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  1. I'm wondering what MSC means with 'A Y-shaped aft will open onto the 104-metre-long Europa Promenade, offering views across the ocean. The promenade will be half-open to the sky and half-covered by an LED screen, which will feature tailor-made displays throughout the day. '. I see the design as a ship with 2 promenades, one halve covered (what RCL calls the board walk on Oasis-class) and one indoors. On the rendering I do see some light strips on the 'board walk', but not a LED screen. And on the indoor promenade I do see the LED screen, but that is fully covered. Will the two prom
  2. I can try to answer this question for you, as soon as the MSC-site is working again 🙄.
  3. I have the idea the 'infinity' cabin on MSC World Europa will be a tad different. While on the Edge class there is still a balcony space between the cabin and the window, on the MSC World Europa the window appears to be the fourth wall of the cabin itself. It's more like a French or Juliet balcony to me.
  4. And that might exactly the niche they are looking for. This decade the European cruise marked has definitely matured, but most luxury cruise lines are still focussed on American clientele. Only in the ultra-ultra luxery niche, their are some true European operators like Hapag, Ponant and maybe Hurtigruten. I expect Explora to be in the range of Seabourn, Viking, Oceania, Regent, Azamara and/or Crystal, but more focussed on Europeans.
  5. On a website called Crew-Center you can find pictures of crew quarters of several newer cruise ships (including MSC Mergaviglia and MSC Fantasia-class). They give you a good insight on crew facilities on board. I've heard that on older ships, the space is more limited, but they don't have pictures those ships available. To me these facilities seem to be very adequate. However, lets not forget that crew members work long days, late nights, are on their feet most of the time, and don't get any weekends off. It is hard work (and cruise lines should pay them accordingly and not leave it to the pas
  6. That seems like quite a good deal you have there. Something to look forward too. MSC seems to always employ their newest ship on the most popular itinerary they have (an itinerary also offered with nearly identical ports of call by Costa, AIDA and others). And since MSC offers several embarkation ports, nearly al cruises call at Barcelona, Marseilles and Genua, leaving only 3-4 options for other ports (often Civitavecchia, Palma, La Spezzia or Naples). I am excited about them offering two totally new destinations on Seaside though, they do seem to be trying to differentiate.
  7. Nope, just like Tapi I like to plan well in advance and carefully select a specific stateroom (mostly by the location). I will not risk losing an ideal location.
  8. As you are a a European citizen your network provider (if it is also from the EU) will not charge you extra for roaming within the EU and some other countries (like the UK, Switzerland, and some others). When in port and the first km's from shore you won't need a wifi-packages when using your phone (directly or connecting your phone with your laptop/tabled via a hot spot). This might be a cheaper option, if of course you can go without internet access when on the high seas.
  9. Depends on what you are looking for. The theatre shows are quite good, broadway-style, with loads of music, lights and extravagant costumes. The live music in bars is also very enjoyable. Every bar has a different style, so you can pick what fits your mood. Butlins-like activities are available, but not as many and not as often (and with far fewer participants) as on major American lines. I don't know about specific teen-activities though, but I'm curious as well.
  10. I don't know about your kids, since I only have one. On my MSC-cruises the white nights were in a bar (purple bar on Magnifica) or on deck (by the big screen on Seaview). Some people were already in white during dinner (early seating), though more got their party outfit on only later. Most people weren't wearing white at all. We never do drink packages. What we drink doesn't ad up to the total costs. At the buffet there were more than plenty desserts choices, but never ice cream. Though you can always buy ice cream whenever you want from the ice cream shop. Prices were
  11. Apart from the slides I haven't seen any age ristrictions, but be aware that there are no life guards. You hold full responsibility over your child. When packing, don't forget safe floating equipement.
  12. I once booked an inside cabin and got assigned a mid ship balcony cabin. Talking about great value for money. And smart thinking by MSC, because ever since I feel I just need a balcony.
  13. sealynx


    I loved that smell. I asked if they sold bottles of the body wash seperately, but unfortunately the answer was no.
  14. I agree with most you say, but certainly not this one, since my experience was the opposite. In the main diningroom MSC has two or three seatings. Especially the first seating is a quick one (an hour or less). After 90 minutes you'll be ushured out so they can clean up for the next group.
  15. sealynx

    Baby Club

    You can register when onboard, but be prepared for some waiting time since drop off, pick up and resistration are all handled on a first come first serve basis from one counter.
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