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  1. The charcuterie/antipasta board, any pasta you like, filet or branzino, tiramasu or cheesecake, and don't refuse the after-dinner limoncello!
  2. For beverage package info, use this link and choose "compare packages": https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/onboard-packages/beverage-packages
  3. On Equinox in February 2020 (right before COVID hit) Blu did a fantastic job of accommodating my gluten-free wife. Once they knew she was GF, they'd let her view the next evening's menu so they could modify any recipes if needed. They also did a fantastic job of making sure she had gluten-free chocolate desserts which were not on the menu.
  4. They only make like 12-15 cocktails at the WCB, but all of the ones I tasted were very good. It seems to me the WCB has limited hours, say maybe 5pm -11pm or something like that.
  5. If you haven't gotten the suggestion yet, the Zacapa Rum Old Fashioned at the World Class Bar is the best drink on the ship - in my opinion. Try one early in the week - I bet you'll be back. All the drinks at the WCB seem to be made with proper care and top ingredients.
  6. Getaway and Breakaway definitely have shared / coed saunas, pools, steam rooms, etc. in the spa.
  7. To be clear, the menu price (of $92 to $107) would then have the 20% gratuity added. BUT... if you have the premium package, you get 20% off bottles, so its a wash!
  8. This is correct still, based on the MDR wine list pricing showing on the app for my upcoming cruise. Price depends on which variety of VC you fancy.
  9. When we were on Equinox in February '20, they were still making smoothies and fresh juice blends (with things like kale, beets, ginger, various fruits, etc.) and selling at the Spa Cafe. We had the premium beverage package so I didn't pay enough attention to know if they were in the classic package price limit, but I'm guessing they were around $7-8 (wouldn't swear to that).
  10. Is there any access to a wider range of wines with "Drinks & More", or is it the same list of wines/spirits as available on "Premium" and only the "add-ons" below are gained? We love wine but the "add-ons" have minimal value to us. • Two bottles of wine • $50 in casino free play • A wine tasting experience • If both adults in your stateroom purchase the Drinks and More Package, the stateroom mini-bar will be included and replenished once a day for your entire vacation. Appreciate your insights.
  11. I checked a month or two ago, and the couples pass for a week was $399. Then a few days ago it dropped to $199 and I decided it was time to use some OBC on it!
  12. I'm on the sailing after that and can confirm the pricing is the same. I used some OBC on it.
  13. Very interesting, appreciate the update.
  14. Will be curious to see what you think of the menus in Luminae, and if they are expanded to include any items from the MDR or Blu menus? (there was some speculation on these boards that the Apex Luminae galley may have been expanded to allow increased variety). Looking forward to your reports, have a great cruise.
  15. More casual dress in restaurants, better entertainment / nightlife.
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