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  1. @Luckynana OMG Maryann. As I was typing my response, she just called to say we should come get the girls. They were at the grocery store and she either wet her pants or her water broke lol. Update to come!
  2. She’s doing well but would gladly give birth tomorrow lol. As of Friday’s appointment, no effacement or dilation yet. She still has 12 days until the calculated due date though. The good news is that at her appointment 2 weeks ago, ultrasound showed that he’s head down, no longer breech.
  3. Great picture of the future besties. NEKO is adorable Dani. That little face 😍! Plus they do the dishes 😉! Andy and I have this same combination of personalities. It works out quite nicely…..for him, LOL.
  4. Kudos to your grandson Maryann, for his awards and his dedication! Is film production, editing, etc. something he’s interested in pursuing as a career eventually?
  5. Glad to see you posting Dani. I (we) worry when we don’t hear from you but understand you may not be in the right frame of mind with all that’s happening. Just know you are so often in my thoughts. I hope your nasty cold is over soon.
  6. @FromSea2ShiningSea Helen & Marty, thanks for sharing your trip to Japan and all the gorgeous pictures. Can’t wait to travel (virtually) to Norway with you!
  7. These are not my photos, they’re from my towns page on that other site. They were taken at the Scituate Reservoir which is only a few miles north of me. I wasn’t even aware this event was going to happen, but we’ll be out to dinner with friends tonight so I’ll definitely be on the lookout.
  8. I’m so sorry this happened to you but glad you’ve been well cared for. Please keep us updated as best you can.
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