursions were refunded nearly immediately. Our 2020 Maasdam to Alaska, where we would be RIGHT now if the world hadn't changed, the refunds all received within 34 days. We are not complaining.
  3. Unfortunately, no one seems to be talking about if any of the proposed vaccines are "live virus" or "killed virus." No one with an autoimmune disease can have a live virus vaccine, so even then, my husband won't be able to take it. It was years before he could get the shingles vaccine because it was live. This may be the reason no matter what that we could not cruise again, and just when we are able to cruise much more often! But lots of things need to come together before any of us cruise, so we shall just try to be patient.
  4. We not only got all our shore excursiob refunds within 60 days for our cancelled Alaskan cruise this summer, but yesterday we got our Future Cruise Credit and our travel agent posted it to our replacement Alaskan cruise for 2021. We are so pleased that this is working out. Now, let's all hope that there will be both our beautiful cruise ship and our planned cruise in July 2021. That is really hoping!!!
  5. We have received all our ten excursion and onboard amenities for our previously scheduled July 2020 cruise, and we have already started booking excursions for the same cruise in July 2021. All received within 30 days of cancellation and rebooking. We are thrilled.
  6. Frankly, although it is a horrible situation all around, we have been communicated with fairly and reasonably. I think Mr. Ashford has done a terrific job keeping us informed all along. Since no one could possibly have been prepared for this disaster, I am thrilled with how Holland has keep us up to date on our cancelled cruise and our newly booked replacement cruise. I am still wondering what else customers would have liked from Holland -- we know what is happening and they are doing exactly what they said this would do. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to work there now.
  7. We cancelled (and rebooked for next July - 2021) on April 14, and today we received refunds to our card of three of the ten excursions we booked for this July 2020. Less than a month. Hope to get more tomorrow.
  8. Well -- you can take us off the July 27, 2020 14 day Maasdam because it was cancelled. But we immediately rebooked the same cruise for July 26, 2021 and would like to be included. We will still become 4 star Mariners on that cruise. God willing that in one year, we will be cruising.! Thanks, kenphy in South Carolina
  9. we are scheduled for the July 27 14 day on the Maasdam, sailing roundtrip out of Vancouver. Our final payment is due on April 28. Our only deposit is the $200 we paid on board our last cruise in 2018. We are holding our breath to see what we are doing to do. If HAL doesn't cancel the cruise, if the Vancouver cruise port is open, if the flights are still going, still too much to process before we pay.
  10. Sorry, I did mean final payment (not deposit) but our deposit was only the $100 each that we did onboard our last cruise. So, April 28 final payment is the big day we have to decide on all these issues (or, hopefully, all will be decided for us) Thanks to all for these prompt, thoughtful responses. We did get the letter from the CEO, and we would become 4 star mariners on the second day of this Alaskan cruise. Any comments will continue to be APPRECIATED!
  11. Yes, we have a cruise to Alaska booked at the end of July (we are on that roll call) but we are wondering if anyone has any information on what HAL is intending for the over 70 cruisers. We are 72 and 73, and are in really good shape (husband has an autoimmune disease which has been in remission for over 10 years, and thanks to fantastic medicine, he should remain that way) but we keep hearing that when this is over, us 70 + people won't be able to cruise. Of course, there are other issues as well (besides the obvious one on the progress of Coronavirus): 1. Will HAL
  12. We have booked two of the zodiac tours on our 14 days Maasdam. Excited!
  13. On HAL, we do not bring our life jackets to the drill -- not for many years!
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