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  1. You are supposed to put your room card in the slot on the slot machine.
  2. I use a PCC when booking all my casino cruises. I am offered a free neptune suite. I never wait for them to assign me the suite as I want a corner aft. So I call my PCC right away and start the process. I wind up paying some extra which is the difference between the SC and SB category. I know for fact in my case my PCC has to contact the casino dept to have them pay for my cabin. It's 2 to 3 days later that my booking confirmation shows paid in full. The process may be easier for the PCC then a big box store.
  3. There is no way casinos are going to share their customers info with other casinos. Some land based casinos are in bed with certain cruise lines. If you play enough at a land based casino you will be offered a free cruise from that casino on whatever cruise line they are in bed with. On land based casinos and I am quite sure most cruise lines they use a process called theoretical to rate their players. For simplification purposes it rates your time and amount of play. It is much easier to rate the slot play. For table play they look at your time and average bet. On the ships you
  4. I have all of that information. My wife received info in her pharmacy journal 4 weeks ago about the delta variant. We are overloaded with info in this house. The only thing she has not seen nor heard was there being increased hospitalizations for those who have been vaccinated. That is what I was trying to verify.
  5. I just researched this a little further. It appears patients who were hospitalized for other issues have caught the virus. Nowhere can I find where the reason for the hospitalizations was due to catching the delta variant.
  6. My only surprise is that we are not seeing increased hospitalizations like you are in our area due to the delta variant. I am hoping it remains that way.
  7. We are down so much that they are starting to report the numbers once a week instead of daily.
  8. Can I ask what area this is? We are not seeing increased hospitalizations in our area from the Delta variant. We have the Delta variant in our area but there are no increases in hospitalizations. NW Indiana Chicagoland area.
  9. It is a violation of Federal Law. That CDC seal on the card is an official govt. sel which makes it an official govt. document.
  10. .I never said the govt issued vax cards were US issued. The Netherlands government also issues vaccination cards, Their laws for misuse may be stricter than those of the US.
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