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  1. We have always booked a corner aft after out initial Alaska cruise. It allows you to see both starboard and port sides. Important for both whale and wildlife viewing. Also when you are at Glacier Bay the ship will spend an equal amount of time on both the starboard and port sides for viewing. With that corner aft you will see the glacier the entire time. I do agree on with DaveOKC on the 5th floor aft. That deck is more covered offering protection from the rain.
  2. I have learned that there are always 2 sides to every story. Even more when it is on FB!
  3. HAL posted on FB about an issue with a particular crewmember. Does anyone know what they are talking about?
  4. My offer is for a complimentary stateroom. When I go to book it online, being logged in, it does not show the complimentary offer. The offer states to contact my PCC. I have to be honest. After my first cruise on HAL every cruise I have taken has been through a casino offer. I am presently a 4 star mariner so it's been a lot of cruises. I have always been able to select the stateroom I wanted. Never once has it been a guaranty. I do however go through my PCC.
  5. A Casino offer just came USPS today, There are 12 different cruise offers and nowhere does it mention a guaranty.
  6. I received an email and then a few days later the offer arrived in the mail. I just glanced at the mail offer as I had already booked. In the recycle it went. I will start paying more attention to the offers I get in the mail. I always go off the email.
  7. I had no clue. I have always been able to choose my cabin. I do go through my PCC however. I already have both of my cabins for the November cruise.
  8. We receive several Casino VIP offers from HAL each year. Some offers are for a discounted room and casino cash and some offers are for a free cabin. Depending on how much you play will be the determining factor in your offer. My wife received a free ocean view stateroom. I received a free signature suite. It's usually one or the other. A discounted cabin with free play or a free cabin with no free play. We took advantage of the offer for the $50,000 Slot/Blackjack tournament in November on the Nieuw Statendam.
  9. And I'll bet you have very rarely had a short poor from those bartenders.
  10. The fishing in Cabo is hit and miss in April. Not the prime time of the year to fish there.
  11. You can thank google for the new HAL website. Google insists on a mobile responsive site. And that is what the new Hal site is. Mobile responsive. I am sure the vast majority of us do our cruise bookings on our phones.
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