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  1. Here is the link to where I got this information. https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/travel/video/biggest-us-cruise-line-cancels-trips-2021-73068755 Candi
  2. For those of you booked for spring of 2021, I just heard on the news that Carnival is cancelling all cruises through spring of 2021. Candi
  3. Thank you for posting that great review. I was on the Panorama on February 1, 2020. I had a great time and it was fun to read this during my lock down. (I found it late). So glad you are well. Sorry about all your unexpected trip issues. I really hope you get to take your August cruise. At this point I am not holding my breath to sail in November on Princess. Candi
  4. I am in Riverside county CA. People just don't get how bad this is. The beaches were packed on Saturday so now the Mayor in L.A. has closed all the parking lots at the beaches. The pier in Malibu was also packed. I wouldn't venture out for anything but groceries or medication at this point. It's like a ghost town. I heard from a friend in Pennsylvania they can't even get liquor. Fortunately for us our supermarkets have all alcohol. I know some states have strange rules about where you can buy it. Other than not being able to get toilet paper everything is good for us so far.
  5. I really enjoyed your review. I somehow missed it when you first started it. It was nice to read something good while being at home all the time. The highlight of the week other than you review is going to the grocery store and hoping they have what we need. We managed to get everything except toilet paper. Hope you recover soon. Sorry you are going to miss your cruise. Hopefully when this is all over you can re book it. Take care. Candi
  6. We had one bartender at the Alchemy Bar on the Miracle in November of 2017. He was so rude. We asked if they had beer or sodas because we had never been on a ship with Alchemy and he was so snotty and proceeded to explain this was a specialty bar. As I said we didn't have a clue as to what the bar was about. I wish I had gotten his name. I wanted to say something to Guest Services. I never saw him after that time. Other servers were great. Candi
  7. How much is the parking per day at the Long Beach port? I am handicapped so I want to be as close to the ship as possible. Thanks Candi
  8. You will be docked well before 9:00 am. The last time we were on Carnival we were in port by 7:00 am. The last call for everyone off the ship is at the latest 10-10:30. You will have to leave when they call for everyone to disembark. I have been off the ship as early as 8:30 am. I would suggest seeing if there is a shore excursion that will show you some sights, but I'm pretty sure these all end at LAX. Maybe do a tour of the Queen Mary or the Aquarium of the Pacific. Not sure if either of these places will hold luggage, but you could call and inquire. Candi
  9. Yes there is the Green Bar and if you go past that a little further you can get street tacos. Same people also run this stand. I believe it is owned by Senior Frogs. We were just there in December and my friend got the tacos, again. Candi
  10. My friend and I just booked a last minute cruise on the Joy. We did a balcony guarantee and a day or so later we were given a great location on deck 12 near the aft elevators. This is a great location for me. I don't like being forward so this was great news. Candi
  11. You can try, but the last two times my friend put vodka in rum runners there was a note in the suitcase saying it had been confiscated and would not be returned. Candi
  12. I am one of the lucky few. I drink Pepsi at home. In a situation where only Coke products are available I manage quite well. Candi
  13. I just prefer it at the beginning. They do this on NCL when possible. They always have refreshments and staff there to answer questions. They also give you a list of all the different department heads in case you have a compliment or complaint you can reach them. Just my opinion. Candi
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