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  1. I see the issue here but I also don’t think your sister should have to give up having someone to hang out with because it’s what’s best for you. Any chance you can talk her into bringing 2 friends so that they can bunk together and nobody else’s reservations need to be messed with?
  2. Baked Alaska wasn’t one of the options when we went to Wonderland but they did have it in the main dining room one night.
  3. Just off the anthem today and the water in the area was very rough.
  4. We leave for a 5 night on Anthem this Saturday. I can see the first half of my cruise planner in the app and it shows a red party and a 70’s party.
  5. Is your cruise still listed on the RC website? I heard back a month in advance also and I’m assuming it was part of a last minute shuffle right before selling out because it’s been off the site since that day.
  6. Haha I think some people forget that toddlers are actual little humans who don’t just auto-train just because you told them to. My daughter was so stubborn and potty training was stressful enough that I sure as heck wasn’t going to add some vacation deadline on top of it. It might not be the ideal situation but I’d rather be changing a diaper while on vacation then home any day 🤷‍♀️😂
  7. Like I mentioned our experience was with carnival but same rules about the pool and stuff so hopefully it’s still helpful. We only used the kids club a couple of times but even without that I don’t feel like we missed out on anything because of her not being potty trained. For excursions we did margaritaville (pool) and two beach days. With all that water we really didn’t miss not being able to use the pool on board. I also made sure to do some research as far as indoor facilities where we were heading so that I knew I’d have a place to change her. Other then that I don’t think it really impacted anything else we did. I think you could make it work and still have a great time.
  8. Cape liberty is our closest port also however we’ve also sailed carnival out of NY and Baltimore. I would take a little longer of a drive for something that would impact my vacation so greatly. We sailed on a carnival ship with my daughter before she was potty trained and she absolutely loved their kids club.
  9. Well now I know who to send my husband to when I need help convincing him to book a large suite. 😂
  10. Just got our upgrade email for our October 5th Anthem sailing to Bermuda. We were in an obstructed balcony and were given the option to bid on a regular balcony, spacious ocean view balcony, junior suite, and grand suite. I debated on bidding on the regular balcony because the minimum was only $30 but decided that if I’m risking being put in a location I don’t like it should at least be for a different room. I ended up just bidding on the spacious ocean view since it’s just the 2 of us and I’d rather save the money to use for a larger suite when we’re sailing with our kids. Got the congratulations email today after bidding $160 each with a $130 minimum.
  11. We are doing a port intensive cruise next year with our 2 kids in a junior suite. That’s usually smaller then we’d get when traveling with them but I’d prefer to use the money elsewhere if we’re hardly going to be in the room. That being said I couldn’t budge on the balcony. It’s just a matter of what do you think you’d miss from booking a junior suite and are those things that will negatively impact your vacation.
  12. This is a little different because it’s not like op is deciding whether or not to bring her own 6 month old. She was wondering if it was worth inviting someone with a 6 month old and in her situation it seems like it’s not. Also my husband and I will be sailing next month without our kids. No regrets. I haven’t slept in a year and I need this 😂
  13. My answer is strictly based on potential germs. If that’s not something you’re concerned about then I definitely agree with this post. The younger/less mobile the baby the easier your life will be.
  14. My personal opinion is I wouldn’t take a baby who hasn’t at least had their 12 month vaccines on board just because you’re in such close quarters and if there’s anything to spread it will spread quick. Just for future cruises I’d say the sweet spot for us was between 1-2. They’re mobile but not super quick and they’re pretty happy wherever you take them. Mine were also ok with napping in a stroller at that age so while we still tried to keep some routine it didn’t need to be super strict. Taking my oldest at 2 and a half was an entirely different experience and I’m tired just thinking about it haha
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