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  1. Just back from the Valor on 8/31. We took an all-inclusive beach day from Carnival. About 30 minute drive on a large well air-conditioned comfortable bus. Facility had 2 pools, beach, lots of sun and shade, unlimited food buffet and drinks. Pool games. Massages were available $30. for 30 minutes. NO VENDORS. Best thing about this venue was their people. Helpful to the max. Friendly. Would go back in a hot second!!!! https://www.carnival.com/shore-excursions/yucatan-progreso/all-inclusive-private-beach-experience-320070
  2. Thinking today and getting dollar bills ready. What is current tip amount for the baggage handlers at the pier? We are leaving out of NOLA and parking at the pier. The luggage is taken out of your car and shuttled to the ship. Seems to me we have been tipping $2.00 per bag for like 30 years. Were we over tipping years ago or am I way behind the average?
  3. Looking at your blog, Dream cruise, I saw a photo of THE UNICORN drink. Is that from Alchemy bar? Valor 8/26 is almost here.
  4. We live 90 miles from the port. Sailing in 10 days. We have FTTF. Plan to park at the pier. What would be the best, earliest time to arrive to get parking spot and board ship. Thanks
  5. Sailing Valor in 10 days. Booked Carnival Excursion to Kokomo Beach. Anyone been there?
  6. Sailing 8/26 and can't wait. Not on Carnival in 6 years. Never on Valor.
  7. On the Valor 8/26. What does Cozumel Plus mean?
  8. Did you post the map? I can't see it.
  9. Coming back to Carnival after a few years. What does Bingo cost these days? General idea is fine
  10. Not cruising again until October 2020 but so happy to see nice things about Glory. We are doing the Eastern Caribbean cruise.
  11. We are booked 10-11-20. About a week after I booked it, FTTF showed up on my shore excursions. I booked it immedeiately. FTTF is new for me.
  12. If I have a handicapped room and status, do I need FTTF? Use walker
  13. We get on when you get off. Can't wait for more 🙂
  14. Are the hot tubs emptied nightly or chlorinated? Recent chemo.....
  15. How big is the clamshell? We have 3 or 5 in our party.
  16. I was hoping I could NOT buy her the drink package. She isn't a drinker and $99 a day, I don't think so
  17. Adding a 3rd passenger to 2/17/19 cruise. Daughter and I have UBP has one of the freebies as well as 3 dinner package. Will 3rd person get same prices for additions or pay full price?
  18. Just curious if you know what night they have prime rib in main dining rooms. Thanks
  19. Your ship is coming IN~! Breakaway at 430 this morning heading up the Mississippi.. Enjoy
  20. Have a GREAT cruise!!!! We don't leave til Feb 17th. Booked Feb. 6th last year.
  21. YES! You will pay LA taxes till in International waters
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