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  1. Take a look at downtown Miami or the Mary Brickell area just south of downtown. Many nice hotels and restaurants to choose from. The port is 10 to 15 minutes away depending where you stay. Cabs are $10-$15 dollars, Uber a little less, shared shuttles are also reasonable, we stay in the downtown area when we cruise out of Miami.
  2. We have had passports since our 2nd cruise back in 2005. Was glad I had mine a few years back in St. Thomas. After walking out the security area I wanted to go back onboard to get something. The guard asked me for my passport and I didn’t have it with me. He allowed me to go get it and bring it back to him. Besides it possibly saving my hide a passport opens worldwide travel to you.
  3. It would be my pleasure to make your cruise a memorable one.
  4. Didn’t get any injection feeling, no pain for the first two minutes then a dull bearable pain for about 5 minutes. No side affects,
  5. Reminds me of the military when you were the practice arms for the trainees. Got my one and only last month, hate vaccines, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be.
  6. Jacks Shack is a good place for drinks and eats on Grand Turk
  7. Last time to GT we took a tour of the island, saw all the donkeys and the lighthouse. Had a good time
  8. I would choose the Mardi Gras. Old San Juan is fun to walk around, but have your walking shoes on, it’s up and down hills. If you like lounging around the pool or beach, Grand Turk and Amber Cove are for you. Grand Turk is a small island, its attraction is Margarettville and the beach.The only attraction to Oasis itinerary is if you have kids or like an amusement styled island, Coco Cay is for you. We are not Nassau fans either, we avoid it at all costs. Have not been there in 10 years.
  9. Yes they are, you have to be on the web site as soon as the cruise goes up for sale. I to look for them, they are great cabins. Have had only 1 and we got it through an e-mail upgrade from Carnival about 2 months before the cruise.
  10. You can use your OBC for anything onboard including tips. You cannot use OBC prior to boarding the ship. You will be surprised how fast you will go through the OBC. It’s gotta be black
  11. Our PVP pitched it to us as the complete cheers program. Didn’t take the offer at the time but then went and got the package for two sets of B2Bs. One set was $220 and the other cost us $80, can’t beat the price for 28 days.
  12. We have been platinum for 5 years and the only real perks we like are the priority boarding, the free cloths washing, and the priority line at guest services. Although the other perks such as the strawberries in your cabin and the priority shuttle are nice it’s not a game breaker for us. If Carnival shuts down the priority boarding I will be very disappointed. I agree that Carnival will tighten up on the levels, the platinum community is getting to large. If cruising starts back up soon and we are able to get our 5 cruises in by next February, we will be 2 cruises away from Diamond.
  13. Gave up on carrying the bottles years ago, never have had TSA or Carnival ask to see my medication. I have used the daily sorter for years
  14. The check in times are available 10 days prior to your sail date. Go to bookings scroll down to things to do, under check in you will see your date.
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