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  1. This was ours on our last cruise I'll have to see if I have a photo of the door. This was the proof the company I ordered from sent me
  2. I love lobster bisque. It is my "good luck" charm for playing BJ or poker in the casino so that will definitely be my appetizer. I also love a good medium rare steak so that is the main reason I am thinking of splurging on it. We have been on NCL lately and have gotten their specialty dining package as a perk for our cabin, so we are a little spoiled on dining outside of the MDR. Mainly looking forward to Guy's burgers. Had one about 3 years ago and I still remember how good it was!
  3. Can you elaborate on the Steakhouse? I just submitted a request for a reservation on the first night. Want to try it and figure the first night will be the best for us. Was it worth the $38 a person? Do you know if they still give a bottle of wine for people booking the first night? Not a big deal if not, we will have the drink package. Anything you recommend besides the bone marrow? Not sure about that. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks. At least I have a name...now just need to find out how to contact him. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks for the input...was wondering if Carnival does anything at the M&M? I understand participation is iffy. We have had some great ones on NCL and then some that were duds. It all depends on the participants. Does anyone know who the cruise director is or will be on the Magic in November. Might try to contact them directly if possible as suggested.
  6. I haven't sailed on Carnival for a couple of years, being doing NCL lately, so not sure if the Meet & Mingle is as popular on Carnival as it is on NCL. Read a couple of posts that stated that their M&M was on the last sea day??? Granted these posts were a couple of years ago, but makes me wonder if the M&M is going away. Has anyone had any recent experiences with a M&M on Carnival? Right now we have 51 people registered for ours in November. I have an opportunity to get some prizes donated for giveaways but not sure if it would be worth the effort? Any thoughts?
  7. Does anyone know if the Carnival Magic tenders at any of these ports? It is an 8-day cruise Nov. 23rd, 2019 San Juan St. Kitts St. Maarten Grand Turk I believe they are all docked but had a person ask on another page and wanted to double check as we haven't been on the Magic before. Thanks!
  8. I don't understand it either. We drive or fly in the night before. Have a good breakfast at the hotel and then head to the port. We wear our bathing suits under our clothes and just carry a small bag with our papers, passports, camera and sun tan lotion. The only other bag is my laptop bag. Don't want to put that in my checked bag for many reasons. Once we get our first drink, we had to the pool. We are all set until Muster. After that we head to the cabin and if the bags are there, we unpack. I can't think of anything we need until then. Granted some people need medications and other essentials, but the people I have seen with all of their bags is amazing. To each their own, I guess.
  9. Yes, I do know that. We are never in a hurry to get to the room. We carry the bare essentials with us on embarkation day. But thanks for the reminder.
  10. Thanks for the info. We have a suite so I know we will board early. Never in a hurry to get to the room, just want to hang out and relax. So as long as we can get a cocktail....we are good to go.
  11. Sorry if this has been asked before...these boards are quite different lately and it is harder to find specific answers to specific questions
  12. Let me first say that we are not new to cruising...this will be our 22nd cruise. Granted it has been a couple of years since we cruised on Carnival and I am having a serious Senior Moment. Ok, so maybe mid Senior moment as I am only in my mid 50's. Anyway, we are on the Magic in November. I read on these boards that your sail & sign key will be in your mailbox at your cabin. This is where the "senior moment" is coming in as I can't quite grasp this concept. On our previous 21 cruises, you get your room key when you check in. You do the "bong" to get on the ship and then you are good to go. So, if your card is at your cabin and the cabins are not ready for a couple of hours after your board.... 1 - how do you get on the ship? 2 - how do you order drinks? Our routine is that we get on the ship. Head to the pool. Grab a drink and relax! Our vacation starts when we get our first cocktail by the pool If you are an early boarder, whether it is your tier status, suite guest or FTTF, you could realistically be on the ship for a couple of hours until the cabins are ready. Someone please help....I know it is not a big deal and we will have a great time as always, but my brain is hurting trying to figure this out. Thanks!
  13. He looked it up and told me, but I don't remember the specifics. Apparently it is good for your liver. Since we are up there in age (mid 50's) and lived through the 80's, I figure my liver needs all of the help we can give it. We have been taking it once a day now for 2 weeks, since returning from our latest cruise. I still take 3 at night if I have been drinking. I do feel better than normal when I drink. Doesn't do a lot for energy, but I don't necessarily need that. He is big on vitamins - fortunately that is all we have to take - so I figure if he says it is good for us and won't hurt us, why not? The only draw back is that it is quite expensive. Especially for 2 of us!
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