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  1. Does anyone know the timeframe for the announcement of the 2021 Voyage of the Vikings itinerary?
  2. I know this is a rather obscure question, but does anyone know if you can use bed risers in order to incline the head of the bed? We do this at home to alleviate acid reflux.
  3. Thank you so much for the link! I was able to view the ports and some shore excursions. The itinerary is very similar to the 2015 VoV....just different port order. This is my favorite HAL cruise. Contemplating repeating it in 2020.
  4. When will the Itinerary for the 2020 VoV be available?
  5. We have been to the M also. It was very nice, but we have a sneaking suspicion that is where our credit card was compromised. Can't prove anything, but we have a feeling that it was there. Because of that, we will not return.
  6. Thank you! Is it walkable to the Hollywood Beach area? Or is there other transportation?
  7. We are looking for a place to stay in Hollywood for 2 nights prior to our cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. We love walking on the Broadwalk, but if there is easy transportation, it does not have to be on it. Looking for someplace quiet...not a Margaritaville-type place. Any suggestions?
  8. We rely on a product called "No Jet Lag." It's homeopathic pills that you take every 4 hours on the plane if you are not sleeping. Helps you adjust to the new time zone. By the next day after arrival, we feel fine, which was not the case before we found this product! They used to only be available in the TravelSmith catalog, but now they are more widespread. I believe the last time I purchased them it was through Walmart online.
  9. Thanks for your response. LOL! I thought the same as you. Didn’t think there was a way to take the water taxi from the FLL airport!
  10. Can you take the water taxi from FLL to Hollywood with luggage?
  11. I have 3 favorite CD’s: Brian Price............Holland America Linda Minnikin......Holland America J.T. Watters............Holland America
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