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  1. Excellent post with many good points and now let me add another concern, which is very unpredictable at this point. Many cruisers are older and have immunsupressed illnesses so they are not necessarily 95% covered for the original covid virus and now, with the spread of the Delta variant, we are only about 64% covered. And not everyone that is vaccinated is out mixing and mingling with unvaccinated people. Some people who are vaccinated have fears of the unknown especially since we are hearing more and more about vaccinated people having breakthru cases and dying. So, I think it is only fa
  2. ANYTIME DINING was supposed to be just that. Anytime you feel like eating just show up. How can we possibly make reservations ahead of time when we have no idea of show times, tours and other things that we might not know until 30 mins. ahead of time? So, does this mean Princess will no longer have anytime dining? Judy from SW Florida
  3. Surprise.....surprise. I was worrying about the same issue and though I had the Medallion app down loaded, I could never get it to open up until today. When I clicked on the first item previously, it continued to say "all hands on tech" but today, it opened right up and guess what? My husband's name was at the top of the page right beside of mine. I filled in most of the items except for passport and something else than went back, clicked on his name and filled in all his information. Never had to use his account (that we couldn't get a new password for anyway). You might check that out.
  4. Thank you so much for your response. I sure hope Princess follows through
  5. That does make a lot of sense and I do like your "guessing. Thanks for totally answering my question
  6. Maybe I didn't state my question clear enough. I understand luggage tags are not available yet but when they are available, will you be able to print them from the PERSONALIZER? Everything I have seen says you must do everything on the Medallion app
  7. I have still not seen anything in writing stating at a later date we would be able to print our luggage tags from the Personalizer. As far as I have seen, every printed direction from Princess says we must do EVERYTHING from the Medallion. Am I missing something?
  8. I managed to down load Medallion on my tablet but I can't seem to get even #1 in the blue lane. I check almost every day but it continues to say, "All hands on Tech" every time. Can't even get my husband a new password on his account because he hasn't used it for years and can't remember his old password. Because I only get the "All hands on Tech" message, does it sound like it may not work on my tablet and if not, how was I able to DL the app?
  9. Unfortunately, the Personalizer no longer works for printing tags. Any other thoughts on this?
  10. Thanks so much for the info on the luggage tags. That helps a little bit. LOL
  11. My next question is: luggage tags. In Ft. Lauderdale (where i almost always sail from) you must drop luggage off in from of the terminal and there is no where outside the building to get luggage tags. If we must go inside the terminal and stand in line to get information downloaded, that is quite a dilema?????
  12. Well, it's very stressful for me too. Furthermore, the question was not meant to be funny. I did think the response was funny though and mindless.
  13. Why have they totally ignored the biggest, most important question of all?? What is everyone going to do without the newest smart phone or unable to work with the app to even sign in or register, the primary information.
  14. I'm just curious: how do you complete information that can't even start? LOL
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