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  1. On 5/23/2024 at 8:34 AM, Jamman54 said:

    Good plan sid! We enjoy doing our reviews after the fact. We love experiencing our cruises for the second time. We could never do "live" reviews and having to be "on" all the time. One suggestion is to take the time each day and jot down some notes. Doing that, plus the time stamps on your pictures will make the process easier. 😎


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  2. 1 hour ago, Essiesmom said:

    But, it’s an experience that must be…’experienced’.  Like the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the souk in Marrakech…but on a smaller scale.  I wonder if the shopping area in the new dock area has cut down on the crowds in the Straw Market…?

    You may be right.  My three or four experiences with it have convinced me I don’t want to do it again!  LO,


    I hadn’t thought of that.  I guess it’s possible?  That’s a great question, though!

  3. 51 minutes ago, Oakman58 said:

    The odds of anyone winning more than $50 in Deal or no Deal are very high so winning a cruise the odds must be ridiculously high.  I'm glad to hear it's actually possible to win a cruise.

    I thought the same!  I’ve seen a few people win $100 or $200 but never anything like that! I hope Carmen took her good luck to the casino and made out like a bandit!

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  4. 43 minutes ago, mikayla73 said:

    That makes sense. I'm the same. My gambling consists of "Hey lets go play this $25 and see if we can last more than 5 min." Then I'm done.


    So if I played this, I'd probably never be picked to be on stage. And if I was, the next place I'd go would be the casino cause maybe it's my lucky day. :classic_biggrin:


    LOL  You are my people!  I'm exactly the same!


    Honestly, I have to confess...the one time I won the $30 casino credit I went to the casino and played a slot machine.  I lost the first $10 trying to figure out how to work the slot machine.  I quickly lost the second $10.  On the third $10 I was getting tired of the process and was about ready to quit when bells, whistles and lights started going off and the numbers started climbing.  I told Ron, if it reaches $20 I'm cashing out.  The numbers just kept climbing and finally landed at $302.  I was astounded and not sure I was even reading that right.  I went to the cashier and told her I thought I had accidentally won $300.  She chuckled at first but then said that I had, indeed, won $300.  She gave me the cash.  I left as fast as I could before they changed their minds!  That was on Magic a couple of years ago.  It's never happened again....probably never will.  😁

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  5. 3 minutes ago, mikayla73 said:

    Never mind I found my answer ... you’re trying to match the case on the card you get to what's in the case on the stage board. Thank you though!

    Yes!  If you match one, you get nothing.  Two gets you a free Bingo game.  Three is $30 in the casino and on up.  Seven is a free cruise and I’ve never seen that happen except on this cruise.  The most I’ve ever won is the $30 in the casino.  The prizes are redeemable on the last sea day.


    The contestants are randomly selected from the card sales.  All cards have a number on the bottom.  They will play two games and your card is good for both of them.


    I don’t know what I would ever so if I were selected to go up on stage!  I’m not much of a gambler and I doubt I’d have the grit to see it through to the end.  lol. It’s unlikely I’ll ever have to find out.  😜

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  6. 2 hours ago, nc762shooter said:

    We loved the oceanview aft cabins on the Fantasy class, the way the hull is sloped made that shelf probably be about 2 ft deep. Nowadays our daughter would love playing in there, especially since the curtains make it like a little stage. Honestly it would probably be a struggle to keep her from using blankets and pillows to make a nest and SLEEP in there🤣! You also get some noise during docking from the thrusters and vibration at times but not enough to be a problem in my opinion. You will feel movement being at the extreme end of the ship but to us it's much more like a slow, gentle rocking motion that is predictable, similar to a rocking chair or seesaw and is quite soothing. Midship the movements always felt choppier and less predictable to us. 


    The best part on Fantasy (RIP) if you stayed on deck 7 was a "secret" staircase right across from the aft cabins that you could use to go up past the crew only deck area on 8 to another staircase and quickly get to Serenity and the Lido bar without having to go forward at all!


    We've never done an aft-facing balcony, only a regular side balcony very far aft, but from the sound of things is the soot level does seem to vary between ship classes with some being much worse than others. Not much way around the privacy thing though! 

