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  1. Correct..... to be exact 1.27 mil and another 675 K, 2 years later!... $50 .deductible... When I lived In Kona, they would fly me and my wife to HNL put us up in a hotel for tests or a procedure they could not do in Kona.!!!.... On O they payed about 7K for medical on the ship in Easter Island....zero deductible........ Pretty cool insurance. I got my money's worth, ya' think?
  2. Yes....Kaiser is the secondary to medicare and Yes Kaiser will pay any non elective medical bill anywhere in the world.... I have sent claims from Peru, Italy, Malta and 100% no deductible and no upper limit.... They have paid 5 figure bills for treatment that lasted 12 days in non Kaiser facilities. In the states they have paid 6 and 7 figure bills for me. There are different levels of Kaiser and they only insure very select areas of residence... Had them for 50 years..... If you qualify for Kaiser then check it out
  3. Kiddo I think you took things the wrong way.......your "confession " was that you worried that you were neurotic or had a mental issue... We and I wrote thats no big deal.... and while we liked different critters, you having an aversion was not any problem either There is nothing wrong with not liking something even though others like it. Relax .
  4. In 70 years on the planet from jungles to deserts east to west, all seasons.... I never really found anything inedible...... Oh some things were better than others but none I could not eat given the time and place... and needs...... Maybe we just never get to realize how good we all have it .
  5. You got it There is a place in Maine that does lobster tail tempura on a stick..... Move over corn dogs... Seriously after a 10 day , lobster 20 times you crave something different.
  6. 2019....October... In traveling the whole of Maine checking out all the lobster shacks, pounds and so on eating Lobster 2 meals a day..Chowder, Stew, Rolls, Steamed, Fried, Boiled...... the Port Hole was the best......astounding good price and lobster
  7. What I was trying to say is a person needs to do comparisons and not assume. Too, that O life tours are not "FREE" you pay for them. Pick O life tour option if you , as mentioned can not find your own or do not want to be bothered with looking on your own. Like an income tax refund.....its your money.
  8. Yes....Take a deep breath..... they are not free You paid for them with the O life. They are limited to tours under $200 USD.... Its not pick of the litter. If you get the O-Life package and want to take a more costly tour than $200, You pay for that tour in full. You do not get it adjusted and get credit for $200 and pay the difference... Before you jump into O life...... spend a little time and maybe see that you could set up the same or better tours yourself..... Nothing in life is free. O's tours are 2 to 3 times that which you could do them on your own.... Be confident that you could do them on your own. What you get with O life is not having to make the effort and let them do all the work...... Its your call...
  9. Really.....it was all friendly..... Portland ME...at the Porthole... 2.- 1.5lb lobster, corn , potato, $24 !!! Clams. BBQ oysters and Scallops..... MMMM and no bones to worry about
  10. I would analyze what are the risks you might face. If you were to have payed by credit card you might have $20,000 pp insurance... Check your Medical situation what are your potential risk?... Talk to your doctor get a risk evaluation.... you might be facing little if any real risk other than worry. Don't scare yourself... Insurance companies love scared people. Some insurance you already have may be good anywhere. ( Kaiser for one) Dont buy too much insurance that duplicates what you have already. Many do.. and the fine print to many polices is they will "Assure you get X$ If another policy you have covers the same thing they will only cover any overage in within the policy limit. If you have 2 polices that are for $10,000 each for the same coverage.... Your only going to get $10,000 max not $20,000. So think what do I really need.... I have done this in the past and discovered I am totally covered with my Credit Card and Current Health insurance... If you have to get taken off the ship at sea it will be by either out Navy/Coast guard or another countries.. By treaty agreement you will not be charged anything.
  11. Not at all when I was diving for lobsters in the day... we used to call them "BUGS"..... You should not visit Maine and the "lobster pounds"
  12. Life is all about change from birth to death..... you need to , within reason, go with the flow.
  13. Depends on the person.... there is a 3rd group.... Those who booked as you said with or without a FCC that just prefer the product, in what ever state and roll their deposits forward because they have not found a adequate substitute for what they loved. ....like an old shoe it just fits right
  14. One big negative is in tropical/warmer waters stationary ship hulls start getting covered with barnacles, alge, and a slew of marine growths that foul props rudders and intakes that require extensive dry dock over haul... Colder waters do not than the same threat not do moving ships
  15. You dont have to go to Saipan.......just head up to Benecia and see the reserve fleet or Bremerton .....
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