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  1. Hawaiidan


    Why not head into Terrace and get the tails there, maybe with some grilled veggies My fave is Waves burger, grilled onion, Rare, with the wasabi mayo they use on the Tuna or Mahi san. For fries... favor curry mayo as in Belgium/ NL Speaking of which Curry mayo goes super with Shrimp, Calamari and Mahi Actually CurryMayo or Bernaise makes pretty much everything taste good.. even corn dogs.....which is an entire other subject
  2. No your not dumb......... heck I have 10 times that on deposit for 2022 + cruises and am not worried a bit... When the world quakes in fear... that is the time to buy ...investing in your future cruses being one. $1500 is not a big chunk of change to most...if it is, then maybe you should re-evaluate To get what you want in life you have to take risks. The more the risk the greater the potential gain. Now, assuming your wise enough to pay any and all deposits with a CC like Chase VISA's that have $20,000 in travel insurance, there is zero risk of anything. AND your depos
  3. Hawaiidan


    Because they are damm good. There is very little difference I found. Like people who love a restaurant because of where it is... It will ALWAYS be better in their eyes because it is where it is. Familiarity! Not Reality... Beauty in their eyes Now the big seagoing housing projects afloat, like on the "Obscenity of the Seas", their once a cruise Lobster night complete with scooter jams and rampant greed ( like people ordering 3-4-5- tails)... with spiny lobster over cooked to the extent that you could caulk a hole in your shoe. From Melanesia or Belize . ( where Red Lobste
  4. Hawaiidan


    Lobsters live in the sea and eat stuff with iodine in it. Scallops, Mussels, Crab, flounder all bottom creatures... and live in seawater with different Ph... . lobsters from location A can taste different than location B on the same coast. Even further, lobsters in A can vary according to the season that what the sea is doing at that time and the Gulf Stream.... Its a big ocean almost 4000 miles of coast line in Maine.... lots of variables in 4000 miles
  5. Hawaiidan


    Yes but nothing like the steamed whole lobster in Polo... #1 By the way I found that Albertson here in So cal carries 8 oz Canadian lobster tail for $14.95. Seafood joints like Giovanni in Morro or Santa Monica seafood are running $ 24 for 6 oz tail. Or get crazy and go for the Australian 28 oz tals for $ 99 @...... Now in my past reference to Portland Me. You can get 2 lobsters corn potatoes and roll for $24.95 !!! High roller has lobster Tempura Lobster pops on a stick ( move over corn dog)
  6. Hawaiidan


    My heart goes out to you....... the suffering..... the pain.....lobster deprivation anemia ! Maybe your entitled to repatriations . And I know the Four Yorkshire men tale all to well.
  7. Like dirty Harry said..... Well are you feeling Lucky....well do ya'" ( corrected your cemetery spelling at no charge)
  8. Hawaiidan


    Ok...Lobster report: Lobster is served, every day in the Terrace, Waves, Polo, Jacques and Toscana., so relax and enjoy All are served grilled except in Polo which is steamed . Only Polo serves Maine lobster the rest are Spiny Lobster. I find grilled or steamed lobster, served warm with tarragon butter to be the pinnacle of lobster. From my last lobster attack in Maine ( Lobster roll, Lobster Fritters, Lobster Sushi, Lobster stew , Lobster Bisque) Mc Donald's in Maine serves seasonal Lobster Rolls. Red Lobster is next in poor taste. Eating one is a class
  9. Glad you liked it....Saw daily people accosted. one guy had his shoes stolen off his feet when he put them up ! Then the fake taxis that load your stuff and take off without you. Saw bums sleeping in doorways in main streets, across from hotels.Worse than San Fran . Seemed like they were everywhere and not confined to any one part. The cemetery was full of them. Just a jumble of rich and abject poverty all thrown together. Was there for 2 days... Do not ever want to return..scary and I do not scare easily. On tours we were warned not to stray from the exact places we were take
  10. well it is summer time and the warmest Feb is their August. Fog is present many times in coastal waters at that time. I had an outside cabin and because of the constant cold we could never get the cabin warm and transferred to an inside. Many ports are very" third world" with crime a big factor. Most uprising was that the highly touted Buenos Aires was scary with bums and con people everywhere. Many fellow passengers were victims. Have fun but remember they are having hard economic times and many are turning to "alternative incomes". You have to be very situatio
  11. Read the thing The ship would not be in transit it would be anchored or moored to launch tenders,.. and stationary to do so So no to tenders from a ship like that. Ships can MOVE through the waters as long as the do not stop. Again no stopping Seem pretty clear to me..
  12. John Wayne said it well" life is tough..its even tougher if your dumb". What is truly scary is somehow these malfeasance's get into power positions .
  13. Then send out your laundry. It is not all that expensive. I have no idea what Oceania will do Here is my bottom line I am paying many hundreds of dollars or more a day to enjoy the ambiance of the ship. Doing my own laundry to save a few dollars is penny wise but pound foolish to me. I may be paying up to $100 an hour for ship experience and my laundry will cost me $40 ! Not a savings to me... wash your sox and undies in the sink and send the rest out and have fun instead of fighting to get the dryer or washer !!! Life is short, time is valuable
  14. After doing several 20+ day cruises on R ships I discovered that after the first 4 or 5 days that it was easy to book almost any restaurant and venue. People on short 7-10 day cruises have more of a problem. However, on a almost 30 day cruise, trans-pacific, you will find wide open options as people get tired of specialties and opt for a more varied menu in the main dining room. . Do not get all wound up with pre cruise stress . I opt now for inside cabins on long cruises as it gets me out of the cabin and socially active on these wonderful ships.. I discovered tha
  15. ORV.... as you commented recently , in relation to another poster, some people you just can not fix. Maybe it is the water in Reno?...They are not smart enough to figure out how dumb they are.....You can not fix that only shake your head. Too, in the past 3-6 months look at not so much who was manipulated but who did the manipulating !!!
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