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  1. It's an electronic poker table and all actions are done via the touch screen which makes up the table top. You can view your cards and then you are presented with call, bet, raise or fold options. Not really many rules to remember as its all laid out in front of you. I don't think anyone would be aanoyed at newbies joining so sign up and have fun!
  2. Its a tournament so there are no straddles. Just off the Regal yesterday and our tournaments started at 12 noon on sea days with signup at 11:00 am. 5,000 in tourney chips and blinds go up every 15 minutes. The start times for the tournaments were always posted in the patter but they didn't mention there was a signup at 11 so there was a lot of confused people who showed up at 11:55 only to find out the tournament was full.
  3. How is the snorkelling from the beach?
  4. We are going in February and we have booked with EZ air flying in a day early. Since we are flying out of YVR we were able to book direct flights. Would it be an option for you to fly out of YVR?
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