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  1. Huh? Did you fail to read my last post??????
  2. Thanks..... Like FRA "Z" concourse.... the A concourse was in Hungary.... I miss the UAL electric cars in LAX/DIA
  3. As a general rule... Yes...I never book a cruise tour as they are double or more than what you could do on your own for a much better and less expensive tour on your own. This booking without O life will be not only cheaper but more enjoyable. I never took Viking but have observed them.... regular cattle cars of people being herded like sheep.... O's wit very few exceptions are pretty much the same. But remember you can take the cruise without O life... save on making your own tours and then also if you want you can book an O tour too.... and still be dollars ahead. Mix and match.
  4. Do they offer Wheel Chair assist in LHR for changing flights
  5. 18% a 15 becomes $17.70 The regular martini is .... well pretty small. Most order it as a double. The "Big O" martini is more what your used to in a US quality bar.
  6. I have not taken those but others. What ever it will be is 1 simple basic preparation that takes about 20 min the rest of the time will be talking about food and showing technique.drinking wine and having fun.. many times your ingredients are pre-prepped . Take the classes to meet and interact with others who like cooking and have a fun hour. Don't expect deep learning or instruction. Things like how to peal garlic... or dice a tomato... It aint Cordon Bleu You will be given recipes to take home and you will get to have a bite of what they taught.very small bites it will not stuff you. It is fun...if your into cooking an experienced or a beginner ...no matter..... everyone will have fun ... BOOK well months in advance These fill up as fast as La Reserve reservations/
  7. I hear those cabins are Haunted.... Some one reported "Chucky" in their closet.....
  8. Even worse....pure torture. Horrible.... the un imaginable pain of the mere thought that another passenger might actually see you....Years of therapy to deal with that....
  9. It is all in some ways perception, facts, opinions are irrelevant. The old question " How do you know if you got a good deal".. is answered by " if you think you got a good or great deal then you did " Perception is your reality, and it is not possible to argue with an others reality with your reality.... At the end of the day are you happy when you turn off the night lights and go to sleep........
  10. I would say " I do not know of a cruise line who WOULD or WILL offer all these options
  11. This is exactly why you book through an agent. Like hiring a lawyer or selecting a doctor.. Your engaging the services of a professional to represent you to travel companies. If you shop carefully, and ask all the right questions you will get not only good pricing but professional service... . The agent has one thing that you do not...Leverage to negotiate. They speak to a whole different group of people at the cruise line that you will never get to. You have Zero... your one fare The agent represents dozens...maybe hundreds of fares... Who do you think is going to get a better offer ????
  12. I hate to say it , as a cave lover, but Drach cave is pretty bad Poor guides, Poor lighting, poor formations. covered in chicken wire to prevent any more vandalization... However the dark is fine......They run people through in waves. sad...to see. Go visit Carlsbad Caverns ....Drach will depress you if you love nature.
  13. Oh.... it is... its currently a fad with some just like Octopus It is what ever you can throw in a bowl the wilder and crazier the better it must be...
  14. I give up......simple question which seems to have eluded folks.... on just flight details you got from O. Pretty straight foward., . Just Flights times carrier and connections from the west coast.......
  15. I am in the same boat so to speak....Have had several butlers and other than stock the refer I did not need anything from him, never experienced needing someone to do something I could not as a passenger.
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