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  1. lhbsurf

    AZ Asks Q37 - Poll: re. Onboard Activities

    I agree with Literary Lynn, we enjoy lectures related to the ports we are visiting (not just some crazy random topic) - history, authors, art, etc..... the Azamara Mediterranean cruise we took in 2010 was arranged this way and it really made the ports we were visiting even better. I have also enjoyed art classes and cooking classes that I have taken on other lines.
  2. lhbsurf

    Being a Teen on an Oceania Cruise?

    Moonhearts, Not to discourage you, but I just returned from Marina on a 34 night back-to-back. On our cruise, there was exactly one teenager (she may have been early twenties) on the first leg. (I didn't see any on the second cruise.) She ended up hanging out with another British couple she liked so she didn't have to stay with her parents 24/7. I am 52 years old and was called "the infant" on this cruise by many of my fellow cruise mates. As you already knew, Oceania is not a cruise line many of us would choose for our children (mine are 24 and 28 and I wouldn't even consider taking them - they would be bored with the ship and the extra cost would just not be worth it). That being said, to me, there are 2 parts to a cruise vacation - the ship and the ports. The Greek Islands are amazing and I'm sure you'll have an awesome time there. While there probably won't be an abundance of teens for you to hang out with (though maybe a few more than on our itinerary which was South Pacific/Panama Canal), the ship is beautiful with awesome food and amazing staff. If you adjust your expectations (it will NOT in any event be the party atmosphere you'd find on Carnival or Royal Caribbean), I would think you could have a pretty awesome vacation. If your parents are older (maybe you arrived late in life?), I don't see Royal Caribbean or NCL being a very good fit for them, so maybe you can consider it a free opportunity to see an amazing part of the world at a very young age (we did not take our kids on any of our European cruises - you're very lucky really). You'll have lots of opportunities to do vacations exactly as you wish to in the future!
  3. lhbsurf

    Tahiti - Intercontinental Overwater Bungalows

    Why don't you send me an email at Lhbowles at comcast dot net and I can answer your questions more easily. I also took some pictures for you today that may help. As to the Motu bungalows that had only two pilings in the water, I believe all of those were torn down during the 2015 renovation. There are definitely fewer in the lagoon area than when we were here last. We had some friends stay in one of those and when they got in the water, it was only waist deep. I did a walk around and all the current OWBs have all pilings in the water.
  4. lhbsurf

    Tahiti - Intercontinental Overwater Bungalows

    We have stayed in the Lagoon Overwater Bungalows twice (I don't know if superior or regular). I can't remember the first number, but the second time (2014) we were in 509 - very close to the end. They are on the left end if you are looking toward Moorea with the most gorgeous view and very quiet. The freshwater showers on the platform are the great - we never left the bungalow except to eat because it was so wonderful! Decent snorkeling right under the bungalows. I would definitely stay in them again. We are going again, leaving tomorrow and are trying the Motu bungalows, so I can let you know what I think of them in comparison in a few days.
  5. I've read your post 5 times and for the life of me can't figure out why the poster thought it was a "dig". It didn't sound that way to me at all! It took me a while to learn about the port boards and I would have appreciated someone mentioning them to me also when I was new to the boards. However, much of the info on St. Thomas may not be as relevant with the hurricane damage, as I notice that even Celebrity is only offering 4 excursions in this port. We are also on the January 20th cruise. We have been to all of these ports before, but the hurricane gives a new wrinkle. It sounds to me like San Juan is still in big recovery mode. My mother is headed there in early January for a cruise beginning in San Juan. They had a lot of trouble finding hotels because many of the rooms are taken by workers helping with the recovery effort apparently. I'll post any info I glean from her about San Juan. We elected to take a catamaran cruise to Nevis from St. Kitts. However, if you are at all interested in history, they have a wonderful UNESCO World heritage site Fort that we visited last time, with a visit to Carambola beach after. From St. Thomas, we often visit St. John, but that doesn't seem like an option this time. We are going to play it by ear - probably shop some in the flea market area, maybe eat lunch downtown & shop there, and maybe take a taxi to Magen's bay. As others have posted, we are making a bigger effort than usual to spend some $ on each island to help with their recovery, even though it is a small part. We are looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather!!!
  6. lhbsurf

    Reflection Cabin Question

    Like previous poster, I avoid cabins under most public areas. I am a very light sleeper and the scraping chairs keep me awake. It doesn't bother my husband at all. It just depends on your preferences. Is it possible to move down a deck?
  7. lhbsurf

    Reflection Elite Cocktail event

    On the 14th sailing it was in the Sky lounge.
  8. lhbsurf

    Life from Reflection-11/14 Top Chef Cruise

    We were on this cruise last week and saw in the Martini Bar... Florin, Christopher, Joe, and one other I can't remember - sorry! Very busy most of the time!
  9. lhbsurf

    World Class Bar on Reflection

    Last week it was Stefan...
  10. I agree with ghstudio...I am in my upper 40s and I got the survey also...I'm guessing that makes us their target audience, but I don't quite know how to answer it...what I think they "currently" are or what I'd like them to be. Even then, I don't see how it tells them anything!! My best advise is to put the Martini Bar back like it used to be!!! But they don't seem to much care about that!
  11. lhbsurf

    Warning regarding medical issues

    Jackie, Upon reading your story, I looked at your signature to see if you were on Equinox, because my husband and I could see the end of your story transpiring from our balcony. We wondered what was happening, as it was obvious you were distraught. Made me think about many things regarding our frequent travels...thank you for sharing your experience. I know many things may not be "required" by the cruise line...but a company as powerful as Celebrity could do more than they did to assist you. Glad to hear your husband is ok.
  12. We had to move a booking made on board during 1-2-3 Go promotion from December 2015 to November 2015. The cost of the cabins was the same...I was pleasantly surprised that TA was able to retain ALL my perks!
  13. lhbsurf

    Solstice tendering in Juneau

    We were on Solstice tendering in Juneau August 2014...I must say it was horrible!! We waited 2 hours in the Casino for them to call our tender ticket. Unfortunately, I believe that is pretty much the norm. We went right at the time they said to get tender tickets....apparently, others were told to show up early and had waited in line over an hour to get a ticket, but they didn't get on much before us. Some people had luck waiting until about the time they wanted to leave and begging the cruise line personnel to let them on the tender...but I wouldn't do that personally. We were late for our tour....but everyone else was also, so they waited on us for Harv and Marv's Whale tour (they were aware already that the tendering on Solstice was taking forever...I'd recommend taking the cell phone number of your tour operator as we did.) We were a nervous wreck, but it all turned out ok!! I probably wouldn't sail Solstice again just because of the tendering in Juneau.....but if I were on it again...I'd just be mentally prepared!!! I think we booked 4:00 which was the earliest they would book it and still had time for a quick trip to Mendenhall (to view, not to land.....).
  14. lhbsurf

    Bringing Flowers On the ship

    Last August, I had a huge bouquet from Pikes Place Market in Seattle. The Hotel Manager saw me as I was boarding and took them from me and procured a vase - they were on the desk in our cabin when we walked in and lasted all week. I don't think you will have any troubles - we have carried them on in Barbados and Tahiti too.
  15. lhbsurf

    Aqua Class Cabin Locations

    We've had 1540 on Solstice and loved the location! Booked it again on Equinox in March. I turned down the free Captain's Club upgrade, because I don't consider those cabins under the Aqua Spa and whirlpool/pool to be better. I am a light sleeper!