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  1. hi2you I love my Brompton bike. I found some manufacturer videos on folding and unfolding to give you a better view. Owners are a little cult like (in a good way). Check out also the Brompton World Championship videos. I was in one race in Richmond, VA that was held on the UCI course. I ride in so many more places then I ever used to. And I don't have to think much about whether it might be worth taking. It's super easy so why not. When I travel occasionally for work, I can now do something healthy that's not boring. It can allow me to see parts of an area than I might not have before. I have not done a bike and barge. This might be fun and you wouldn't have to manage the bike when you're not using it. No storage or bag handling. I don't see a river cruise in my immediate future. Maybe later.
  2. I would consider getting a true folding bike. I had a folding bike that I could get in a regular suitcase if I broke it down. It would take me 20-30 minutes to put it together and take it apart. That's if I didn't drop anything under the bed while I was working on it. That gets old. A folding bike can be fun to ride, smaller tires can make it feel maneuverable and responsive. And it is so much more fun to spend time riding a bike rather than building it. They can be pretty reasonably priced.
  3. RCCL allows bicycles despite some other comments I have read while researching this myself. It is not common so it is hard to find any current info and the rules seem to change as cruise lines adjust their policies. I received an email from RCCL about my upcoming trip starting March 28 2019. It stated that they must be kept in the stateroom and cannot be used or displayed in any common areas. I have very small folding bike (Brompton) and should be able to store it and the soft storage bag under the bed. I am very excited to test this first use and hope it goes well.
  4. Thanks. That's a long wait. Maybe I can swing the earlier cruise. Sounds like I have some time to ponder that question
  5. I am looking for a Mediterranean cruise either early 2021 or late 2021, not the summer. I see a great itinerary for Jewel in Oct 2020 but this is too early for my schedule. When approximately might the schedule be released for 2021 based on past experience.?
  6. I had multiple odd value refunds from Royal for cruise planner purchases and OBC adjustments due to a canceled cruise. The last one occurred near my final payment date and was an over credit to me. But it was so confusing they couldn't get me a value for the final balance due for almost 4 weeks. My travel agency kept thinking each time I talked to them it would be resolved within the phone call. So I had several calls with 1 hour+ waits on hold. About 5 hours total. Finally I received a final balance number but they didn't sound confident. I paid it. Then on followup call I got another final balance number. And I paid that. Crazy. I now have a final invoice but since I was past the final payment date by weeks I was a little concerned they would cancel despite the issue being their fault. You know like the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. The travel agents couldn't believe it was so complicated and frankly RCCL had me confused as well. My agent secured an OBC for the confusion. It was a crazy mess and had me watching everyday to make sure my reservation was still active and not inadvertently cancelled. If I was a new customer I would have had a terrible first impression. I am so looking forward to this cruise so hopefully with this behind me it will be smooth sailing from here on out. 
  7. I'm not sure if you meant the route would be tricky or the assembly would delay me. But I thought I would show you a folding demo of me with a Brompton. Unfolding is nearly as quick but I didn't have a convenient video. I'm determined to ride my own bike but may Uber to or from the South Beach area is too much trouble to get to. received_10153298798018294.mp4
  8. I love the idea of Freestyle machines, but I think everything that comes out of them tastes fruit flavored. The standard Coke should have a separate nozzle so it doesn't taste like something has been added.
  9. I have a small folding bicycle (Brompton) and plan on bringing it on an upcoming RCCL cruise. My itinerary is US port heavy so one day is in Miami. I can't wait to cycle in South Beach. Anyone else bring a bike? Any tips?
  10. And you can't call to fix it very easily when out of country. And even if you could, who wants to spent time on that when on vacation.
  11. Just make sure your bank is aware of your travel. Our debit card is hypersensitive about unusual charges and has frozen me out before. Less trouble with the credit card but that can happen so having some extra cash isn't a bad idea.
  12. Does the spa have smoothies? I want to know if my upcoming Refreshment package will cover them if so. Thanks. Have fun
  13. That's good info. I've ridden in busy areas but I think people are more distracted than ever now. I think I will take the northern route. Has anyone used the water taxi with a bicycle? Mine folds very small so it likely is not a problem
  14. Do this. I had the same issue but reading other trip reports had me ready to take advantage of sales and make decisions about what I wanted to do with plenty of time to spare. I love the anticipation of an upcoming vacation even though I would prefer to be doing it right now.
  15. Certain countries/Port locations are known for local items that are low priced to pick up when visiting. Like in Cozumel I would pick up vanilla or Kaluwa. Or in Jamaica I might get rum or coffee. San Juan i would get Rum also. Is there anything like this to get while in Nassau?
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