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  1. This is a completely horrible accident. Yes, it was an accident. I think most agree on that...no one thinks the grandfather did this purposefully. Were they right to charge him? Yes, unfortunately. At the end of the day, it was negligence...sadly, this act of negligence resulted in a terrible outcome. Accidents happen, sometimes with unfortunate outcomes that have consequences. The main issue here is with trying to place blame on RCCL and all the statements being released against them. I understand a lawyer's job is to do everything they can in their power, but anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see these statements are all smoke and mirrors. The family saying "open windows in a children's area," for instance...this didn't make sense to me, because I couldn't see where any children's area on a ship would be near the edge where a child could fall. One look at the ship video someone posted, and you realize it's not a children's area...it's just the lounge area that all cruise ships have lining the side of the ship, that happens to be next to the children's pool. So, I'm sorry, but they don't have that as a valid argument. It's not like she was playing in the children's area when this happened. Also, their rebuttal of "having open windows where someone could fall out." Firstly, those open windows are way too high for any child to accidentally fall out on their own. Even and older child who slips and falls. Even an adult, to be honest. I don't know many adults that are so top-heavy that if they fell near the railing of a ship, they would topple up and over the railing instead of down onto the ground. Secondly, does that mean ships shouldn't have balcony rooms then? Because someone COULD fall off? It's just sad to see them scraping at clearly invalid reasons that it's RCCL's fault. I understand them not wanting to accept the grandfather's conviction, but if not that, just say overall it was an accident. Don't try to blame the other party with poor excuses. (Plus, as someone said before...they don't want to convict the grandfather or say he was negligent...but we all know that if anyone outside that family picked the girl up and did the exact same thing, that person would for sure be negligent and at fault and all the other words they don't want the grandfather to be. Again, unfortunate but...reality.)
  2. It's definitely not really "free." Is the drink package a good deal if you're going to drink instead of paying per drink? For sure. And we all know we have to pay gratuities on that. Where it's not "free" is that they advertise it that way next to a price, which is a seemingly good deal. Then you go to book it...that price is the "sail away" rate, which doesn't include the perks, and the next cheapest rate including the perks is $250+ more expensive. I was thinking about doing a last-minute, quick 5-day since I live downtown next to PortMiami, I randomly had a few days off, and inside cabins (which I normally wouldn't stay in) were only $199/pp! After the mock booking and choosing the perks, the total for 2 people was $1300 😂 I was shocked. Anyone else have a similar experience? I love NCL and will continue to cruise with them. I just know this is how it works, and everyone needs to tell themselves that as well. I do think that price increase is a LITTLE ridiculous...it has always been like this i.e. never really free, but I've never noticed it this bad. That tacked on $900 total when all was said and done, which is crazy IMO. Anyway...looking forward to sailing the Encore in April (so long as I get in the Vibe, since there appears to be a severe lack of outdoor space 😭) Happy cruising, y'all!
  3. I’m sure this was already answered, but just there are a lot of pages to go through 😂 Just curious...after arrival in Manhattan on 11/11, where will she be/is there a repo cruise prior to arrival in Miami on 11/24?
  4. Thanks all for your input! I tend to agree about the short cruises...if you're going to go through all the boarding/embarkation/debarkation processes, might as well be on for a week. That's why I've only done week-long or longer. I think I'll stick with the resort and take my chances with hurricane season...I've (for the most part save for once) had good luck. We're looking into a Celebrity Edge cruise for January, so I'll just let that be his first! Have a great day, y'all!
  5. Hello all! I’m having a bit of a dilemma, so I wanted everyone’s input. I’m surprising my partner with a little weekend getaway to the Bahamas in August. Currently I have everything booked at Baha Mar with flights Friday am and back Sunday pm to Miami. However, I can still cancel and have been considering the Friday-Monday Nassau/CocoCay cruise on Navigator OTS. Thoughts please to help me make my decision! Here are some details: 1) I’ve been to Atlantis many times, but never Baha Mar nor CocoCay. He’s never been to the Bahamas. 2) I’ve only been on one RCI cruise (see my sig), and I’ve never done a quick weekend cruise. He’s never been on a cruise and wants to, but is apprehensive. 3) I thought this might be a good way to ease him in, but...he likes nicer things, which is why I booked BahaMar. I’m not sure what the crowds are like on these quick weekend cruises. 4) They are about the same price, give or take a few dollars. I’d have to add the beverage package on the cruise, but also would have to pay for food/drink at Baha Mar. 5) Baha Mar gives us almost three full days in the Bahamas even though it’s two nights, whereas the cruise gives us two days even though it’s three nights. 6) I live in downtown Miami, so I’m 5min to the port and 15min to MIA with a 50min flight to NAS. If you’ve been on Navigator or to Baha Mar (or both!), even better! I know this is CuiseCritic, so I have a feeling which way comments will lean, but I appreciate all your input! Thanks in advance! Happy Cruising! 😎 ~Zack
  6. Hey, everyone...I've read conflicting statements on this, so just wondering if anyone who has bought/used any of these recently could provide some insight. I just wanted to know if the social media package includes iMessage and FaceTime. My SO unfortunately can't make it this time, so this is really just to send some iMessages, FaceTime, and post some Snaps every now and then. I definitely do not care about checking email...I don't want to hear from work for a week! :') Anyway, I just want to know what is included. If I have to buy the other internet packages, I will...I just didn't want to spend extra money if FaceTime/iMessage is included at the lower price. Thanks y'all! :cool:
  7. I agree with this. I think it all depends on what the OP meant/intended to put on said sign. I agree that a sign saying "RESERVED" would be pretentious. I don't think it's fair to walk into the buffet, pick out an empty table, and place the sign (or belongings) on it before eating/sitting down and leave it unoccupied to get food. However, if the concern is the server's clearing the table while you're just getting seconds or dessert, by all means, have a sign for the servers. As a guest, I personally am not going to walk up to an unbussed table anyway to notice it. ...especially if OP is looking for a "good" aka window table. I agree with what others have said--there are always tables available. They may not be the ones you want (which is why people overlook them and say there are no tables), but they are available. I've also never had issues with my table accidentally being cleared, so I really have nothing to complain about (knock on wood). Also this. We're not minimizing your husband's back issues, OP...just trying to point out how people saving tables is frustrating for everyone, not just you. It's frustrating when there are no tables for your husband to immediately sit at after getting food, just as it would be frustrating for someone else with mobility issues coming across your saved table when all they are doing is looking for an empty seat as well. And I agree with the posts about the card players...WORST. There's a card room for that. Or like...any other place on the ship maybe? :cool:
