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  1. New to HAL. Never been to Alaska. Trying to make some Alaska decisions. Pros and Cons of Vancouver vs Seattle Round trip? We are from Texas, so I’m assuming flying into Seattle would be cheaper. Has anyone taken the Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver? If you fly into Vancouver, what airline did you use. Not really interested in having HAL book our airfare. Thanks for the help.
  2. Wow what can I say. I jumped back on CC to find more information about the Kongsingdam and Alaska, and I found you! No it was NOT boring. Thank you for posting. We have never sailed with HAL before or been to Alaska. Soaking up information like a sponge. Couple of quick questions. 1. You talked about going through customs or immigration at boarding time. Is this different because you start in Vancouver vs Seattle? Going back and forth between a Seattle vs Vancouver Round trip. 2. What is this orange room or club, is it a speciality dining room? 3. Question about renting the car. We have cruised many times and we have always booked our excursions not booked through the ship. For some reason, I’m sure it’s just the unknown, but I’m more worried about doing this on our own. Making it back to port in time. Don’t want to be running down the pier. Anyway, did you feel totally comfortable driving to the lake and back. Would love to do more interior site seeing. No desire for shop at Diamonds International! Thank you once again for your great review.
  3. Sorry this will be my first booking with HAL. Are you guys saying next week there will be deposits of only $1.00? We want to book a July 2024 cruise. Our anniversary is in a few days, so our 2023 gift will be the booking and 2024 gift will be the cruise. Win win! I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
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    Booking LFK

    We have always docked at Mahogany , it was a walk but I’m not in the best of shape and it’s nothing worth worrying about. Once outside the gate , it’s easy to spot their shirts. They will group a few couples together and you might have to wait a few minutes for others. Last time it was rainy or had rained that morning, I stepped right in a road pot hole and was covered in mud. Didn’t ruin my day, because I knew were I was going! We did not add on the sloths. So much to see and do Remember it might rain, but the sun always comes out! Have fun!
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    Booking LFK

    Following , Can’t wait to hear what you experienced. We love the port stop and it’s all because of Little French Key Resort. We have been back many times. Pick up is easy, and they will make sure you leave in plenty of time to get back on board. We have not been back since Covid and can’t wait for our return visit in May. Just want to add that I also agree with other replies , that we would not miss all the exotic animals. Location, Location, Location … the place is heavenly.
  6. We purchased the unlimited dining so we don’t have to pick. No main dining room for us this trip. You will love whatever you decide on.
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