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  1. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m booked on a cruise that’s longer than 10 days. This looks a lot more strict for longer cruises.
  2. You’re welcome. I’m glad you got to see him. I agree that he’s very talented.
  3. Darren Dowler says he’s doing a couple shows with the band during this cruise. Maybe he’s not listed as having his own show yet. I’m not sure. He just got off a Celebrity ship, but now has dates booked for the Grand and a couple other ships. I hope you catch him.
  4. I saw that Darren Dowler will be performing on the Grand. He did a live post on that other social media site. It sounded like he’ll be on a few cruises. He’s a good singer.
  5. Call back and talk to someone else. Ask to speak to a supervisor.
  6. This probably won’t help at all because I fly into LaGuardia, but I agree with the previous person. I always come in a day early and then go back in the morning for the shuttle. They’ve never done a dummy flight. They pick me up at the same area my flight arrived at the previous evening. My documents say what terminal, etc. Sometimes I have asked at the information desk for help in identifying the NCL person because she steps in and out, but it has never been a problem. I would call back and ask for someone else to look into it.
  7. I’d be upset about some of those things, too, especially the air conditioning. Sorry to hear you had so many things go wrong.
  8. I hope we all get to sail and I hope you’re on my voyage.
  9. The Grand came up on a search for me today.
  10. My friend is going to be so upset. She never wanted a smartphone. Ever. She just went out and bought one because she needed the Princess app. PS. We know there were workarounds, but she wanted to do it herself.
  11. I think we all know how covid is spread. You’re far more likely to catch it from someone you’re sitting near in the MDR for 2 hours every night than from someone twirling a napkin for a couple minutes one night. It’s extremely unlikely to catch covid from surfaces. Put on your mask for those few minuets if you’re really worried.
  12. I’ve seen it many times on Princess and it doesn’t bother me.
  13. @4cats4meThanks for the flower pot picture. I’ve never seen them on a cruise. Thanks for getting a picture for me to see. @KLM3164 Thanks for the bear video. I went on a bear walk in Ketchikan a couple years ago and it was a wonderful excursion. I really enjoyed it, too.
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