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  1. Got my Pfizer booster yesterday. There were only two of us there at 11:30 for Pfizer but many more for Moderna. The woman who administered my shot said yesterday was the first day for Moderna booster and they were fully booked for the next few days for that one. Sore arm last night and a slight headache today. Hope this is the worst of it!
  2. I love the colors Dani! Please share a picture of you in the whole outfit.
  3. Congratulations Greg! What way to end a career?!!!👏🙌🎉🥳🍾
  4. Yes, a very chilly morning! No TSOD here, how about a sweatshirt of the day…
  5. I received a text message today from the RI Dept of Health saying I may be eligible. I’m not yet 65 but when I went to the website, I was surprised at the lengthy list of qualifying underlying conditions and even more surprised to find one that makes me eligible. I made an appointment for tomorrow at 11:30 am.
  6. @grapau27 I hope your basal cell can be taken care of sooner rather than later, but thankfully they are slow movers. DH also had one removed about 10 yes ago in almost the same spot. @jagsfan not glad you have to go thru surgery but glad it’ll be done very soon and not dragging things out. @Sea Dog what a wonderful tribute to your wife and her accomplishments. Similar to your tribute, no? You both have so much to be proud of in your careers. And now get to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work and dedication- retirement and cruising! Middle DD and SIL have a wedding this weekend in Disney World, so of course they took the opportunity to extend a few days before & after. They left yesterday morning and return Monday. Andy & I are babysitting their girls (ages 2 1/2 and 9 months). IS IT MONDAY YET??? Just kidding, we love having them here but it’s exhausting!
  7. Preventative maintenance should be done regularly, even if you don’t have a cruise coming up.
  8. I agree. So far no shortage of paper products here but recently I couldn’t find garlic powder anywhere. Now it’s reappeared 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. I’m very sorry you have to go through this. You WILL get past it and we’ll all be praying along with you 🙏
  10. When I first saw Andrew’s post, I thought that’s what he was saying!
  11. Did you book RCI or Celebrity for March 2022? We have the 3/25 Equinox booked.
  12. We used Walmart regularly during the height of the pandemic and were pleasantly surprised. I enjoy grocery shopping and missed picking out my own meats & produce, so I was happy to start doing it again. It helps that being retired, I can go during off peak & uncrowded times.
  13. Sorry to read this Lenny, I can’t imagine the frustration for all of you. Hopefully it can’t get resolved and rescheduled quickly.
  14. The fake, manufactured drama is what’s kept me from watching so far. But the comments I’ve read about the beautiful scenery are what makes me want to give it a try.
  15. It seems only right that you use your winnings to book another cruise 😉
  16. How exciting! I don’t think we’ll ever do another winter cruise out if NY/NJ after our winter storm Grayson experience. Which is a shame b/c we’re only a few hours drive from there.
  17. With you 💯. If you’re using an iPhone, below is a screenshot of advice Bobmacliberty gave me a couple of pages back when I was ranting about the same thing. I haven’t had to use it - yet.
  18. Thanks, using Safari web browser. I never liked the app. Bob & Ozark have suggested a couple of things I’ll try.
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