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  1. The B3 is the best value on the ship giant veranda can fit a chaise on it !!! ...... The A3 are only regular verandas in size....and you get a few perks.. Go for the B#3
  2. On Hal.....they are cooks... not chefs. Also it is the job of a chef to select the best ingredients and treat them well. In in 28 days this was my best meal...in either the dining room or lido. The lido, or buffet was day and night better than the dining room. I am not hard to please and go with the flow as much as possible.... however HAL made it difficult and for a first in 30+ years of cruising..... there were days I just would not eat because of the crap they were serving. I used to love HAL in the 70 and 80"s..... Today it is pathetic..... The good thing is they got me to go to Oceania.
  3. Eric... I know your wanting to go to Alaska bad.... However, after 3 Alaska cruises 2 on O, June is way too early... the melt will not be finished and this will limit access and wildlife viewing. Access to the Hubbard Glacier will be very restricted due to ice flows keeping you miles from the face. ORV can attest to the fact that late August early September is prime time to see glaciers and even the salmon run and Bears Critters all out foraging to get ready for the winter...wild flowers at their peak ( in northern latitudes spring is really delayed till August) and rain is the least... The best cruise I took to alaska was one starting in Vancouver and ending in California in early sept. The worst was in early June where we were cold and could not get even close to glaciers... and lots of fog ( see attached picture of the Hubbard in June !!! Compare it to the ones you see in adverts ! Another serious consideration is that O is an adult ship 95% of the time.... but June-July early august they have kids programs and special fares which can bring lots of un-wanted activity to detract from the ambiance that makes O a special place on a smaller ship.... Think through you dates
  4. Yes I have a 2021 September cruise with an April final payment ! On the 18 cabin classes, on that cruise, 11 are already sold out and wait listed......almost a year out and 60% sold !!! Cant re-book for the 10% because there are a lot of people standing in line for my cabin type... and both above and below too.......
  5. Actually the 4th is what they are saying in California.... amazing insight here.
  6. You mean sumptuous hand carved ny steak dinner... so lovingly presented by HAL master chefs!!!!
  7. HIPPA is just an advisory not a law.... Here in California employers are free to hire and fire at their discretion and businesses free to refuse service except for the reasons stated... You can file all you want with you health complaints but the Law is the law. This is not Canada
  8. Really? An employer is not "required" to hire anyone.... It is his choice alone He alone sets the standards. Likewise he is also free to terminate anyone at any time as long as it is not for race, sex or religion according to labor law in this country.. Not taking a vaccine would be sufficient reason not to hire or fire anyone..... Or a cruise, store, business etc from refusing service....... Non Vaccine people would lead a very lonely life... While everyone is free to choose......so are the others about those choices.
  9. Life is all about change and adapting to it.......Some do some do not There are options your choice remains. I always have a plan B and even C. I hope and plan for the best, I also plan for the worst. Years of past combat and emergency situations tempers you.... to the realities of life. There are many paths to take as Frost mentioned only 2.... I prepare for 3.
  10. Same for me for a Sept cruise AMS to VCE.... Rather I will fly to europe, rent a car and visit friends and places in the alps and france... Final payment is in April. If no definite word forget it forever..... I am with ORV. I have seen enough in my life... cruising was an ideal way for many areas. However, today ships run like seagoing prisons, with everybody in fear is not the cruise experience I enjoy.... Oh well time is running out.
  11. Ring of fire, and Discovery in the south pacific and Hawaii. was on Regatta... LA-Tahiti.. in 15... I used to be a Naturalist Ranger with the Nat'l Parks for many years. on Big Island
  12. My point is it is very rare and the exception..... It has been my my experience that nonstops today are,even in revenue are tough to find ...
  13. They have....I was even one in the pacific cruises.... But who knows for the future.
  14. Paul.....I am also surprised that you do not know that using O prem up grade you are not at all likely to get a nonstop to Europe from the west coast.......You will in most probability make a change in one of the aforementioned cities. Non stops are priced at prem levels today.... O is not going to be giving those . . I just tried on my own to get a revenue business ticket to Europe and All my options were 2 -3 plane changes with a terminal change as well.. O is going to go with the cheapest deal they can.... You can hope and dream about it, like 29cent a gallon gas.... but the odds are not with you. Some will win but most will not from my experience
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