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  1. Same thing happens to me when I try upgrade to an XL cabin. The price on the website to upgrade is about $400 more than my current price. When I call I'm quoted an upgraded price of $1900. This price actually goes up every time I call..lol. I was informed the current price on the website is the new promotion price. When you try to upgrade an existing booking the price is calculated as the upgraded price for the promotion that was on when you booked. To get the website price you have to cancel and rebook but you lose anything that was included with your original booking such as a bar tab, which doesn’t exist anymore.
  2. This is exactly the demographics that Celebrity is trying to attract. Hence the shorter Caribbean cruises with Perfect Day.
  3. Nothing like NCL, which has a dedicated solo program. You are pretty much on your own.
  4. This is not how the insurance works. An insurance policy is per individual not per room. The person who booked and did not show would get the insurance pay out. It would not be in your name. Taxes and port charges are returned to the credit card on file.
  5. Thanks for the review. I enjoy reading other perspectives. I'm a converted VV fan. I have enjoyed all my cruises. No kids is something you don't know you need until there are none. No kids and no traditional buffet really make a difference for me. Going as a solo is more enjoyable than I have experienced on Celebrity. Passengers actually show up for the solo events the first night. I'm still trying to figure out why Celebrity has solo cabins on the E class but a pathetic solo program. Why not something similar to NCL? I was originally deterred from VV in 2021 based on the reviews of the ship layout and some other things. I'm happy I decided to experience for myself. Just disappointed I valued reviews and waited to book. I could have really taken advantage of the lower rates. There have definitely been changes since the beginning. Some things have changed like shows and promotions (bar tab and paid in full discount) and some things improved like no reservations for shows. I'm sure there will be other noticeable changes as the line continues to find its niche. I hope they keep the booking on board promotion the same ($300 off and $600 sailor loot). VV is a different vibe than Celebrity. It's not as laid back with more overall energy. I really like that the whole ship is transformed for Scarlet Night. It's not just an event in a venue for an hour. It's everywhere on the ship. The pool is the biggest disappointment but you make do. I'm going on the Summit in a few weeks just to relax. I know it will be completely different but it's an old booking at a good price that I couldn't cancel.
  6. You can select a boarding time in the app after you pay your deposit. There is no set "check in" day like Celebrity. I have changed my cabin 3x on an upcoming sailing. In Dec 2023, VV raised prices considerably. It's a lot harder to find a good deal now but there are some out there. I booked as a solo in 2022 on a 5N cruise in 2023 for $1100 in an XL cabin. I haven't seen anything closely comparable lately. Suite prices match or are more than Celebrity. Waiting patiently for the end of 2025 and 2026 to be released. Hopefully, there are some deals since VV is way behind other lines with releasing these itineraries. Isn't the menu and restaurants the same on all cruise lines? Celebrity may add a new speciality restaurant on a new build but overall the restaurants and menus are the same. The S class ships have the same restaurants as well as the E class. I've been on VV 3x and manage to find something different on the menu at all restaurants. I no longer rush to make reservations in advance though. I'm now fine with whatever restaurant is available when I am onboard.
  7. This makes more sense than there is no demand. FL is the bread and butter of cruises and Seattle / Vancouver during the Alaska season. Celebrity has 3 ships in the PNW for the Alaska season this year (Edge, Solstice and Summit). Surely one of three could stay. The Solstice is old like the Eclipse so this is a no. Edge may be too big to fill but the single cabins and the infinite verandah are attractions. There is less of a need for a traditional balcony when crossing the Pacific during off season. The Summit would also be good but all the other lines have invested a new ship in CA except RC, which has the revamped Navigator. Celebrity was too little too late and missed the market.
  8. This doesn't meant there is no demand in the west coast as many posts indicated. Princess also does short pacific costal cruises from west cost cities and Vancouver. Perhaps Princess has a better marketing and business strategies that fill their ships. It could also be there are no piers available because Celebrity is late to the game.
  9. It's a S Class ship built in 2010. Due to the pandemic it has not been revolutionized.
  10. Can someone explain the lack of demand? All other major cruise lines to include Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Princess and NCL have ships leaving from the West Coast all year but somehow there is no demand? This makes no sense. When the Celebrity Eclipse was in CA the demand may have been low because the ship was old and needs to be refreshed. People want to cruise but not on the worst ship. Generally speaking, folks west of TX would rather fly or drive to a port than fly across the country to FL.
  11. Ship: Valiant Lady Cabin#: 9102Z Deck #:9 Cabin Category: Sea Terrace Sleeps: 2 Terrace/Window/Obstruction: None Noise Issues?: None Wind Issues?: None Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No Hammock: Yes Metal/Glass Terrace: Glass Advantages/Problems: First room after the Central Sea Terrace on deck plan. Quick walk to mid ship or aft elevators. Would You Book Again?: No Comments: I read somewhere the balcony was a little bigger due to the angle, which prompted me to book this room. The extra square footage on the balcony wasn't noticeable. The view looking down to the right was obstructed by the life boats. Due to the view I wouldn't book this room again. The room should be included in the "Limited View" category. The last picture is standing on the balcony. On the "Z" side, when in port your view is another ship. I prefer seeing the port and will book the "A" side in the future.
