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  1. An Any suggestions as to a good place near the pier to have someone (not Uber) pick you up?
  2. TerryNJon

    White Pass RR

    Just got the email from NCL about the price reduction. Will happen automatically.
  3. I don’t believe the article states that the ship is sailing at 100%, just what the capacity is if it did.
  4. Anyone have experience with Belltown Inn or the neighborhood around?
  5. I had flights when they cancelled the Gem. Booked the same week for August and could not get them to honor the flight promo. Tried twice.
  6. There is a list of airlines on their webpage.
  7. Had an upgrade offer in the app earlier today for our 8/14 Encore to Alaska. Went back tonight to look at it more closely and now it’s gone! 🤷‍♀️
  8. Trying to do a mock booking to check the bed location for our upcoming cruise and I can’t get my cabin to show in the list. Is there a trick I don’t know about?
  9. Makes sense to me that they would suspend bookings until all of the existing passengers are transferred. I bet they come back in a day or two.
  10. Planning to purchase flights after final payment. I feel the chances of sailing go way up after that date.
  11. Just rebooked my. cancelled Gem for the Bliss. My PCC could not give me the air promotion because we’re inside 90 days. I’ve heard people say they have been able to get them to honor the cancelled promotion. Anyone have any tips for how to get them to give me the air?
  12. Suspect there is something going on with Gem now. All categories on my August 15 are showing sold out and get the “we’re sorry” message when I look at excursions.
  13. I called my NCL vacation planner last night about switching from Gem to Bliss in August. She recommended I wait. Was very cryptic and said some things are in the works. I hate waiting.
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