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  1. There is a huge range of severity with diabetes so if they lump everyone in the same pot, (diabetes) I'll bet there is a huge amount of people who fall in that category and many many people who remain very healthy after having diabetes for many years. The same with blood pressure issues. Many people have both and with medication are totally controlled. Calling diabetes a "severe chronic illness" sounds to me like over kill. Judy from SW Florida
  2. Yes, I think you are right. Testing is the key and being pro-active didn't happen in the US so now we are lagging far behind this virus, maybe 6 weeks behind. On a positive note, I see Princess credited my CC with the money I paid for EZair for my cruise that was cancelled March 26. Judy from SW Florida
  3. It means absolutely nothing. LOL No one can predict how bad this will get. We will probably see many more changes in the next 10 days. Judy in Sw Florida
  4. Thank you so much for your perfectly worded (for me) post. You put down my thoughts exactly. For all those who keep saying, it's not "that" bad or no bigger risk than dying from the flu, well, I never have been a big gambler and when I check all the boxes of probably being in the high risk portion, why should I gamble on my health (or life) just to say, "I am brave and I am going to cruise anyway." I have several cruises already booked for next year but I don't intend to gamble on the one booked for Europe in a couple weeks. So, all you brave souls or (non-believers) enjoy your cruises and
  5. At this point, how can anyone assume they will NOT have the virus on their cruise? As more and more become infected and more and more will board a ship not having any idea they are infected, and before you know it, you have a ship bound to quarantine no question. I really think it makes more sense for Princess to start canceling some of their cruises, at least for a short time, to see if this virus calms down. No one is going to enjoy their cruise much if they have all these stressors on the entire cruise. Judy in SW Florida
  6. And what about all those people who honestly don't have those symptoms yet but are carrying the virus? Only takes one of them aboard to cause a whole lot of problems. Judy in SW Florida
  7. Yes, I am on the same cruise and asking the same questions. How can they send a cruise ship to a country that has already said, "non-essential visits not welcome?" For now, even though I have the Platinum Insurance, I will sit tight and wait a little longer in hopes Princess will show some signs of informing us. Judy in SW Florida
  8. I am not so concerned about getting sick but what has crossed my mind several times is what might happen IF it gets much worse abroad and when we are ready to fly back home, they don't want us to come in since we are flying from a possibly bad a hot spot. Judy in SW Florida
  9. Any cancelations of Princess Cay or time adjustments for other ports? Everyone is waiting to see if generator has been fixed yet. Thanks for any info. Judy in SW Florida
  10. Thank you. Finally some reasonable answers. Just looking for past experiences and wondering what to expect. Judy in SW Florida
  11. Well, the answer I was looking for was one that half way made sense. Some of the responses I saw were totally out in left field Judy in SW Florida
  12. Of course I didn't know the answer. That is why I asked. I had heard some guesses, (yes on CC) but no one seemed to have any reasonable answer so I asked again. Do you have a reasonable answer? Judy in SW Florida
  13. And then there is always the hope the generator problem will be fixed by then, even sooner I hope. Judy in SW Florida
  14. That statement is totally opposite of what I have been hearing Judy in SW Florida
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