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  1. Sadly, I have to agree. These guys aren't going to have a choice. They go bankrupt, the shareholders get the shaft, and they emerge. Banks aren't going to "take their ships" - who are they going to sell them to. Same thing we've seen with a number of airlines in the past, general motors, etc. Even if there were a cure or a vaccine available TODAY, consumer confidence in the economy and the cruise industry is months (or even years) away from returning. 😞
  2. I hear you on the planning luckyinPA. I actually planned the trip for my parents and siblings/spouses (9 of us in total) a couple of years back. I started in January for a trip that Summer. We settled on a round-trip out of Vancouver for a number of reasons (cost, time, route, elderly father, etc.). I spent hours and hours doing the research at nights and on weekends. It was definitely complicated by the fact that I was planning for multiple people (and had to get their "votes"...what?!). 🙂 A few of my thoughts: It is totally possible to plan this in a short perio
  3. Hello All, Last year my family and I went on a round trip Alaskan cruise on HAL out of Vancouver. That particular cruise, on the way to Juneau, "pulls over" and you can hop onto a small boat and take excursion into Tracy Arm and see Sawyer glacier up close (note: the ship, meanwhile, sails on to Juneau). We did this, loved it and I would definitely recommend it. This year, my wife's family (we are not going) is also doing an Alaskan cruise, but they are headed out of Seattle and will be on Celebrity. For that cruise, I see they are headed INTO Endicott arm as this is
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