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  1. How does this work? I saw the earlier thread, but need an abbreviated version of the 162 pages!! How many points are required and is it hard to set up an account? I am not very tech savvy.
  2. Have you eaten at any of the specialty restaurants? Were reservations easy to get onboard?
  3. Okay, thanks for the information. We will just keep our reservations the way they are, $8 certainly isn't worth the hassle!!
  4. So, if we have already prepaid for our specialty dining, we would not be able to get a credit for the packages ? There weren't any dining packages listed in our planner.
  5. Thanks for the menu pics that I can actually see !
  6. What did you have? Did you eat at the other specialty restaurants? We haven't cruised Carnival in 8 years or so, so are not familiar with their restaurants. We have pre purchased 2 nights at the steakhouse and are planning on reserving the Asian and Italian as well. Is this a good idea, or should we wait until onboard to get dining packages? Will they adjust our price if we do it ahead of boarding? We are on the Sept. 4 Horizon, so any information is appreciated!
  7. Do you know if they will adjust your account onboard if you have already made reservations?
  8. The number I have for is CAS is 888-785-8259. Is that what you used? I also have a new certificate for pick up on March 20 from a local casino,and the rep I spoke to said to contact my host, there was nothing she could do🤔
  9. I am also a CAS player and just had 2 cruises cancelled. I called CAS twice this weekend to get info on the FCC. Got two different answers , with first being 125% of total cruise cost, and second(yesterday) they told me they couldn't determine the value. Has anyone received more clarity in how this works?
  10. Just an update, I called CAS and purchased an upgrade from inside to balcony. They gave me all the current perks with the exception of the $200 OBC (balcony), I received $100 OBC based on my original comp category. I paid $210 for a B3, which worked really well with the added dining pkg and WIFI( which I previously purchased, and will now get refunded).
  11. Does anyone know if you pay to upgrade through calling CAS ( on comp), do you receive the extra perks? For example, Im booked in an inside and inquiring about balcony.
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