    You definitely know your Fantasy class ships!  I have to say, I'd be right there with your daughter.  LOL


    I've only had the one aft balcony on Sunrise.  We usually don't get a balcony because we're never in the room and just don't use it much.  We DID book a balcony cabin for our trip to Alaska next year.  It's just a side balcony, mainly because of the soot and privacy issue.  



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  7. 8 minutes ago, mitsugirly said:


    Well you did a great job and I really enjoyed it!


    Thanks for the visual of the port. We always find something different to do there as well...just not one of my favorite ports. 

    I agree!  Not my favorite either BUT it's almost a necessary evil I guess.  LOL  A couple of years ago we had a stop in San Juan changed out for a stop in Nassau.  Not cool at all!

    3 minutes ago, nc762shooter said:

    Those covers would be great if you decided you want interior levels of darkness😂. The shelf is neat, all the aft facing cabins on Fantasy class used to have really big ones before they added the balconies. Big enough that I (6'3" 230 lbs) could tuck sideways and recline fairly comfortably and watch the wake for a bit. My wife being a foot shorter could almost use it like a chaise lounge😆. Also makes a great place to keep your towel animals!

    Yes, yes and yes!  LOL  I'm sure if you wanted a total darkness in the room those would do the job!


    That's interesting!  I've only been in the side balconies or interiors on Fantasy class.  That sounds massive!  We also kept our towel animals there!  It's actually a convenient storage space.  I kind of liked the porthole in spite of the noise.  I may do it again at some point.


    The only time I ever had an aft balcony was on Sunrise, I think.  To be honest, I wasn't a fan.  Every morning there were be soot all over everything and in the afternoon the sun beat down on the space and made it uncomfortable.  That, coupled with the fact that people above you could look down onto your balcony made it a "no thanks" for me going forward.

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  8. 36 minutes ago, mitsugirly said:



    Are those lights on the top of the porthole? I've never seen anything like it before. Love the shelf!




    Yes, this is a Bermuda Chub. 🙂 

    Wow it's really beautiful there! I hope to make it there some day.



    On another note, I loved your review. Nassau looks like it has really changed a lot. I'm having a hard time picturing this area. I just remember getting off the ship and walking down the long pier and then you go out onto the road area. Where are all these vendor shops located? I just can't picture this area now. (We've been here multiple times and I try to book a cruise to avoid this stop so haven't been in awhile). 



    Thanks so much for reading!  Your reviews are what caused me to start writing and I have enjoyed it so much, so I owe you a debt of gratitude.


    In the porthole picture, those are window covers to seal the window , if necessary.  I can’t imagine a scenario where you’d need to seal those windows.  I don’t WANT to imagine a scenario where you’d need to seal those windows!  We just left them open the whole time.


    If you haven’t been to Nassau in a while you should definitely check it out.  When you disembark and walk down the pier you walk into this new port area before you get into the town proper.  All of those vendor stalls are in this new area arranged into little “streets”.    There’s a fence separating the port area from that Main Street where you’d normally turn.  The first thing you will see upon entering the port area is that screen with the shark.  It has other pictures, too, I just liked the shark.  Pictures absolutely don’t do it justice.  There are videos of that screen online.  It’s phenomenal!


    I don’t mind Nassau since I always find something to do there but I do think this new area is a huge improvement.


    Thanks for the ID on the chub!  I’m learning!  lol

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  9. 1 minute ago, MommyCrankyPants said:

    My mom has been to HMC, but this will be our 1st time! 😁 I did my research and specifically chose HMC over Princess Cays, so my momma wouldn't have a hard time on the rocks and such. Everyone (minus BFF) has been to Nassau, but it was prior to the renovations. So, it's kinda like 2 new stops for DH and me on this cruise. We plan on having a beach day at HMC and staying close to port at Nassau. My mom loves the straw market! 🙂 We set sail on Sept. 7th ❤️ 

    HMC is the perfect beach day for sure!  Your mom is brave!  I don’t get stressed very easily but the straw market in Nassau will do it every time!  I can’t deal with everyone talking to me and trying to get me to buy things.  If I stop to look at something they stop me and start talking trying to get me to buy whatever it is.  I always feel bad or like I’m being rude but they won’t let me move on!  I think they sense my weakness.  LOL. I avoid the straw market at all costs!


