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  1. I can’t seem to find where to cancel a 2021 cruise I booked last week online. I go to cruise personalized and just can’t find anything. any ideas?
  2. Will be driving down next year for our cruise and staying at an air b&b for a week before the cruise. Any suggestions for a Park & Go? Not sure I want to park at the cruise terminal area with all the traffic and commotion. thanks
  3. So far the Coral Like its size and love the Promenade Deck, just a bit more intimate overall
  4. I think this may be what our waiter meant when he let it slip and said ‘Princess is moving in another direction’.
  5. You are correct on the Sanctuary being at stern of the Coral and two levels. Really three of you count the pool as one level and then two Sanctuary levels. I think that we were told the pool itself can be used by anyone (not kids) but seldom was it busy. The noise from the pool can carry up to the Sanctuary area and it tends to echo and if a bit of a crowd can get a little loud and annoying. We really did enjoy the Coral and would sail her again in the future. This is a pic of the upper level of Sanctuary. Cabanas were same price per day as loungers.
  6. Well, just rebooted and now it’s showing up... all’s well thanks so much to all for your help.
  7. I made sure I was. Guess not that big of s deal.
  8. We were just on the Coral and the charge is like other Sanctuary’s on other ships we’ve been on... $40/pp/day full day $20/pp/day 1/2 day think it’s $30/pp/day if booked the whole week. The Serenity Steward Santi was very easy to work with.
  9. Yup, that’s where it used to be but on my iPad it’s no longer there. I can still bring up the ones I had saved before the change but the “save this cruise” is no longer there on new searches...oh well.
  10. In the past I have been able to look up a cruise and put it aside in the “saved” area to bring back at a later time. For the life of me I can’t find it in the new format. Perhaps I’m missing something...any ideas?
  11. You really do not need to tip. We have always had very good luck in The Sanctuary no matter the ship. I think at the end we tipped about $20 for a seven day cruise. We recently sailed the 15 day Panama Canal on the Coral. Even through The Sanctuary is not as big or as nice as the Royal or Regal, we tipped because of the service we received. I usually tip the head serenity steward. When I couldn’t find him the second to last day I remembered he’d work the buffet on night shift . I went up there around 9:00pm and found him and tipped him $20 for the six afternoon sea days we were there. He was just great to work with.
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