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  1. That’s why we did L&S for our April cruise. We were planning on a FCC after seeing what it was going for the next year we jumped to switch. It was costing more per person for an interior cabin then we paid for our entire family of 4 combined in a balcony cabin.
  2. The way he worded it made it seem anyone that can get vaccinated will be required to. Probably something along the lines of the Bahamas cruises where 12+ need to be vaccinated.
  3. Nothing was mentioned specifically but it sounded like he was referring to all cruises. Plus it’s pretty clear from all of the new test cruise announcements that this is the way they’re going.
  4. Pretty much everything is open. I don’t think he’s going to stand in the way of cruising. Plus he’s running for re-election and seems to be on a “make everything seem normal” tour.
  5. Sorry I should have clarified that the “what if” is in having a definitive date. While I think your estimation is extremely likely it would be really bad if it didn’t and then they have half of an already reduced capacity ship needing refunds.
  6. I mean I don’t think anything can be stated as fact now but in the video from Michael Bayley he said that Royal would be taking the test cruise route. I mean I suppose with vaccine rollout there might be hope that all kids could get vaccinated but that’s a big “what if” so you’d think they’d do the test cruise anyway just to be cautious.
  7. When my kids were crib age the JS or larger was a must. The extra space was needed and the bathtub was definitely a plus. Now if we get a decent deal we’ll go for a suite but if not a balcony is fine too. I’m not going to take the kids to a suite restaurant or anything so for us the only perk would be the size.
  8. I admittedly don’t really know what I’m looking at but they look like short cruises and the port of call says “sea”. Could they be planning on running test cruises out of Miami?
  9. I think he mentioned he was a broadcast technician.
  10. I’d get off and at least check it out. We just grabbed a few loungers and found it to be fairly quiet until we decided to take the kids to the pool. Definitely much more of a party atmosphere over that way. You can also look into the beach club. It’s cheaper then a cabana and comes with lunch at the restaurant.
  11. Thank you I really appreciate you saying that. We’ve been really cautious thus far and I really believe it can be done safely with basic precautionary measures that would be taken with or without kids on board. And I know it’s partially selfish but I tried (and eventually failed) and internet schooling a kindergartner so I can really use a few days with a drink package 😂
  12. I highly doubt that. The reason RC said they’re leaning toward test cruises is because of families so no my children won’t be the only unvaccinated people onboard. If their age group gets approval for the vaccine before we sail they’ll 100% get it but if not then they’ll go, wear a mask, and stay out of people’s personal space just as they’ve been taught to do this entire time. Not to mention we will have them tested in advance in addition to the one from Royal. Like I said previously other lines are sailing vaccine only and that’s the only reason I feel ok taking them because the people that
  13. I will hopefully be sailing with my kids in September. My husband and I are fully vaxxed but my kids are still too young. If they’re able to by then we’ll be the first in line to get them but if not we’re still going. It’s been a really rough year for everybody not just child free adults and we all really need this vacation. After almost a year and a half of this they’re well trained on hygiene, distancing, and mask wearing. I’ve watched my daughter’s heart get broken too many times over this pandemic and I’m not going to cancel just because people don’t want her there. I’d probably feel diffe
  14. In the video Richard Fain made he said crew will probably be 100% and for passengers I think he said everyone that can be vaccinated will be but taking in account medical exemptions and children they didn’t seem to be requiring the 95%
  15. I don’t have any inside information but I will say that things are fairly normal here. Restaurants are open to 100% capacity as long as distancing is possible, the mask mandate ends for vaccinated people this week, travel advisory has been lifted and there’s a big push for summer tourism. I don’t see there being an issue with opening based on everything else going on.
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