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  1. Good Morning all. As I posted we were on vacation with my family (siblings) for a week in Charleston SC. We rented a house - enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone. There were 10 people - then two nieces and families rented hotel rooms. We walked everywhere and used the "dash" free bus. There are cobblestone and brick sidewalks and the first day my older sister mis-stepped and fell. She ended up riding to the hospital by ambulance. Stitches around her eye, broke bone in cheek and sprained a wrist - She will be fine and after the second day she felt much better. The black eye and bruising was amazing! So glad it wasn't worse. My SIL has a watch that counts steps. She and I walked the same amount and it turns out the second day we both walked almost 20,000 steps - it was like that all week. We all ate well, but not a lot. We talked a lot and looked at old pictures of parents/grandparents, etc. Glad we were all able to go. All in all I am down 2.2# - guess that tells me that I need to do more walking and to be more active in my daily life!. Jan
  2. Back from vacation today - I will weigh tomorrow and see how it went!. Jan
  3. Thanks Belle for starting the thread!!! So, today is Thursday! Last night my youngest son and his DH came over and made dinner for us - Homemade soup that is keto friendly (they are doing keto). I also made homemade bread (not keto friendly) and had wine ... I got up this morning and didn't even think about weighing until after I had breakfast ---- I will try for tomorrow. Today DD and family are coming over for dinner - it is my middle grandson's 7th birthday (on the 14th - we are leaving Sunday for SC to be with my siblings). my GS is "helping" make home made pizza and he gets to put the "gredients" on the pizzas. We have pepperoni, sweet sausage, zucchini, onion, fresh motz cheese, parm cheeses, tomatoes and sauce. By the time it is all done (and after he has eaten half of the cheese) I will probably be having about one slice. I also bought cupcakes for the birthday cake - Won't be too bad if I eat just one. We will see what tomorrow brings! Jo - hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Not that much of a gain! Ombud - so nice to be down inches! Hope everyone else has had a wonderful week. Jan
  4. Good Morning Belle - thanks for starting the thread. I am down again this week 0.6# - which means with the "ups" I am the same that I was the end of August. It is ok! We had family time the beginning of the week. One of my son-in-law's birthday and my DD's and another son-in-law's anniversary. We celebrated by ordering pizza from 6 different local places and then rating them. They were good, but don't think I want to look at pizza again for a long time. It was fun though. Hope everyone had a good week. DH said that since we have 72 days until our net cruise we should start going to the gym more ... sadly, he will lose and I probably will have a tougher time of it. We are going to Charleston next month for a get together with my siblings (and a few nieces/nephews) for my oldest sister's 75th birthday. Life gets shorter all the time. Jan
  5. I am doing very well Belle. Having a very quiet day here - have been in the house with DH, and watching golf (his idea) and football (also his idea). I just like that we are spending time together and it is peaceful and quiet. Babysat our grandson (3 months old now - I think). He smiles and is very happy when he is held. He loves being talked to. Such a cutie! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Jan
  6. Good morning Belle - thanks for starting the thread. I seem to be down 1.0# this week. I will take it. Hope everyone had a good week. Jan
  7. Ombud - I personally think that Koda understands what you are saying! I've been having a lot of talks with my dog about "patience being a virtue" She has dinner at 6 pm, but she starts asking around 5:15. They are amazing! Jan
  8. Finally weighed myself today - unfortunately it was after breakfast and two cups of coffee. I am down 0.2# this week. (last week I was up 2.0#. At least I wasn't up again this week!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Jan
  9. Forgot that it was Thursday --- days kind of go into themselves. I will weigh myself tomorrow. I'm having my son and his spouse over for dinner - So looking forward to spending some time with them. Thanks for starting this weeks thread Belle! Jan
  10. The season is changing - we now have leaves on trees that are turning to fall colors. Today we are expected to have rain with almost 4". Rather gloomy outside. I am up 2.0# this week. Since this madness began I am now up about 22# --- We go away in October (to visit my family). Rather disappointed in myself. Hope others had a better week. Jan
  11. Izena - I had never heard of bohemian potato dumplings, so had to google it. Sounds interesting. My mom always served sauerkraut as a vegetable - although I don't have it very often anymore (usually on a corned beef sandwich). Love hearing about different foods! Jan
  12. I seem to have discovered potato chips lately --- I have tons of girl scout cookies in the freezer and haven't had a single one. Not doing much here. Made a really nice dinner last night - It was almost healthy - lots of salad with cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden. Summer squash also from the garden. A pork tenderloin with sage, rosemary, thyme, basil - herbs from my garden also. Unfortunately I also made some of the Pioneer Woman's "crashed potatoes" - I added a little cheese also. I have been stuck on trying to cook - really don't seem to be excited about it lately. DD is coming over with the newest GS this morning (GS is now 2 1/2 months - he has learned how to smile). He has am amazing head of hair - It almost looks as if he needs a haircut --- he is just so cute. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday. Jan
  13. Belle, I might not post, but see all the posts .... I don't thin the site is falling apart ... I need to be able to see what others have posted .... I might not post a lot as I don't have much to say, but I do need to see what others are doing ..... So sorry that I haven't posted much .... I really care about everyone!!! Jan
  14. Belle - thanks for starting the thread and the poem. Hope you had a good birthday - Miss the days of the dancing guys, and the virtual all you can eat food. We had relatives here for the week and I seem to have spent a lot of my time eating! I unfortunately am up 0.8# Hopefully it will come off! It is raining here so it is a dreary day. We do need the rain though - the sun will probably shine tomorrow!. Jan
  15. Belle, Happy Birthday - Hope you have a wonderful day - Enjoy!!! Jan
  16. Belle - Nice that you are down a few pounds. Beautiful day here today - humidity is down and will probably be in the high 70's. It will be fall soon! Jan
  17. Susan - We have a 1 month old grandson - love holding him, but, like you said very heavy - not sure how I held my kids when they were little, love him, ... but have to switch off with DH, the arms just won't take the weight! Glad your DIL had a mild case and the baby didn't get it! Jan
  18. Good morning all - I weighed myself and I stayed the same this week. We had a nice dinner last night with all the family. Hope everyone had a good week. Jan
  19. I find the covid testing before going on a cruise to be a little overwhelming - We go on our cruise the 11th of December - I am going to not even think about it until the end of November, otherwise I will probably end up overwhelming myself. Having a good week - have DH's brother and SIL here for the week (not staying at our house) - we seem to be doing a lot of talking and eating - hope the scales aren't too bad on Thursday!! Hope everyone is doing well this week. Jan
  20. Ombud - would love to hear about your cruise --- I noticed that Belle said been reading the posts ... Are you posting about your cruise? I am so looking forward to December when I will finally get to cruise again. Jan
  21. I posted this morning and I don't know what happened to the post (there was a post from someone else that looks as if it disappeared also - I will start over: I am down 2# this week -- I will gladly take it - It could be just temporary as I had some problems with some food that I had been eating - it is probably a bit of an allergy. Jan
  22. Didn't weigh myself this morning (long story) - I will weigh in tomorrow! Jan
  23. Izena - what an amazing accomplishment. Didn't realize how far you have come on your journey. Jan
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