  8. I've done it on several of my NCL cruises, including my last one which was October 2017.
  9. I just want to echo what one person said earlier re: using the wall screen kiosks for reservations. I never make reservations in advance. As soon as you board, head to one of the wall kiosks--you can make all your dinner and show reservations quickly. No lines or masses of people, as a lot of people don't discover these until later in the cruise since they appear to just be digital ads at first glance. They are located on just about (if not every) floor around the elevator banks. You can also continue to use them throughout your cruise to check reservations, dailies, and make any changes. *Although I've not run into this issue, I don't think these are helpful for large group bookings, as it seems you can only book for the people in your exact cabin. However, I have made reservations at the same time as other people (in other cabins) we wanted to sit with and just went to the restaurant ahead of time and asked to merge our reservations. Never had a problem. I hope you enjoy your cruise on the Escape! The ship is beautiful, and I can't wait to sail on her again to Bermuda in October!
  10. Yeah, no cup with the UBP. That's on RCCL (which is something I definitely appreciated). NCL should consider this...it would definitely cut down on plastic waste. And I've taken food to go from O'Sheehan's multiple times. You can call and order from your room or order to go at the counter. Instead of their regular plates/baskets, they'll put it on a standard room service plate with a cloche and give it to you to take back. I second taking dessert back! If you're stuffed from dinner (which happens often), just ask them for your dessert to go--it's included with most meals anyway. Most desserts are cold, so as long as it isn't ice cream, it's nice to enjoy later in the evening in your room when you get a craving and you're post-dinner fullness wears off!
  11. I'm around your DS's and DDIL's ages, so here's my take. Although I've taken more NCL cruises recently, I'm not loyal to any line...I'll take the best itinerary with the best price and always check all the major lines. I recently went on my first RCCL cruise as well. For this age group, NCL 100%. Granted I was on a smaller RCCL ship, but the clientele was much older. Nightlife was sometimes nonexistent. Although I've heard it's better on the Oasis class, it also seems like they are full of families (from what I've read). I feel when sailing on NCL when school is in session, there are a lot of cruisers around my age and less families. Nightlife has ALWAYS been stellar on NCL, even the one I went on during spring break with tons of kids. I do have to say the RCCL Jewel OTS was BEAUTIFUL. But the food honestly did not hold a candle to NCL. I was really looking forward to the food, as so many people and those "loyal to Royal" rave about it, but it wasn't as good. It was definitely good, but NCL is better IMO--especially the specialty choices. And nothing beats the freestyle. RCCL was just not near the same. I've found music to be the same across the board. I'll add that the Waterfront on the NCL -Away and -Away Plus classes is my favorite feature on any ship. The Spinnaker Lounge on the NCL Pearl was a close second, but NCL still nonetheless. Would I sail RCCL again? Definitely. But I still say NCL is my current favorite.
  12. I posted earlier stating I feel I've found the best deals within a few months of cruising, so I'll expand. I don't know 100% that I'm getting the BEST deal. What I do know is I have seen on these forums what people have paid for cruises here and there, and what I usually pay tends to be less. I check pricing often, including years in advance and when sailings first open, and I've never paid close to those prices. I usually have in mind a price I want to pay and periodically check--I've usually been able to find that price or similar at some point, as prices fluctuate up and down. As soon as I find the price I want or a good promotion, I book. And I'll wait...and wait and wait, and if that means booking a month prior, I book a month prior. It works for me, but may not work for others. Plus, I couldn't have that much anticipation for that long :') The BEST deal is what you are happy and comfortable with paying.
  13. Just FYI, NCL only opens a small percentage of the dining reservations online ahead of time (I've heard like 20-30%, but don't quote me on that). The rest are available once you board. I never make them ahead of time, because I can't plan that far in advance what I'm going to want to eat when :') As soon as we board, we go to the first wall kiosk we can find and book to at least have spots. We've changed multiple times on board and have never had problems getting tables, as we have wanted to add people or sit with friends we made on board. Don't stress too much about reservations in advance!
  14. I usually book 1-2 months prior, as I've found the deals have been better. My upcoming was booked 3 months prior, as my mom is coming and was getting anxious :') The latest I've booked was 3 days out; that was when my cruise was cancelled by Hurricane Maria, and we booked a different 7-day last minute! Stressful, but ended up being cheaper overall and one of my best cruises! :D
  15. I've noticed this seems to be a crapshoot. I know they should be charging sales tax while in the US, but it's been inconsistent. My last NCL cruise, I only had 3 charges of nominal ~$0.45 amounts--I definitely drank more than 3 drinks prior to leaving port. Once I never had any charges. My most recent cruise on RCCL was similar--only a few charges that were much less than the amount of drinks I had. I'm not sure what they do on their end, but it seems pretty variable from what I've experienced.
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