    We’ll be getting on Mardi Gras about the time you’re getting off Elation.  We board on Sept 14

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  10. 2 hours ago, MommyCrankyPants said:

    I loved following along your adventure and was sad to see it end! heh I know you and Ron were too. Thank you so much! My DH and I are taking my 70 y/o mom and my BFF of 34 years (her 1st cruise) on the Elation in September. We've been on the Fascination and the Paradise, but this will be our first time on Elation. We are driving from SE KY down to Jacksonville the day before. While this will be my mom's 5th cruise, it's going to be her 1st with a balcony room. Annnnd, I'll be turning 45 while we are at Half Moon Cay. I am so stinking excited; mom's 1st balcony, bff's 1st cruise and my birthday ... Woohoo!  LOL Thank you again for the great review and awesome pictures. 🙂

    Edited to add: I very much appriciate the pictures of the Funtimes. I zoomed in and read them all, front and back. I need to be prepared! ❤️ 

    Awww…..thank you so much!  What a great trip you have planned!  It sounds amazing!  Have you been to Half Moon Cay before?  If so, you already know that you will love it.  If not, it’s absolutely gorgeous and you will love it!  lol. Let me know how your trip goes!

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  11. 5 hours ago, elklemi said:

    Elation is my favorite Carnival ship as I enjoy the smaller ships and most have been retired.  I have been doing the elation in December for the last 7 years and enjoy reading a review of others who appreciate what she has to offer.  Look forward to your September review which will be interesting to see how you "handle" the changes for the old to new.  Safe travels.

    Thanks so much for reading along and for your kind words.  I did enjoy Elation!  I’ve already been on several of the newer ships including Mardi Gras and Celebration.  My cruise on the Mardi Gras in September will be our 15th and our first “repeat” on a ship.  Hopefully you can join me for that story, too!


    2 hours ago, ninjacat123 said:

    Awesome!! Great review and looking forward to your next one 👍😁

    Thank you so much!  I’ll be on the lookout for yours as well!


    1 hour ago, Gamecock_Cruiser said:

    I enjoyed reading you review and glad that you two had a good time. I am just as sad that you review has come to an end that you are about the cruise coming to an end! haha


    I love the Fantasy class ships and hate to see them dwindeling away. The Elation is still a very nice ship to be almost 30 years old. I will be sad the day that the last two Fantasy class ships are gone.

    Thank you so much for your kind words!  I really enjoy writing here on Cruise Critic because it just extends the experience for me and I’m so glad I’m not boring everyone here to tears!  lol. Thanks again!


    I wonder what they will do about getting under those bridges when the small ships are gone???

    1 hour ago, Indiansbaseball said:

    That was fun ! Thanks for sharing !

    Thank you so much for reading and hanging out with me!  Let’s do it again!  lol


    1 hour ago, erstreet2017 said:

    OKAY but I don’t want to PURPOSEFULLY swim with the sharks. Is that acceptable? 🙄


    PS for everyone else- I’m the Liz she’s talking about 😂 

    That’s fair, I guess!  Did you read the barracuda story a page or so back?  🫢

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  12. 51 minutes ago, AKR2011 said:

    Great review as always! Enjoy your summer and I'll be back to follow along again in September ❤️

    Thank you so much!  I’ll definitely look forward to it!


    52 minutes ago, Essiesmom said:

    Yes, but it’s DOWNhill.  It’s the walk up to board that kills me.  I travel carryon only but I now check my rollaboard and just wear my backpack.  But debarking…you could ride your suitcase down…if it had brakes…and maybe a tiller to steer…. EM

    Now that’s a funny mental picture!  I don’t mind the walking at all, up or down, I was just surprised by how long it actually was.  But if I run into one that long again and need to get down quickly, I’ll know one option!  lol

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