  12. You can't enter the terminal until your boarding time, which is confirmed in the app before you enter. Having a used wristband will not benefit you at all. If you have DBE, boarding times have not changed.
  13. Wow! Are going on the next sailing and need to change your room? I know the room number was finally posted but the person is still on the ship. Ever thought it's not the best idea to post your room number on the internet while on the ship? The post wasn't about you. Let's take a moment to breathe.
  14. I think Virgin direct is different from the website or calling the sailor line. Your reservation is not assigned to a TA if you used the website or booked over the phone. Sometimes the first website that pops up in a search is a sponsored website from a TA that looks similar to the cruise line website. I believe if you change the sail date you may be able to keep some of your promotions. If you cancel you get a future certificate and lose the promotions. Words matter in this instance.
  15. I neither like nor dislike the IV. I also don't spend a lot of time on my balcony. They really doesn't feel like a balcony but I liked the extra space in the room. I wouldn't hesitate to book one again over an inside or ocean view rooms with no complaints.
  16. The degradation of Celebrity continues. Seems like complimentary room service was taken from suite passengers to give to the paying Premium Access (formerly known as Celebrity Pass (Xpass)) passengers. I don't order room service but it was a nice option. There is no value for the prices being charged. There should be a pinned post of the Celebrity cutbacks with the year of the lost. 😂.
  17. Not available yet on Utopia. I'm surprised. I would think RC would try to get as much money as possible, as soon as possible out of passengers.
  18. I agree. Let's Taco Bout it, Hot off the Press (paninis) and Noodles Around have the oddest times. It's almost like they don't want people to eat there.
  19. This was a problem for some on my last sailing. I was lucky because I fought through the app crashing constantly when dining opened to make reservations. Those who book last minute or after dining has been opened for awhile probably have the most issues. It's definitely something VV needs to address along with the limited availablity of shows and paid activities. Things were sold out by 2:30 pm on my last sailing. People were still standing in line at this time. By the time they got on all the best events were sold out. With ships sailing at higher capacity and the rising cost VV needs to figure out a better way to do dining and activities. A crashing app or 10 PM dining isn't it. Everyone who pays for a cruise deserves an opportunity to eat in one of the dining venues and participate in activities. Some paid activities are scheduled one time per sailing for about 40 guests. How does this make sense with over 2k people on board? Perhaps more than one happening cast will help since the cast is running the activity. The other frustrating thing is the event line up isn't released until after you make dining reservations. Pre-cruise it it's hard to re-schedule dining because everything is usually booked a few days after dining opens. On a positive note, there was a different main dish at the Galley each night. I'm on a holiday sailing this year that will probably be sold out. It wont be be my first VV cruise so dining is not a big deal. I also like a late dining time, which has more availability. If it was my first VV cruise, I would be concerned.
  20. I have a few pre inflated sailings on the books. Some I will take and others I might cancel depending on how my upcoming cruise goes. Otherwise, I jumped ship from Celebrity and sister brand Royal. I'll choose Princess or VirginVoyages. VV onboard experience is more inclusive to solo sailors. There is more solo activities throughout the voyages for solos to meet and feel include including dinner reservations. Celebrity has an un-hosted solo event the first or second night then you are on your own. VV price has increased but not as much as Celebrity. Princess all inclusive pricing is better but smoking in the casino is a downside. Their new ships Sun and Star look like they will be nice.
  21. If people book double and have a no show, any data about what a solo will bear is skewed. How can Celebrity distinguish between a fathom guest and a second person who couldn't make it last minute due to an emergency or transportation delays? It's an idle threat or something one person heard and it keeps spreading. Until Celebrity makes an official announcement of the penalty and it's in writing, it's hearsay. People don't always travel as a couple or arrive at the port the same time. There is no rule that guests are required to check in at the same time. Enforcing this at the port would be problematic, if not impossible. This is the mindset Celebrity wants. TA solo is so desperate to sail Celebrity that 1) the inflated price is not a problem or 2) if a little bone is given, people jump on it because it's perceived as a good deal. Wheres the inflated price shouldn't be a thing. Every ship on every sailing is not sailing at 100% capacity. Yes, Celebrity is at the race to the bottom but it would really hurt business by trying to charge a cancellation fee. Carnival charges a $100 no show cancellation fee but I never thought Celebrity would be competing with Carnival.
  22. I don’t understand this either. If you don’t want to carry your carry on, why not give it to the porter with your other bag(s)? I keep my medicine and other things I cannot lose in my carry on, which is why I don’t give it to the porter. Why would i turn around and give the bag to a crew member?
  23. Which region in 2025? Curious if the price hikes were across every region or just some.
  24. Was this sailing on the list? Do the others still have the lower pricing or have they gone up?
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