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  1. They are new and about time in my opinion. I like to order goodies to be waiting for us on embarkation day and after visiting ports but was getting tired of the same old selection. Now we just need to be able to cruise to enjoy the new goodies.
  2. I think we can't book shows early because the cruise lines aren't sure what or if the shows will be. It is so all up in the air right now....but the big question with hopefully answers will happen at the end of this month with the CDC.
  3. I was able to book my January 15th and January 20th cruises reservations. I had to book each restaurant separately, one to the cart at a time. It took a couple of minutes for it to be added to my summary but was able to get all of the reservations done. I had to do a couple of them several times for it to go through, but they eventually went through and I got the confirmation emails and saw them added to my summary.
  4. Does anyone know if the internet package from the ship works on Great Stirrup Cay?
  5. Yes please....and thank you.
  6. No offense at all taken! Not complaining since we haven't been able to cruise, just missing it and having to deal with all of this cancellation BS. Just have an itch that I can't scratch....just a little GA slang there.
  7. I try to be optimistic but I have a gut feeling that yes they are going to extend the cancellations. Especially after NCL extended theirs last night. I hope I am wrong, really want to cruise and have a B2B booked with RCCL on Aug. 3rd. Just have to keep the faith I guess.
  8. Did your friend give any indication of future cancellations? Or are they just "full"?
  9. Me too! I want to get on a ship so bad.... this has been the longest time between cruises, 5 months and I can't hardly stand it.
  10. Boy, I hope everyone is right that they are just full. Normally I am an optimistic person, but after having 4 cruises cancelled in the last 4 months, I am about to give up for the year. My business rely on me being able to cruise so it is really stressful right now.
  11. I just booked the first leg of our B2B 2 hours ago. Had the second leg booked a couple of weeks ago, The first cruise was supposed to be on NCL and when they canceled, added a Carnival cruise to complete the B2B. So I think we should know something by the end of the week????
  12. I was able to book the first leg of my B2B 2 hours ago for Sept. 3rd, already had the second leg booked and decided to add on to it. So, your friend is saying that the cruises are not cancelled, just full?
  13. I tried it too and makes me think that they are about to cancel through September like NCL
  14. I was being optimistic and booked a cruise for early September, yes I know stupid...but now an hour later, if you try to book a cruise for August or September through the website there is an error message that says " rates not available for the number of passengers" and this is if I enter 1 or 2 passengers. So, is this a sign that Carnival is about to extend their cancellations?
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