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  1. Amazing pics eroller...absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!!
  2. I'm with you...I think that's why I thought the webcam footage was for Bayonne, but it was for Port Canaveral instead. With bad weather just around the corner...I'd be surprised if they have Bayonne/Cape Liberty ready by November. I'd love to have a webcam showing their progress...so fun to watch!
  3. Oh! Thanks! Even though it wasn't the one I thought it was...it was still fun to watch.
  4. Ok...thanks! Kinda had me worried there for a minute! :)
  5. Gee...I thought I was watching a web cam of the progress which is a whole lot further along than the picture you posted. Found this link on Cruise Critic saying it was Bayonne (or so I thought) Does anyone know which port this is if not Bayonne? http://webcampub.multivista.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=aPublicWebcam.embed&WebcamPublicEmbedUID=873D8514-F022-46B4-94F1-2FDB6070F759&width=&height Thanks!
  6. I'm planning on redeeming my points for OBC for a cruise in February on Quantum. Since weather that time of year can be ify...what happens to the OBC if we're not able to make the cruise due to weather related issues?
  7. We're with you! We love meeting new people and talking about what new adventures took place that day. When my DH and I did MTD...we were always placed at a table for two...as was everyone else in that section. We'd talk with the couples at the other tables but it was awkward. Of course, this was when MTD first came out and it sounds like things have changed since then. We also like having the same wait staff...as they know what you like and when you like it. During our MTD experience...we had different wait staff throughout the trip...another minus in our book (although the service was still great). Hopefully RCI is aware that this is part of what makes cruising so great and will try to accommodate those of us that enjoy and want the MDR option.
  8. Now that I read your comment and as I try to recall my conversation with the rep...it may be that is what they're considering. I can't recall his exact words but now I'm thinking it was something along the lines of visiting a variety of dining venues for dinner in leu of just one dining location. Hmmm.....
  9. Ok...thanks! My original confirmation said MT and the most recent one (was able to get a Junior Spa suite) had MT (6 PM) listed. Guess we'll have to wait and see. The last time I participated in MTD...was when it first came out and wasn't very happy/impressed with it. Seems things might have gotten better but I'm not totally sold on it...yet.
  10. Was just looking over the deck plans of Quantum and didn't see the Main Dining Room layout anywhere. Guess it could be associated with the 'more to come' designations but seems pretty strange that it's not shown when the theater and casino are. I do know that when I booked a cruise on Quantum while on my last cruise and noticed that I was listed as My Time Dining when I requested the 6 PM time slot, I was told by the C&AS rep that "they might be doing things differently on Quantum when it comes to dining." If there weren't any slots available for 6PM...I could have requested to be put on the wait list for 6PM while staying on MTD. Has anyone that booked on the Quantum have the 6PM or 8:30PM designation listed on their confirmation paperwork? Just found it strange that there is no dining room on the deck plans and the comment made by the C&AS rep.
  11. My daughter (30) did the extreme zip available through RCI excursions (this was in February, 2013). She had a blast but said that the 'guides' pretty much took off and she never saw them again until the end. The people around her during the zip was a couple of young, British men and a couple of older women. She said...thank goodness for the young Brits...they ended up helping the older women. I guess there were a few times while zipping that you wouldn't make it to the end of the line so you had to get there on your own power which was exhausting. The older women were having difficulties so the young Brits helped them out. I also believe she said you were responsible for disconnecting/connecting your own equipment from line to line. My daughter has gone zip lining before, as have I, so she wasn't a novice, but I know from experience that if it's your first time it could be very overwhelming and scary if you have no 'professional' assistance throughout the zip.
  12. My daughter only went once to Guest Services to set the limit. We didn't think about restricting his spending until we were already on board so I'm not sure if they can do it at check in or not. We don't recall if it was per day or a total amount for the week (I thought it was for the week...she thought it was daily). My grandson never went over his limit of $25 per day so I can't verify that it actually worked. We did check the account each day on the TV in our room to keep tabs on his spendiing. Hope this helped :)
  13. I believe my daughter was able to put a daily dollar limit on the amount my grandson could charge to his SeaPass card...if not daily...then definitely total amount. He knew that once it was gone...it was gone! It helped to limit the amount he spent on games, as well as, spreading it out. He had to learn to budget his spending money should he want a temporary tattoo, cotton candy, etc. and he actually did a pretty good job at it (he was 9).
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