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  1. Senator Rick Scott is pushing the CDC to open cruising sooner rather than later. He cited 150,000 jobs in Florida depending on this. Fingers are crossed!
  2. The feeling of "Aaaaaah" when the Muster Drill is over and our cruise begins!
  3. In addition to the above-mentioned perks, I also love the Concierge-only dedicated lounge on disembarkation day. The caffeine and pastry offerings are a nice send-off perk and no waiting in crowded public areas to disembark.
  4. I just called Celebrity about our November 2021 sailing. Sadly, my reservation is under a group booking and currently not eligible for this offer. I hope my TA will be able to help with this, but will still be happy to be on a Celebrity ship next year!
  5. Cruises are also huge fundraisers for not-for-profit charities. I serve as Board President for one and our organization will take a big financial hit if our February 2, 2021 cruise gets cancelled. I just read the letter and am appalled that the CDC has failed to comply with previous requests by congress for records and documentation. CDC is non-compliant, so why should the cruise lines be punished? Before COVID 19, the big fear on cruise ships was Norovirus. I will continue to do the same thing on future cruises that I did to prevent Norovirus: Wipe down every hard surface in the cabin with disinfectant wipes upon entry UV light linens and cloth surfaces in the cabin Consider every surface on the ship and off the ship as being contaminated and requiring hand hygiene. Social distancing when able and adding a mask as required. I work in hospitals and these practices continue to ward off viruses.
  6. I do both. Tip at least $1 -$2 per drink (depending if I'm sitting at the bar, or being served away from the bar). I also choose a fave bar on the 1st or 2nd day, and tip a specific wonderful bartender $20. That goes a long way toward developing the relationship with that crew member for superior service the remainder of the cruise!
  7. Let's see what the CDC says about these recommendations. I, for one, am for trying them to determine their efficacy and then open up as things progress. It's time for port workers, travel agents, cruiseline personnel and others associated with cruising to get their jobs back and start earning income! I will happily comply with the recommendations to help get cruising back in full operation!
  8. I love Concierge class! Better cabin location, the embarkation day lunch in the MDR (preventing me from dealing with buffet crowds), the welcome bottle of bubbly, the occasional surprise event (like sailaway on the helipad from some ports) for Concierge and the dedicated disembarkation day lounge are all worth it to me. I appreciate the mixed reviews on Blu....I've looked at the menues and they never tempted me to go Aqua class. To each his/her own.
  9. I hope they assign Concierge passengers early boarding times, since the Concierge luncheon in the MDR is limited to 11:30-1:30. It's a tight window.
  10. English Bacon, Cafe Bacio in the buffet dining area, Martini Bar, sitting on the balcony of my stateroom on a sea day!
  11. Best cruise news ever! No more "moooo" feeling of being herded!
  12. Best news ever for cruising!!!!
  13. The price changes almost daily in Cruise Planner. Identify what rate you feel is reasonable $69 a day for example), and buy at that price. Check Cruise Planner frequently, and if the price drops, buy it at the new price and cancel your previous purchase. Hope this helps.
  14. Only once in my past 10 cruises, have I ever experienced an on-board romance. The best way to ensure you meet a potential partner on board is to be active: 1. Attend the singles and solos meet-ups on board 2. If you are eligible, attend the loyalty club private parties 3. Get active in trivia or other things you enjoy doing 4. Interact with others in the bars 5. Enjoy your time on board regardless of whether or not you meet a romance!
  15. May I echo everyone's congratulations on your retirement? I have sailed Carnival (blecch), RC and Celebrity. I LOVE Celebrity! In addition to the other posts, Celebrity's passenger contingent is a little older (middle age and up), with fewer children on board, and tend to be better-behaved than the other cruise lines. If you can live without rock-climbing walls, hairy chest contests, and ice-skating shows, you will like Celebrity!
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