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  1. kskelley40

    Meet and Mingle

    It took about 5 days (counting weekends) for someone to get back with me about our M&M. We sail in January but thought I would try contacting them early just to make sure. She is getting with the ship crew and said will get back to me. If it gets real close to your sailing, I would send another email....
  2. kskelley40

    Another upgrade question

    How far off is your cruise? Just wondering how quickly they are upgrading. We cruise in 49 days, got my suite luggage tags today, and I have 2 bids in.
  3. kskelley40

    Garden Villa and Panama Canal - NCL Star

    I never thought of that....that would be interesting to watch. Maybe I will keep my Aft suite after all. Thank you....gave me something to think about.
  4. kskelley40

    Garden Villa and Panama Canal - NCL Star

    Decided to keep my bid in for the GV until the 30 day mark, so 20 days to go. It is still available on the NCL website so might have a chance. Also have a bid in for the Owners Suite with 2 Balconies and will probably keep that one going until the 15 day mark. I realize I could win one of these up until 3 days before sailing, but it is just a mind game with me. Figured if NCL can't upgrade us by the 15 day mark, then I don't want to give them more money.
  5. kskelley40

    Convince me to giving NCL a try

    We have been on all three lines several times....my personal favorite right now is Norwegian. Why? The drink package, the dining package, the suites, the service etc.... We found Carnival to be cheaper yes, but then you get the younger crowd. We are in our 50's and enjoy a more laid back cruise. Royal was great. If they included their drink package with the Balcony or higher cabins, we would sail on them more often. Looking at over $1000 for our 8 day Cuba cruise next year just for the drink package. I personally have found the food to be about the same on all three lines, with the exception of Guy's Burgers. If we are looking to sail on Carnival, I try to pick a ship that has Guy's Burgers on it. Yes, they are that good. So the food for us is not a deal breaker. Shows and entertainment - found to be about the same for all 3 lines. Happy hunting....no matter what line you choose, the cruise will be what you make of it!
  6. kskelley40

    Garden Villa and Panama Canal - NCL Star

    Thanks for the input....have put in bids for both the Garden Villa and the Owners Suite with 2 balconies...so we shall see. If not, the view from the Aft Penthouse on deck 10 will be great too!
  7. We are looking to bid on the Garden Villa suite for our January 14 day full transit Panama Canal cruise. Right now we have an AFT penthouse suite and we have done a partial transit in the Forward Penthouse suite before. Just wondering how the view of the Canal during transit will be in the Garden Villa? I realize it is only 1 day out of 14 but we loved the transit, although it was only a partial transit, the last time we were there. Just want to make sure the view will be worth the extra cost. Also have a bid in for the Deluxe Owner's suite with 2 balconies. I know that one would be great for the transit but I don't see any of those opening up. The Garden Villa is still available 53 days out so an upgrade might be possible. Only 2 of us, but the space would be awesome, just worried about the Canal view. Has anyone personally sailed the Canal in the Garden Villa and can give some input?
  8. kskelley40

    White board for cabin door?

    All of the doors we have had on NCL have been metal, so magnets would work. We found some adorable magnets on Etsy that we get before each cruise. They are custom to our cruise and make a great souvenir.
  9. kskelley40

    Upgrade on Star question

    When is your cruise? We are also doing a 14 day Panama Canal on the Star. Ours is January 4th. We always get a balcony or higher cabin. Have been on 17 cruises now and only 1 inside cabin. That wasn't our choice as it was a very last minute cruise to Cuba and we got the last cabin. I found the inside cabin ok for 5 days, but for 14....it was just too small for us. Balcony now or nothing....
  10. kskelley40

    Upgrade Bid

    We are not on that sailing, but we are on the Jan. 4th Star out of Los Angeles and I got my upgrade bid right on the 80 days mark. Hopefully you will get yours soon if you are wanting to bid.
  11. kskelley40

    Just had great idea for a cruise

    Great idea....I would be worried about not only if she is dating someone but what if she gets a job. My daughter was attending UGA (go Dawgs!) and her last year of studies she got a job in the research department at the University. We wanted to take her on a cruise for graduation but there was no way she would had been able to get the time off. And now, since she has graduated she has been working steadily. Just something to take into consideration.....
  12. kskelley40

    Majesty, 4 night Key West & Cuba

    We did the Havana cruise in September and the day after we go back I booked the cruise you are talking about. I want to see more of Cuba. We loved Havana and 9 hours was just not enough. From what I have read, the 2 other ports are totally different from Havana. We cruise next October and I can't wait. Even though we have 2 other cruises booked before then, including a 14 day full transit through the Panama Canal, I am looking forward to the longer Cuba cruise the most. If you cruise before we do, please be sure to leave a review.
  13. kskelley40

    Majesty sail to Cuba

    We did the 5-day Cuba cruise in September. Only went to Havana and LOVED it. It is quite easy to embark and not at all the hassle others have posted. Just fill out the forms the cruise line gives you ahead of time. This will save time at embarkation. You will get your Visa at check in. Take it to your cabin and fill it out later. Don't need it until you dock in Cuba. At the Cuba pier, once you get off the ship you will go through customs. Must have your passport, photo ID and Visa. They will scan your passport and stamp it. Next is money exchange. Both lines were short for us, but we had a ship's excursion and were ones of the first one off. I heard that if you did not have a ship excursion, the lines at custom got longer later. Havana itself is wonderful. We did the Walking tour of Old Havana through the ship and it was great. Lasted about 4-5 hours and was well worth the time and money. We had 4 hours after our tour to go on our own. Found a great local restaurant for lunch, shopped a little, and finally grabbed a couple of beers from a street restaurant and sat on the curb watching the old cars drive by. We enjoyed it so much that we have booked a longer cruise next year for an overnight stay in Havana and 2 other cities in Cuba. You do not have to do a ship's excursion according to the information we received on the ship. They had several seminars leading up to our arrival for information and questions. They also replayed it on the TV. We found it easier to do a ship's tour to get an overview of the city and we definitely did.
  14. kskelley40

    Escape Door Decorations

    We always decorate our doors. We found some adorable custom banners that hang on a magnetic hook on Etsy. We usually get one for each day of the cruise and switch them out. We found that it is not only fun but helps to find our cabin after a long day of drinking. Ours are usually custom with our names so have never had one taken. NOTE: if you do decorate, do not use nails, staples, glue or anything that will ruin the finish of the door. The cruise line will take them down or remove them if it will damage their door. We use either magnetic hooks or command hooks.
  15. We just got the donated slot pull winner's shirt for our cruise on Jan. 4th, 2019. Pretty cool! Photo is on the roll call page. If you are sailing on this cruise, be sure to sign up for the Meet & Greet at the roll call page. Also, for those interested, NCL just opened the reservations for the Thermal Spa for suite guests. It is $249 a person.