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  1. If I understand correctly, You took the train station Santa Lucia back to the ship? Did you have to make any connections? Is there only the one station to get off at in Trieste. Was there restrooms on the train? I'm sorry for all theses question. I'm trying to figure out if I want to book with Holland American in July 2025. They have an overnight stop in Trieste. The day tour is $319 each. Im thinking I would rather spend that money on a hotel. Thank you for the help.
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    Perfect thank you so much! I really appreciate the help.
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    Thank you everyone for all the information. I'm so disappointed that the cruise ships can no longer dock in Venice. I've been looking at several different cruises trying to decide. LOL plenty of time, booking for 2025. The RC cruise is so much cheaper than the other lines, I'm guessing because of the proximity to the port. I will make sure and book 2 nights in Venice with another night in Ravenna before the cruise. Has anyone looked into the possibility of renting a car one way or maybe Viator tours for private car. I'm guessing the last one is just too far a trip. Thank you once again as I continue my research.
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    Can anyone tell me before I book a Venice cruise if RC offers a Pre cruise hotel package in Venice not Ravenna. I would like to do a Pre cruise hotel stay in Venice. But then how do we get to ship in Ravenna? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Will probably do our own air so I’m assuming no transfers for us.
  5. My grandson is sailing on the Harmony of the Seas this Christmas. I wanted to give him money for the arcade. Does anyone know how the games in the arcade work? Do you put money on a card, cash or does it have to go on your sign and sail? I'm not cruising with them and I would like to purchase it as a gift waiting in his cabin. Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Oh no, that would be awful. Thanks for the heads up. Right now, I can't find a time that works unless I stay a night in Seattle or an extra night in Vancouver upon our return. Extra night means for $ for the hotel and extra dog kennel night for our boys. Looking like I just need to book roundtrip airfare from SA, TX to Vancouver. But not giving up on the train just yet. I want the train the whole way , not part train and part bus.
  7. Thanks everyone for all the help. l will only rely on the Navigator app when on board or traveling. While still at home I will use my MAC.
  8. Oh thank you, I’ll try again tomorrow and see if it clears up. If not, I’ll do as others have said and call or try from my computer instead of my phone and the app
  9. You would think that because your first interaction with Holland America is either online or the app, that they would both be stellar. Not the case. Booked our cruise online and it was like pulling teeth. I’ve had nothing but problems with the app Navigator. I can’t figure out how to remove a cancelled cruise on the app. I want the future cruise 2024 to show up. I’m not sure what happened but today it’s making me register again and I can’t even get that right. I give up!
  10. Thank you Nancy for the reply. We were originally booked with an inside cabin on the Eurodam and they we decided to switch to Kogingsdam. Also decided to go for the balcony. Glad to know noise won’t be an issue
  11. Wow thank you so much for the MDR file . Everything looks yummy! I didn’t realize that you could pay extra for certain items. This may seem silly, but what month should I check back for Kogingsdam Alaska 2024? I’m just a little excited! Thanks again for the great information.
  12. Hi, I just booked 7125 which is just around the corner from the stairwell. I was wondering about the noise level also. However, I figured it’s an easy two floor climb for morning coffee and downhill to the dining room. Following…
  13. I’m thinking fly in early to Seattle , take the train that afternoon and spend two nights in Vancouver. For some reason , I’m just not comfortable doing only an overnight. Never know what might happen. On the other hand hotels are crazy expensive in Vancouver compared to Galveston , Tx
  14. Wow thank you for sharing! Looks like the perfect day!
  15. Hi everyone, We booked Kogingsdam from Vancouver in 2024. I would like to use my Southwest airline Companion pass into Seattle. Has anyone taken the Amtrak Cascades into Vancouver? Or would it be better to take a Canadian Airline flight? I don’t mind the time on the train. Just thought the scenery might be nice.
  16. Wow what a great review! I've bookmarked so I can watch it several times before next July. Thank you for taking the time to do this for everyone,
  17. I love it! "Cave Dweller". I sure hope it will be a nice enough space. We have only done inside once before. I will need to return a car rental so I'm guessing not too much before noon. Do you know if we board after the MD closes, can we get anything to eat before dinner time? I'm also guessing that the buffet area is open all the time. Thanks
  18. Thank you so much. That is great news about HAL not locking the hallway doors until all cabins are ready. That makes "carry on" so much easier. Just out of curiosity , is this a HAL ship or another line. Because this happens all the time on RC and Carnival.
  19. Oh No, That is awful. Our next cruise is July 2024 for our 39th anniversary. My husband is retired so we usually cruise in May. However, with Alaska and our anniversary, I picked July. Non school out is usually our go too also.
  20. Thank you Ruth, that was the explanation I was looking for. Carnival will turn you away or so they say if you arrive earlier than you are assigned to. At least that is the case with the door monitor in Galveston. LOL I'm sure I will get a late time because we have an inside cabin. I don't sleep every well and need it to be pitch black. Also, I figured we would be up on deck most of the time. We always book the balcony category but never use it. Our last cruise was in May on the Allure of the Seas and I swear I didn't sit in the chair at all. I stood outside for 5 min or so, but that was it. Well, at least this time around I don't have to get up and run to the computer. I'll let HAL do all the work for me. Thanks for answering.
  21. I took advantage of the $1.00 deposit day and booked the Eurodam for July 2024. We also don't need shopping malls or go karts. Just beautiful ports and cooking anything that doesn't involve me! I'm on vacation!
  22. I looked on July 11th and the only Alaska cruise was in April/May. Nothing else was released for $1.00. I was able to select a July 2024! Would have also liked to book one for 2025 but didn't happen.
  23. wow, maybe I'm waisting my time searching for an answer to a question I have. We have never cruised with HAL. With other cruise lines, as soon as they release your docs , you sign up for a boarding time. If they release the docs at midnight, you better be online at midnight to get an early time. Looking for information on HAL and the way that you get your boarding time. Is it assigned or do you select? Thanks for the help.
  24. Would any local or maybe a local travel agent have an idea of when The Edgewater opens its books for July 2024? I've booked my cruise, and I'm excited to stay at the Edgewater. However it seems blacked out from June 2024 and beyond. Thanks for all your help. Reading anything on the boards about Seattle right now.
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