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  1. Update to above - pool was most definitely warm enough to use 😎 although be it for floating around it - definitely not lengths. But there are plenty of sun beds around and in close proximity to the pool area. Was very easy to find somewhere to relax in the sun.
  2. Maybe we got lucky - we were one of the first on board - after all the reports from the previous Friday I was dreading it but honestly it could not have been more efficient - I would say the most time we spent waiting / queueing was for 10-15 mins max to get test result! Everything else flowed perfectly. Never once noticed the overly loud music. For sure app was frustrating, but it seemed to work better on my I pad. Bands worked well for most transactions, and if they didnt the staff quickly and easily found you by your name - so no problem. Loved the experience and the relaxed informal approach to everything. Will be interesting to see how the ship functions with more people on board - we never waited for anything and always found comfortable seating wherever, whenever we went.
  3. Book via app - but keep checking app if it says fully booked as it occasionally seemed to change - also, if you really fancy a class but cant get booked, just turn up a bit early - good chance you will get in anyway
  4. I boarded last Monday (9th) and it could not have been better organised. From the moment we arrived (self drive) to testing and parking all extremely quick and efficient. We were on board just a few minutes after 2pm. And to add - this was my first cruise - other than poor wifi (not that much of an issue me me) and lack of music from the in room entertainment - could not fault a thing - loved it! However, not sure what it would be like with double the amount of people on board??
  5. As a first timer don’t really understand this whole bar tab thing? so we get $200 to spend, I’m guessing this can be spent on drinks? As we are not huge drinkers ( although do prefer a decent bottle of 🍷) I really can’t see us spending upwards of $400 on booze - so can we just pay as we go? presuming we get through the $200 start up 🤔
  6. See below for those arriving in their own car - copied from web Also - It seems the cruise leaving tomorrow (Monday) possibly will not have as many on board as it did for the weekend. Arriving at the Testing Site Once you have been welcomed for testing, Sailors can make their way either by their own vehicle or by shuttle to the testing site at W4 Tipner Ln, Portsmouth PO2 8RD, UK (approximately 1 kilometer away from the Park and Ride). Once you arrive at the testing site, please be sure to have your passport and proof of double vaccination with you. You must have your original, NHS-issued vaccine card with you in order to come aboard - or the live NHS app certificate on your phone. Every Sailor will be tested for COVID-19 prior to getting on the ship. The rapid antigen test results take about 15-20 minutes, and tests are free of charge to all Sailors. For Sailors arriving in their own car: Once your group is welcomed to proceed to testing, drive from the Park and Ride to the testing site at W4 Tipner Ln, Portsmouth PO2 8RD, UK. Park your car temporarily at the site, and go inside to the testing marquee. Once inside, you’ll get your COVID-19 antigen test, and be asked to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination Testing results will take 15-20 minutes to be received. Once you’re cleared to sail (having received a negative result), you’ll be given your luggage tags, your Band (the wearable), and an additional band to indicate that you’ve met all of the health protocols Once cleared from testing, you can proceed to the terminal to check-in and board the ship
  7. It’s all on the app - I’ve been checking it very regularly leading up to my departure ( this Monday) and it does change! ive easily booked everything I fancy - and look forward to booking more activities once on board - those that cannot be booked via the app. as with any holiday - planning g and preparation are the key. This will be my first ever cruise, so for me even more important to do my homework. enjoy 😎
  8. Seemed to be rather chaotic! Lots of disgruntled comments on FB from people waiting hours. Lets hope this is not repeated on Monday! I do wonder if people were arriving well before their allotted 1 hour slot??
  9. Thank you so much for helpful reply - lets just hope things have improved by Monday - however I think many reading this, like myself will possibly aim to get there a little earlier than planned.
  10. Any tips for people arriving by car please (we sail Monday) - Park car first and walk to test centre or go straight to test centre in car as advised?? No idea how long walk between parking and test centre are ...... and if its raining 😡
  11. Ive had this happen several times now - annoyingly! I now have the app on my i pad as well as phone. Also - if you have trouble signing in (as I have) try signing in using another method. Email did not want to work for me but signing in using FB worked fine.
  12. I'd simply be more than happy if the weather is even warm enough for us Brits to use the pool on our cruise to nowhere! 😎
  13. Well I would just be very happy if its warm enough and sunny enough to sunbathe!
  14. Update to above - app deleted and reinstalled - all bookings etc still showing - seems to be working fine again
  15. Thank you very much, so helpful! I remember receiving an email about this but had forgot all about it!
  16. I used points to pay by going through the virgin red app - very easy to do and virgin red have been very helpful
  17. Mine are linked - im in the UK. I have booked by cruise using virgin points only.
  18. Ive booked my voyage in August (UK) using my points - never been on a cruise before so thought if we were not that keen would not be too much of a loss!! I must say - Virgin Red been very good / helpful if you do book using points
  19. Hi - I'm on this sailing - first time cruiser, and really no idea what to expect! So any advice for a first timer greatly appreciated ☺️ Hubby took some persuading but as we booked it using our Virgin Points seemed too good an opportunity to miss! Managed to suss the app out and quickly made all bookings for dinner / shows. So looking forward to it!
  20. Thank you very much, using I phone also.
  21. I’ve been using the app, booked everything I needed for summer sailing now app not working! If I delete it and reinstall it would I lose all my bookings??
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