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  1. I wonder if it's technology similar to 787 aircraft use on their windows. They slowly fade to completely black, electronically.
  2. I've always heard this, yet on my 3 Celebrity Atlantis charter cruises we have always had 1 grand buffet day held in the MDR. Also had one on RCL Harmony last year - all MIA/FLL based. There must be more to the "Story" than US Health laws.
  3. I addressed the 1st swap offer already. In essence, it had same issues. I was not unhappy with the handling of that part of the dilemma other than the lie I was initially told "nothing available" - but it would not have resolved the 2nd leg of the sailing when I'd have moved back to 3117 again. I told them I'd take any available cabin, even an Inside one if available - I was not requiring an upgrade for the issue, I was wanting a cabin I could fall asleep in is all. My issue was that they said NO cabins were available which had I not gone further, I would have accepted as a truthful statement, but magically I found cabins available and the Veranda was actually less cost than what I had paid for with my Ocean view. After it was all over, I went checking more websites about the cabin, and found that german site had inside cabins still available. I would have taken an offer for an inside, but it was the veranda that showed in my initial search in my iPhone so I went with that. If I can find an available cabin standing in front of them, why were they saying there were no cabins, they had the same internets as I did. I get how ships don't get the manifest early, and how TA reservation need handled one way. the point is the cabin 3117 should be placed out of order and not salable, which does make it a ship-side issue to deal with.
  4. My standard reply to that answer is "Actually, yes, can you find the person in your organization who has the common sense, I'll hold (or wait depending on the case) as you do"
  5. I definitely researched using all the various resources out there, None of them mentioned the noise. I was aware of Qasar above me, late night music isn't a bother to me, as it ends before 1am typically anyway. I thought dropping anchor may be an issue being low and forward (it wasn't) One of my cruise with list items had been a low deck forward cabin near water in hopes of bad weather and waves crashing the windows. I also have been wanting to do Tahiti or Fiji. This fit the bill, but sadly all calm seas so far. Also it was important to me to not change cabins between B2B's, again this cabin fit that bill. If you knew my past sailing history, you'd know I have NO problem booking a Penthouse or Royal Suite. I just sailed Edge in a suite 2 weeks prior. I just wanted a different experience this trip.
  6. They did give me a pass key to the replacement room and went and stood in it, and heard some creeking, though admittedly not quite as bad as my recording I posted here. I assumed it being the same cabin in the other corridor, it would continue the noise and was not worth the hassle of moving cabins and I might get used to it. I didn't so I again asked for a move, and got it. My real issue was with them having ZERO concern for fixing in advance an issue they know exists. Why would a company that calls itself a Luxury line, would not address in advance a known issue to resolve it is the point. As another poster said, why don't people have authority to do something. They could have made those phone calls as easily (actually far easier) than myself or my travel agent to eventually end ip in the same position, but with a satisfied guest, not a dumbfounded one. I come from Marriott and Hospitality, so perhaps I have higher expectations than most.
  7. I'm dumbfounded for how my issue of a noisy cabin has been handled during my current B2B SYD-HNL-YVR Cruise on Solstice. I've updated the S-Class cabin worksheet page as well. Long story short, DO NOT choose 3117, Ocean view cabin. I have attached a 30 second clip of the noise I recorded, it goes 24/7 unless ship is stoped at dock or anchor, even at speeds as low as 10 kts. Literally 24/7 at same volume and frequency as my recording taken at 2 in the afternoon. 2nd day in, I went to GS to see what they could do by asking simply "are there any available cabins I can swap, mine is just so noisy". I got the initial, "sir ships make noise" excuse before I let them know I'm quite aware of typical noises and how they come and go, but this is never ending. I was then told, 'we are at full capacity, I'm sorry there is nothing we can do'. So I let it go. Luck of the draw I figure. An hour later, I get a call, magically a cabin is available, still on deck 3, still ocean view. I check it out wondering who died in the last hour......But it was same location other side of ship, so I would expect the same noises (likely coming from the hull doors below needing a ton of grease as best I can tell). So I stay. Few days later, I just can't take it, not being able to fall asleep till complete exhaustion takes over at 5-6am. I go again to GS, this time I make them listen to my recording. A few minutes later, after the usual, we are full excuse, yes, another cabin is available, 3101, just a few doors down the hall from my original 3117. Wow, we sure had a lot of people die on deck 3 this cruise.... I'm thankful for the swap, cabin is near silent. So I let them know well, I am B2B and was assigned Cabin 3117 both legs, so we need to fix that for the next crusie. They say, sorry sir, we are sold out there's nothing available. So I pulled out my iPhone and was able to show them that I found a few open cabins, though they are Verandas, however they are priced less than I paid - thinking, wow problem solved. I put cabin on hold and tell them to do their magic. "Nothing we can do sir, you will need to cancel and rebook" I ask about penalties, they say, yes you have to handle any associate penalties. I'm furious. Having been lied to on multiple occasions about unavailable cabins. They finally digress and say OK, but we won't let you have the perks you have so my choice is keep 3117 and perks or lose perks, take a cheaper cabin with no refund of the fare difference and no perks. Furious turns to livid. I told them my idea of Modern Luxury is not having to pay extra in order to get a good nights sleep and they have no business selling that cabin to anyone for any reason. After an hour or so with my Travel agent on the phone escalating things to 5 levels of supervisors, she finally got someone with the common sense to accommodate me, but not in the cabin I had found on website, there