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  1. That cabin's balcony on Anthem overlooks the center of a lifeboat so will have a view similar to the shot below. Thanks for the photo. That's what I expected. Someone had a layout of the lifeboats and supports (I know that isn't the correct term) which is how I picked the cabin so that is was centered over a lifeboat. This was the same price as an ocean view so it seemed reasonable to me.
  2. Would you have a photo of Cabin # 6206 on Anthem.
  3. Yes. This is the cruise we are doing. I couldn't remember the name of the primary group. I kind of hope there is some crossover. They have some legacy groups that I don't have much familiarity with but kind of know some of their songs. I just don't want to feel like a second class citizen. The RCCL price for this cruise doubled since we booked. I don't know what the theme participants paid.
  4. I forgot to mention that this trip with the bike was a success. I found it easy to get off the ship and ride in Charleston, Port Canaveral and Miami. Charleston was easiest. Just off the ship and go. Port Canaveral required some walking from the road down an embankment to a bike path right in the port area. The road in and out was not busy at the times I was out but I could see it being harder at peak times. Miami port to South beach was not hard at all. It was an easy route to the bridge from the port area and then a comfortable trip north to 15th street, then east to Miami beach. I took an Uber back to the port only to save time back to the ship. The traffic on the MacArthur Parkway made the trip back almost as long. I wouldn't recommend the MacArthur Parkway based on my view of it. Pretty fast and distracted traffic. Here is a photo of my bike on Grandeur of the seas. I asked if I could get a little closer to the Centrum before taking it so no one would get upset. A crew member took the shot of me. He was fascinated with the bike and wanted to order one.
  5. My last cruise was on Grandeur in March so I think I have an idea what to expect. I'm just hoping that there aren't a lot of venues taken over that we will not be allowed into. I've seen special events for groups before, but I think this is a big event. There appear to be a lot of entertainers scheduled.
  6. I happened to pick a cruise that has a large group of 50s music cruisers. What can I expect? Will the entertainment be more limited for those of us that didn't book for this event. Will some theme events be inclusive for all of us? Just don't know what to expect. I hope we won't feel like second class passengers. Hoping for some insight from others that may have been in the same situation.
  7. Topic: Adventure of the seas cabin 7206 pics please Did you complete this trip? I would like to see pics also. I have a trip upcoming in Nov.
  8. I'm interested also. I found this video. I assume it's the same layout. But another photo had a pole next to the bed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgTGLma919A
  9. According the RCCL website the water slides on Adventure have the following weight limits. "220 lbs. maximum for Typhoon℠ and 250 lbs. maximum for Cyclone℠ on Adventure of the Seas " I can probably do the 250 lbs one if I don't go too crazy on the ship. But which one is yellow and which is blue. Is one better (faster) than the other?
  10. News article of someone being rescued for a medical condition. Footage of the air lift is included both from inside and from another helo. Thankfully the Coast Guard is there to help. https://amp.app.com/amp/1460953001
  11. Where did you keep It? RCCL will let you bring a bicycle but it has to be kept in your cabin. I would worry about the cabin steward tripping over a full size bike. I wouldn't want them to get injured.
  12. On a long ago trip on Mariner JRs was my go-to late night place. They added a cover charge not long after my trip. I enjoyed it for a snack and the staff was nice. On a trip last year on Allure I was disappointed in the late night sandwiches and pizza in Promenade Cafe. Lots of bread not much in the sandwich. And the JRs breakfast was so disappointing I didn't try to go for burgers. But honestly, I don't remember it being an option later at night. On Grandeur earlier this year the Park Cafe was a nice evening snack while it was open and had surprisingly good pizza. Although I would have liked a burger option. The WJ buffet burger and fries wasn't too bad either. I don't think I've had better fries off a steam table. I normally pass right on by but I'm glad I tried them. Surprisingly good. Looking forward to a trip on Adventure later this year so I can make some comparisons.
  13. hi2you I love my Brompton bike. I found some manufacturer videos on folding and unfolding to give you a better view. Owners are a little cult like (in a good way). Check out also the Brompton World Championship videos. I was in one race in Richmond, VA that was held on the UCI course. I ride in so many more places then I ever used to. And I don't have to think much about whether it might be worth taking. It's super easy so why not. When I travel occasionally for work, I can now do something healthy that's not boring. It can allow me to see parts of an area than I might not have before. I have not done a bike and barge. This might be fun and you wouldn't have to manage the bike when you're not using it. No storage or bag handling. I don't see a river cruise in my immediate future. Maybe later.
  14. I would consider getting a true folding bike. I had a folding bike that I could get in a regular suitcase if I broke it down. It would take me 20-30 minutes to put it together and take it apart. That's if I didn't drop anything under the bed while I was working on it. That gets old. A folding bike can be fun to ride, smaller tires can make it feel maneuverable and responsive. And it is so much more fun to spend time riding a bike rather than building it. They can be pretty reasonably priced.
  15. RCCL allows bicycles despite some other comments I have read while researching this myself. It is not common so it is hard to find any current info and the rules seem to change as cruise lines adjust their policies. I received an email from RCCL about my upcoming trip starting March 28 2019. It stated that they must be kept in the stateroom and cannot be used or displayed in any common areas. I have very small folding bike (Brompton) and should be able to store it and the soft storage bag under the bed. I am very excited to test this first use and hope it goes well.
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