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  1. Visited Rome in May 2015, We had purchased very early admission at 0600. Included a very nice breakfast before starting the tour .We were the only ones in the Sistene Chapel. Next to the safety glass barrier to the Pieta. THAT is why I wanted to visit the Vatican. We completed our tour in about two hours, but were allowed to stay longer if we wanted - we didn't. It was packed by then, the line to get in was several blocks long. Attached is picture we took of the Sphere Within Sphere in the Vatican Gardens. Breakfast was served under the large "umbrellas" in the right corner. Notice: No crowds Tux
  2. Sorry about that. The quote is pretty much the whole story.
  3. Story from the New York Times: "The European Union is set to advise member states that they should reintroduce travel restrictions for visitors from the United States, three E.U. officials said on Sunday, as coronavirus infections and hospitalizations have surged in the U.S. in recent weeks. Starting Monday, the officials said, the United States will be removed from a “safe list” of countries whose residents can travel to the 27-nation bloc without additional restrictions, such as quarantine and testing requirements. The suggested restrictions, made by the European Council, will not be mandatory for member countries, and it will remain up to those countries to decide whether or not to impose them." https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/08/29/world/covid-delta-variant-vaccine?type=styln-live-updates&label=coronavirus updates&index=0#the-eu-is-set-to-reimpose-travel-restrictions-on-us-visitors Crud . . .
  4. Great. We are, too. And I'm pretty sure all of the Haven 2-br's are on Decks 16 and 17. We have sailed on both of those decks, but prefer Deck 16 because there are no stairs to climb to get to the Restaurant/Lounge/Pool. And the food in the Restaurant is better than any of the specialties.
  5. At the risk of an out-of-bounds board question, which cabin?
  6. Why do we love Epic? Because the Epic Haven is far and away better than any other Haven.
  7. Epic may be "weird" for some, but the Epic Haven is far and away better than any of the post-Epic ships. Bigger lounge. Bigger restaurant. Bigger pool and pool area. Much bigger sundeck. And bigger is better here. Breakaway (+) distant seconds.
  8. Agreed. Ocean Blue is okay. Worth it to try once. Best seafood -- Haven Restaurant. Sea Bass and Tuna Poke
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