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  1. kskelley40

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Interesting question....I wonder the same. Will your bags find you? Or would you have to track them down once on the ship? We are also flying in early and not sure if I will be able to check on an upgrade. Trying to go low tech this trip so not taking any electronics that would give me access to internet or emails.
  2. We had a no show on a carnival cruise once....it was deliberate so we would not face name change fees. I had not submitted the second person's name on the original booking and the couple that was suppose to go backed out after final payment. Since we only had one name on the reservation, I was able to just list my daughter as the second person during online check in. The original person was a no show. Our port fees were refunded to us as OBC, which was fine with me. Have no experience with NCL though....
  3. kskelley40

    Cruise Art experiences

    I have looked at that same painting on our last 3 cruises. Just don't have much wall space now so I am getting really picky.
  4. kskelley40

    Cruise Art experiences

    I like the talks too...as long as the speaker is engaging. Have learned a lot on the ships about the art world. It can be fascinating. We always check out the first auction if we think about it and see if we are going to engage further or not. I would enjoy them more if they weren't right in the middle of the day, usually 1pm - 4pm. Maybe some night ones on longer cruises. We are leaving for a 14-day one in January so will be interesting to see what they offer.
  5. kskelley40

    Cruise Art experiences

    I totally agree. Unless the raffle prize is a bottle of champagne or other swag, don't accept the prize. Shipping for a "free" print is not worth it. Granted we have won some pieces and did accept them but the shipping was included with our other bought pieces. Just took the free one home, framed it (cheaply) and we still have it hanging in my office. I think as long as you go into the auctions with the knowledge of what is going on they can be amusing. I would say though, going to our first auctions, years ago, did open our eyes to art work. Not necessarily what is offered on ships but in general. We have recently switched from hanging art to collecting pottery.
  6. kskelley40

    Cruise Art experiences

    Yes, it was Chateau Elan! A couple of years ago. Beautiful place. Even though we live about 20 miles from there, had never been there before. It was an interesting weekend. Went mainly to meet Peter.
  7. Thanks for the info. Will have to check and see how close to the hotel we are staying at. Maybe I can get one on our way to the ship as our flight is getting in later than planned and not sure we will make it to Target before they close.
  8. kskelley40

    Single bottles of water price on board?

    Not sure but I always get one and am never charged for it. Might be free with the casino drink card?
  9. kskelley40

    Single bottles of water price on board?

    If you are a gambler, they will give you water in the casino. Whenever I order a drink, granted I always have the drink package, I also order a bottle water. Every time. At the end of the night, I just take the left over waters to the cabin. They are smaller than ones you would buy but they get the job done.
  10. kskelley40

    Cruise Art experiences

    We have bought several pieces on cruises. When we were newbies, we bought too much on one cruise. My husband doesn't handle champagne well and went a little over board. We did end up with a Peter Max original at a really good price for our anniversary present. I did look it up before we bought it and we just liked it so we got it. And it was not 20K. The most interesting part of getting the Peter Max turned out to be that about 6 months after the cruise we were invited to a local winery who had Peter Max, Linda Kniff (sp?) and the new artist Autumn there for the weekend. If you had bought a Peter Max in the past, which we had, you were invited to the event, all expenses paid. We got to meet each artist, hear their biographies, and view their latest work. I also got my photo taken with Peter Max - again husband had too much champagne and didn't make it to the photo session. So now, my photo with him is framed beside our original Peter Max. Which is pretty cool to me. We have some Guyton's which I love. They are the metal etchings. They are hanging above my home office desk. Admittedly we have bought pieces we shouldn't have...thinking Thomas Kincaids, but they are pretty and work with our decor. Now, we might go to an auction but lately it has been just for entertainment purposes - especially if the weather is bad outside. If I really see something I like that is different and unique then I will inquire about it. But, I never bid at the auction. I will go back to the cabin, look it up, check out website etc...if I still want it then I will go to the gallery and talk with them. After 17 cruises we have learned to take the art auctions for what they are: sales seminars. We too have seen many, many people get caught up in the "action", we did in the beginning and now just enjoy the show. But honestly, until we started cruising, my walls were bear. Now they have pretty pictures that I really enjoy hanging on them, not worth much, but we enjoy them. Happy cruising
  11. If you find a place in San Pedro, let me know. We are flying in the night before and our hotel is in San Pedro. Thinking of finding a place there too. We sail Jan. 4th
  12. kskelley40


    With NCL, you need to find the Roll Call for that cruise. Search under the "Roll Call" section and then Bliss. you will see different dates after that. Find you date and you should see the thread. I am sure someone has started a thread since you are close to sailing. Usually someone will volunteer to host the Meet and Mingle. That basically involves starting a list and then getting with NCL to set up the day and time.
  13. It was a shock. They are very close to us and have the same personalities: laid back, easy going, like to have fun etc...and just could not understand that the money meant nothing to us. We just wanted to give them a trip that they would not normally do. They helped us out many times in the past as we were struggling and they were doing well. We just wanted to pay some of their kindness back now that we are in the position to. Oh well, live and learn, right?
  14. My husband and I are frequent cruisers....at least 3 - 4 a year. We love them and since we own our own company, we can schedule our time off whenever. We have always wanted to take his Uncle and Aunt on a cruise. They are retired and are on a limited budget. I am a blackjack player so I get great deals from my casino TA. Anyway, last year, we decided to treat them to a 7 day cruise out of Tampa, where they live. Got a great deal on the 2 cabins, both balconies. Got all of the perks included and some OBC. Talked with them over a weekend trip to visit them and they agreed to go. Absolutely no cost to them. Everything was taken care of....drinks, food, gratuities etc... Told them the only money they needed was if they wanted to buy souvenirs in the ports. They were thrilled. When we got home from visiting with them and telling them about the cruise, I booked everything and paid for everything. I even paid for them to get their passports, they work for my company doing internet posting so I was able to write it off. So, about 4 weeks before the cruise they back down. They said they did not feel comfortable taken advantage of us. I tried to explain that this was a company trip, one of my companies is cruising related, and that it was a business expense. But they refused to go. So, I have an empty cabin already paid for. Fortunately when I booked their cabin I only entered in one name. Left the second passenger blank. Long story short (too late)....we got our adult daughter to go as the second passenger and showed the first person as a no show at the terminal. That prevented any additional "change fees" and we got some of the port charges taken off the cabin. We still had a great time but I swore that I would NEVER pay for anyone else to go on a cruise with us other than my kids. I have wanted to take family members with us numerous times, could use some help on the ship with things we need to do concerning our business, but just can't bring myself to pay for anyone else again. Therefore, I can totally relate to you and your "flaky" family members.
  15. kskelley40

    NCL Star - Jan. 4th

    With this new site, I don't see any ship specific threads so thought I would just post this here. We are on the Star 14-day Panama Canal cruise on Jan. 4th. Only 4 weeks to go. Just wondering if anyone has received an upgrade yet? Have 2 bids in for a higher suite. We are in the Aft Penthouse suite right now and will be fine with it if we don't get upgraded. Also, our roll call has been VERY quiet. I am organizing the M&M and not a lot of participation so far. We also have a FB group page - just search the NCL star Jan. 4th to find the group.