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  1. I have a few questions about excursions for our trip in January. Except for one time I don't think we have ever done a ship excursion. We have always booked our own and not from the cruise line. 1. How do you know if a certain port is a "bubble" port where you are only allowed to do an NCL excursion? And who determines that....the country of the port or NCL? 2. Are we better off to assume all ports are "bubble" ports because it could change at any time? 3. If I book an NCL excursion can that be cancelled and money refunded or do we lose our money if we change our mind?
  2. I think that the date for booking specialty dining was the same date our final payment was due. Now that NCL has changed ot final payments not due until 60 days out does that mean I won't be able to book specialty dining until I make my final payment?
  3. No on my confirmation it says LATITUDE. Is that because it is ony 1 pt extra per night because it is in 2022??
  4. I have called twice and both times was told that the special was already applied to my booking when I made it. How do I know that this is true?
  5. Yes for sure you can get the package refunded. I did the exact same thing for our March 1st sailing on the Pearl last week.
  6. Yesterday we got the PULLMAN Miami Airport for $104 plus taxes and fees off of HOTWIRE. So $124 for a 4 star hotel.
  7. kdpatte

    Which port

    Is there an easy way to see which port your ship will dock at? Or can it be different every week?
  8. Yes I inquired through the site and just noted what I wanted. He emailed back and said no problem. You can see on the customized one what the extra charges will be for some of the stops.
  9. Yeah I thought someone would have posted by now too.
  10. After making dining reservations is there some place I can see what I made and what night? I can't seem to find them. Did I really not make them??
  11. Those are perfect.....now to choose which one. I think we are going to do the steakhouse and the italian for sure. Now just need to decide between the brazilian grill or the tappanaki. Suggestions anyone???
  12. We booked with Rony last week for our trip on the Pearl March 1st. We asked for a personalized excursion. We want to see the SLOTHS and MONKEY's and so the Rum Factory tour and the chocolate factory tour. They agreed and a few days later he asked for the deposit via email. I haven't paid it yet but going to take care of it this weekend based on everyones information here.
  13. Is there somewhere that I can see menus for the specialty restaurants so that I can decide which ones I want to pick??
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