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  1. Thanks Gerelmx for a straightforward answer (instead of "sales are for idiots" or "prices always go up"). I am a veteran of many sailings and you CAN occasionally find deals that fit your specific situation (not necessarily deals for everybody in all situations). 🙂
  2. It's the "Get 3" (classic beverage, wi-fi, gratuities) now; anybody have inside info on what tomorrow's promo brings?
  3. Okay, thanks for confirming.
  4. Can you make reservations for the Cavern Club or is it just "line up to get in"?
  5. I agree with this. The $300 OBC showed almost right away, the beverage package and wifi showed up under "order history" a while after final payment. The prepaid gratuities never showed up!
  6. Mine (other than the $300 OBC) showed up a while after final payment, EXCEPT for the pre-paid gratuities.
  7. You will love this - we've done twice and hard to imagine not doing when in Barbados. Wonderful and first class treatment.
  8. This! World Class Bar is only on the S-class ships to my knowledge.
  9. We did it through Cabo Adventures. Google the name and you'll find their website. Was a lot of fun and got a great lunch too!
  10. Thanks guys, I'll confirm when we return for those on the 2/22/20 sailing.
  11. Any recent cruisers know what nights are evening chic nights on Equinox Western? We board on Feb. 8th. I'm guessing night 3 and night 6? Itinerary is: Day 1 - embark at Ft. Lauderdale Day 2 - Key West Day 3 - sea Day 4 - Costa Maya Day 5 - Cozumel Day 6 - Grand Cayman Day 7 - sea Day 8 - disembark
  12. This - I second it all (except we've only done VallartaFoodTours twice). Tuba was interesting and refreshing, fermented from palm hearts if I remember correctly. Vendor was selling it from what looked like a big clay jar near the beach/malecon.
  13. We were notified that our original reservation at Murano (on Equinox) would not be honored, that a special event meal was being held on Valentine's Day, and that we could switch to another night or pay to "upgrade" to this menu (at a price of $119pp). My wife would hardly consider white chocolate anything an upgrade 😂 We changed nights! Trying to attach the menu...
  14. Haha - I guess this counts as improvement then!?!? 🤔
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