are several more to choose from even. So thanks to my Travel agent I got the Veranda and kept perks. I would have been fine even downgrading to an inside. I just could not believe how little they cared to address the situation, and I had met the couple by chance who had the cabin cruise before me (they doing B2B2B) by chance at Captains club events, and they had similar run around. I plan to leave a note for that cabin on the next leg to let them know to complain if they find it an issue and "pay it forward". After all that, not an apology note, no call or follow up from any manager or hotel director, no bottle of wine or anything. If there were in fact no cabins available, I would have had ZERO issue with any of this, but to be lied to multiple items about availability, without even bothering to check, that's what disgusted me about the lack of service. Canned excuses and no real attempt to assist, without having to press them on. How Guest Services does not simply have a handwritten list even of open cabins is beyond my imagination, having worked for hotels for so many years. You always have a printout of open rooms handy if you have open rooms, or the computer readily will show you. They literally told me there was no one on the ship who could make the cabin change for me or even "call corporate" to resolve it, I was on my own. I said, "really, no GS manager has authority, the Hotel director has no authority and not one of you can take the time to sort it out with corporate on my behalf? I was quite happy to go back to them after my TA got it sorted and let them know that yes there was a way to resolve it and I got everything I had requested and paid for as I rightly should have. They seemed stunned. Currently I can book inside or veranda cabins still on the 2nd leg. So still today, not sold out. Anyway, My 1st time on Solstice, hoping the lack of concern is limited to this ship, and not a new trend. Rest of crusie has been great though I must say. New Recording.m4a
  8. SHIP: Solstice CABIN #: 3101 ♿ DECK #: 3 - Plaza CLASS: Ocean View AREA: Port - full forward FWD by door leading to crew cabins BED NEAR: Center of room - Accessible Cabin QUIET?: Yes, very quiet BALCONY VIEW: None, but ocean views were great, felt at "water level" BALCONY SIZE: N/A WIND A PROBLEM?: N/A SOOT A PROBLEM?: N/A PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: I typically do not like H/C cabins or hotel rooms. However the design of the cabin was done quite well so you don't notice it too much but if you needed the features, you would appreciate them. Auto door closer/opener, bathroom door has no step and is large and open, shower is well sized. Plenty of room for parking multiple chairs or scooters. Has 2 side chairs instead of a sofa. Honestly, felt like a typical hotel room in style, size (felt 2x typical cabin size to me) and functionality. Had a US-110v power socket bedside also for any necessary medical equipment, in addition to the standard outlets at desk. Curtains are worn with pinholes missing hanging hooks and look quite shabby (Quite Motel 6 sadly), and this cabin was missing the decorative shears so it looked pretty terrible. Bathroom is poorly lit - literally triple size of a typical bath, yet the mirror light is 1/4 the size and only has 1 ceiling light that's no more than 20watts bright and when in shower, no light if you close the curtain. A/C also seems to be lacking, perhaps the double size cabin wasn't fitted properly with extra HVAC needed for the space. TV was unusually small (smaller than standard cabin) even though it was farther from the bed and seating area allowing you to see the mechanics and the mounting and holes in the wall for the cables. I would ABSOLUTELY take this cabin again. NOTE: I also reviewed 3117 just a few doors away which had a LOT of noise, this cabin experienced NONE of it. I was relocated from 3117 to 3101 mid cruise due to noise.
  9. SHIP: Solstice CABIN #: 3117 DECK #: 3 - Plaza CLASS: Ocean View AREA: Port - FWD BED NEAR: Door QUIET?: The noisiest room of any ship or hotel I've ever been in. 24/7 metal clanging and shifting movements of something on exterior and above. I felt it was the tender dock door below in need of a lot of grease. Also wonder if something wasn't done right with the construction to reduce of size of QUASAR to add Furture Cruise Sales, the division wall between them straddles the cabin above. Also had noises of wooden doors or drawers opening and closing. Below, you can hear occasional movement of large items, perhaps pallets, of things thru the night. I've attached a 30 second recoding of the noise literally 24/7 unless ship is not moving. Low speed or high speed, same result. End of day, the noise below of pallets nor the sound of QUASAR till 1 am were bothersome. But the clanging was relentless. BALCONY VIEW: None, but ocean views were great, felt at "water level" BALCONY SIZE: N/A WIND A PROBLEM?: N/A SOOT A PROBLEM?: N/A PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: I actually met guests in cabin prior to me, and they have same issues. The cabin is literally not salable yet they do. New Recording.m4a
  10. Here's a PDF of the Deck map from my sailing 🙂 2019_04_08_21_01_46.pdf
  11. S class ships run the cabin entertainment on a MacMini. Just disconnect the HDMI cable from the slot it uses and plug yours into the slot on the TV.
  12. S3 is $3100 pp on the charter. I Heard they were having a hard time selling Edge and asked Atlantis to run a charter to help move inventory. It wasn't announced till few months ago when usually they have cruise planned a year and half in advance. Supposedly they are trying to maintain premium pricing on edge and sailing empty rather than bargain the cabins out. That's why they added the perks, but fares remained almost unchanged recently.
  13. I read that. I've never been one for the views really so am not at all concerned. They are everywhere out of the cabin, right? I am upset to find the bed faces wall, not to sea. that was one of my favorite parts of the 2BR Family villa on NCL Epic. The forward facing out the window bed. Originally I was sure I had seen drawing of the MC and Sky suite with bed facing out.... And also reading how confusing it an be to see which S2/S1 have Bed to sea/wall..... but that's a whole thing. Unless I get a deal, I'm happy in an inside the days LOL. Exception being verandas with whirlpools and showers.... My TPAC coming is an Ocean View, and managed same cabin for B2B as well. Waiting for upgrade opportunities though, certainly. 🙂
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