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  1. So are you saying the email says if we change the cruise because of their fault we have to pay the difference? 😑 😒 😭 If so it is not good customer service 😒 It is still letting me go to the payment page as shows as Euribia. The Europa is dearer for the same time
  2. Hello πŸ‘‹ We are on the Euribia on 30/12/23 from Barcelona 😒 I have heard nothing and my booking still shows Euribia I am/was so excited about this cruise. Where is Euribia going ? 😞
  3. It is still showing as Euribia and my December one I will be gutted if it doesn’t go ahead 😞
  4. First MSC so unsure on Bellissima info
  5. I can’t find info about Euribia. Is it too early yet as they are concentrating on Europa?
  6. Hello looking for people who have done YC please and thoughts. looking at new ship Euribia new year Dec 2023 from Barcelona
  7. Hello Just basic please πŸ˜‚ Looking book first cruise on hold until tomorrow noticed if have voyager card get 5 percent discount Can I apply for this now and get instant number ? Loyalty match - can I apply for this before pay? Thank you
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