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  1. We are looking at a TA on Cunard and are wondering if any Silversea regulars have experience on the Cunard ships. If so your opinion of the experience compared to SS would be enlightening.

  2. We are relatively new cruisers and enjoy our trips on Silversea and Seabourn. However, we are thinking of a TA on Cunard and wonder if anyone has experience of the QG suites and facilities and also experience of SS/SB?


    Most particularly we are concerned with a. Quality of catering, b. Drinks prices (considering SS/SB are AI), c. Crowdedness or otherwise of ship's facilities, d. quality of suites, e. Service levels.


    We've been alongside monster ships from P&O, Celebrity etc and the number of passengers seems alarming!

  3. Just to pick up on the Stars restaurant theme: we ate there 3 times last Feb on the South Pacific ''Grand Voyage'' and enjoyed it immensely.


    Firstly, we were rather taken with the musical duo; a very talented pianist called Tim and a soulful singer whose name I don't remember - we generally avoid live music like the plague as it is often either intrusive, amateurish or both but this pair were excellent.


    We loved the 9 course tastings. OK, so there is inevitably going to be something that doesn't suit but isn't the joy of something like this the surprise and adventure of new tastes?


    Should we be on the Spirit again we will definitely eat once a week in Stars. But just to demonstrate that we all differ, we won't waste another evening at Hot Rocks. I can't cook and have no interest in doing so even on a gimmicky hot rock and OH is a professional chef with 30 years experience of cooking from simple meals to Royal banquets - the last thing she wants on holiday is to cook her own dinner!

  4. Seabourn and Silversea are more alike than they are different. When you read the threads it tends to come down to things like the type of coffee, food and other aspects which are really just personal taste.


    I think, regardless of which line to choose, you'd have to be super-critical not to enjoy either.

  5. It seems like every few years some smaller cruise line or other ceases operations, so it is something to at least be aware of. Some reasons it matters more for cruises lines is the relative amount you're paying, and the fact that you could be paying it out four months or more before you get the product.



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    Yes, I see. Now I understand the concern. I suppose for UK based bookings it demonstrates the wisdom of paying by credit card.

  6. Am I missing something that to everyone else is blindingly obvious?


    I ask because whether a company goes belly-up between my booking and taking the holiday is one of the last things I would consider.


    And why would that question be any less appropriate if applied to Seabourn, Virgin Atlantic, Four Seasons hotels or even J C Penney? Or any other company you care to name. My goodness, I think you would need to be very paranoid to question the financial integrity of every company you were going to go on holiday with. What a strange inquiry.

  7. This leg of our cruise leaves Tokyo on 3rd May on the Silver Shadow ending in Seward. Can anyone point me to reviews of this journey. I have been browsing the Boards but am getting a little crossed eyed. Perhaps there is an easier way to do a search. Would appreciate any help.


    We will already have sailed from Hong Kong to Tokyo. An exiting trip to celebrate my 70th birthday (can't believe I just shared that).

    We will be sharing this cruise with you and would also be interested in any reviews.

  8. I predict the following problems following the online ability to book ahead:


    1. Cruisers over-enthusiastically book into one or more dining venues before changing their mind once on board.


    2. One meets fellow cruisers but can't eat together unless a previous booking is cancelled.


    3. People forward book in excess of what they will require just to be sure; just in case they fancy that restaurant that night.


    4. The ''specialist'' dining venues work under capacity because of cancellations as described in 1. 2. and 3. above.

  9. Considering that the dress code is freely published by Seabourn and that even the most blinkered can see how those around them dress for dinner, those that choose to wear shorts etc are a peculiar mix of rude, ignorant and stupid.


    There are plenty of cruise lines catering for trailer trash; lines such as Seabourn and Silversea are for the more refined. No?

  10. [quote name='softsands']The smoking populous may dispute it but recent history tells us that permitted smoking is on the way out within the cruise industry. A ship, no matter how big, whether inside or out, is essentially a confined space. First dining rooms, followed by most public rooms, then staterooms, now balconies. Truly smoke-free cruising is coming. Rapidly. However, I think cruise lines should create designated, self-enclosed smoking sanctuaries to appease those who partake while truly protecting the health and enjoyment of the majority of passengers. Krikes, it works everywhere else...[/QUOTE]

    Of course this is the ideal answer whereby smokers can smoke and those that don't are not affected.

    It's not rocket surgery.
  11. Hallo,

    We are also on the Amazon Cruise, and although it's almost a year away we are really looking forward to it.


    Can anyone please tell me if they can recommend the Barbados Hilton hotel to stay pre cruise. I understand it is quite near the cruise terminal, we are thinking of staying one or two nights before the cruise.


    Thank you in anticipation. :)

    We had a day room at the Hilton in December on return from our Seabourn cruise. We had 2 nights pre-cruise in the Crane Beach Resort - it was much more pleasant but about 1/2 hour from the cruise terminal.


    Our agent has us booked into the Hilton for 2 nights before the Amazon cruise (as we have chatted about on the roll call) and we are seriously considering if we might change. Having said that it is perfectly pleasant in a kind of pre-packaged, all the same as everywhere else kind of way but has absolutely no character whatsoever.


    But I'm perhaps being a bit dog-in-the-manger because we didn't really think much of the Eastern Caribbean in general and the ex-British islands in particular!

  12. This is just a personal view but it might echo that of others. Those with swimming pools will know that maintaining water quality when the water temp exceeds 31 C is problematic. The solution is careful chemical balance and replenishment - I'm not convinced communal pools are that well maintained and the aerosol produced by the bubbling carries micro-organisms which you then breathe in.


    A second point is that in most of Europe, except the English-speaking countries, to use a hot tub while wearing a swimming costume is seen as not only strange but also rather comical (the same applies to saunas).

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