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  1. Greetings from somewhere off the coast of Cuba onboard Adventure of the Seas with @jmh2006 Jennifer! It’s crazy windy up on the pool deck today with an extra dose of crazy because the entire upper deck is closed. Pool chairs and space to put them are at a premium. Andy and I had a nice 4 day cruise on Allure just prior to this one with great weather every day. There were tons of kids on that one, I’m sure due to school breaks. Food was good to very good everywhere we ate (Windjammer, MDR, Park Cafe, Solarium Bistro). Internet. not so much. Embark & debark were both very smooth. Only 1.5 days in but I’m enjoying Adventure a bit more. I think I just prefer the smaller size and I’m definitely not a fan of the 4 night cruises, there’s really no chance to connect with bar servers, wait staff, etc. Will try to post updates, but so far the internet has not been great in this ship either. I can’t seem to tag Sunshine or DaniDaniele but hopefully they will see this: Marietta, so sorry to read of your friend passing. May he RIP. Debbie & Eric - Hope you have a great cruise and your meds do the trick.
  2. Thanks. I doubt we will see Mamma Mia. I’m game but Andy could never sit through a 3 hour show. Dani I’m so glad you were able to do this! We are sitting in the Crown Lounge - full access for Diamond. But, we’re still in port at 5:55 pm 🤷🏻‍♀️. No rush I guess since tomorrow is a sea day, then Nassau and PDCC - not far to go.
  3. @DaniDanielle Gosh Marietta, I wish you and your family could catch a break! (Seriously no pun intended there). Hope all turns out okay with Charlie. @sgmn great photos of your time in Singapore. I also hope your fainting episode was a one off. Enjoy your cruise! Our pregnant daughter fainted at work recently. She was taken by rescue to Women & Infants Hospital. Mom & baby both checked out fine, they ran a bunch of tests and suggested dehydration as the culprit. Her own OBGYN ran more tests and turns out she’s anemic. Iron pills seem to have done the trick. @Ocean Boy what were you thinking, giving up alcohol?? 😇 The drinking age was 18 back in my day as well. Singapore Sling is on my ‘never again’ list along with Vodka Collins and Boone’s Farm wine . We are on our way from Hollywood Beach to PC to board Allure. I plan to post some updates here. So far, our weather looks good.
  4. Thanks Bob. They’re staying with her in-laws who live in your neighborhood so they should be all set, but I appreciate the offer.
  5. We’ve had a whirlwind few days. Our two nights in Jacksonville Beach were nice, just wish the temperature could’ve climbed above 65. Still better than home! Our first night, we went to Dockside Seafood. The food was good but the place wasn’t quite what I expected. Order at a counter, get a pager and they bring your food in a basket. As Andy said “only the finest for you” Our second night was dinner at TacoLu at @bobmacliberty Bob’s recommendation. It did NOT disappoint! Naturally we ordered way too much food. Our oldest will be in Amelia Island at the end of the month with her family for their spring break. I texted her and said they have to make the drive to try this place. Today we drove to the Margaritaville in Hollywood Beach. Due to a snafu in the parking garage, we were upgraded from partial Oceanview room to two room Oceanfront Suite. Cheeseburgers in Paradise for dinner were excellent. Tomorrow night is JWB Steakhouse. Best of all? The temperature today was 80 degrees!
  6. @DaniDanielle Marietta, I’m so sorry the news isn’t what you hoped for. Miracles do happen so here’s hoping that’s the case.
  7. Sorry to hear this Greg. Hope you get it checked sooner rather than later and that all will be well. @dani negreanu I’m so very sorry about your dear friend. Prayers for all of you 🙏.
  8. Thank you all for the anniversary wishes. We made it to our first stop, Harrah’s in Atlantic City. I’m hoping Andy carries his luck from our Adventure cruise last October. For those who don’t know, while we were all in the Schooner Bar, he made a run to the “restroom” and was back in about 10 minutes with a slot machine winning ticket for about $ 1,100. Certainly not in Lionesss’ category but it was a nice bonus. First vacation cocktail. Cheers to 36 years with the love of my life!
  9. Thank you so much Dani! How kind you are to acknowledge us with all you have going on now. The “ Dad” thanks you, too!
  10. So quick pivot on our pre-cruise vacation plans, an advantage of driving vs flying. The weather doesn’t look great for Anna Maria Island. Rain our first day, then highs of 68 and 70. Not really beach weather. So instead, after Jacksonville Beach we’re headed to the Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood Beach over on the east coast and just far enough south for some warmer temperatures. @h20skibum we’re hoping to try out the Rustic Inn you often mention and will also look for some other spots in Ft Lauderdale or maybe head down to Miami/Miami Beach.
  11. I’m so sorry you’re having these difficulties Greg. Hoping for better times ahead for you. Thanks Debbie! They’re actually all over. In fact I just learned they’re opening one out on Cape Cod.
  12. I’ve been to that one many times Arzeena! I used to like Lord & Taylor but they’re all closed now. That leaves Macy’s and Nordstrom around here anyway. I find Macy’s to be hit or miss and Nordstrom just confuses me with how their stores are laid out.
  13. Thanks Maryann. We’ve been to the M’ville in Hollywood Beach a few times and the one in Orlando twice. Great stays every time.
  14. I absolutely love Dillard’s! We don’t have them here in the Northeast, which is probably a good thing lol, but I always hit at least one when we’re in FL.
  15. My condolences to you and your family for the passing of Charlie’s sister. Also adding prayers for your good friend.
  16. Thanks Bob! Your memory is correct, we’ll be at the Margaritaville Hotel. TacoLu sounds great as does Casa Marina. I’m a sucker for a rooftop bar so we’ll definitely try to get there. I’m hoping to spend some time at St John’s Town Center either before we check-in or the next day.
  17. Bon Voyage! I hope you have a great cruise and look forward to your updates. We board two weeks from today with @jmh2006 on the Southern itinerary of Labadee, Aruba and Bonaire. It’s been a busy week packing and preparing for our upcoming trip. We leave Monday, first stop is Atlantic City for the night. Then on to Chapel Hill NC to visit my 89 year old great aunt. It’s just a little off course of the I-95 South route, but how many more chances might we have to see her? We’ll spend the night there, then on to FL visiting Jacksonville Beach and Anna Maria Island before our S2S cruises on Allure and Adventure. Last up will be 4 nights at Old Key West in Disney before heading home. Three and a half weeks in total so I feel like I’m packing for all four seasons. At least driving we don’t have to worry about saving luggage space. I’m sorry to read about the injuries to family members. I hope all are in the mend soon! @Sea Dog I’m glad to hear the surgery went well and I hope you’re still relatively pain free. How very sad that your Chiefs celebration was marred by yet another awful shooting.
  18. @Sunshine3601 Debbie sorry about your car, but so glad you weren’t hurt! That must’ve been a heart pounding several seconds as you were sliding. @Sea Dog best wishes for your surgery tomorrow and an easy recovery. You’ll be home watching the Chiefs parade before you know it. We ended up with about 10 inches of heavy, wet snow from today’s storm. It sure looked pretty coming down today, but I’d be fine if it all melted tomorrow (it won’t)!
  19. @Sea Dog congrats on your Chiefs big win last night Greg! I thought the game was a little sleepy for the first 3 quarters but it sure turned into a nail biter at the end. We’ve got a nor’easter moving in overnight tonight with 8-12 inches of snow predicted for our part of the state. Not a very nice welcome home for @Ocean Boy ❄️🌨️!
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