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  1. Is there any news about the Island’s propulsion problem? My friend is sailing on a canal cruise on 9/22. She’s wondering if it’s fixed. Thanks.
  2. I hope I have one this fall. I hope you’re right.
  3. I hope so, too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. This is for anyone who’s been on the Regal recently. Did It have new beds? I have a cruise coming up and I keep hoping for new beds. I know that the website says they will replace the beds by the end of the year and it still says that. I’m just hoping for a comfortable bed. I was on the Regal last year and the bed wasn’t good. I did have a good time, though, and am looking forward to my next cruise. Thanks.
  5. I use a lanyard, but I have had some newer ships (both NCL and Princess) refuse to punch holes recently. They say it can affect the card functionality. I like using a lanyard and don’t always have pockets. Most ships now sell the lanyards with the plastic pocket attached. I don’t care for the pocket. I recently bought a lanyard with a zipper pocket attached, but I haven’t used it yet.
  6. I saw this on another social media site. Sorry if this is already being discussed, but I don’t see it. I have a friend who is going on the canal cruise on 9/22/2019 and she’s wondering if there are any updates. Does anyone know if future cruises are being affected? Thanks.
  7. Yes. I was on a cruise with a friend who lives for trivia and is very good at it. She tries to find others who are very good at it in order to have a good team. My friend doesn’t cheat, but we met a woman who would get out her phone to look up answers. I told her it was not acceptable and she put the phone away. I refused to play with her, but my friend continued to play with her because she just loves the game. During other games where I sat off to the side, “the cheater” would look at me for answers and I would just shrug. For the rest of the cruise I just referred to her as the cheater. I forgot her actual name. LOL. It’s so annoying that people can’t play fairly. I’ve seen other people cheat as well. Winning is apparently more important than self-respect. PS. The cheater was a grade school teacher.
  8. Thanks. Ultimately it will e itinerary, but liking the ship helps sway me.
  9. Thanks for your thoughts and pictures. That does look really nice.
  10. Thanks for your comments. I don’t know what Spice H2O is.
  11. Thanks. Very good points. I’m not a pool person, so I like the idea of the aft outdoor area.
  12. Thanks for explaining those differences. I think I’m leaning towards the Jade.
  13. Thanks for your observations. I did look up pictures of the Great Outdoors. Thanks!!
  14. Small buffet in the observation lounge is nice and usually not crowded.
  15. Good to know. Thanks a lot. I’m not sure what the Great Outdoors is, but I will investigate. Thanks.
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