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  1. In 2019, I purchased a reusable yellow nylon bag from a Bonus Supermarket and filled it with 5 bags of chocolate covered licorice. I grew up eating salty Dutch licorice so it was an unusual taste sensation. I liked it, hubby did not. I recall that chocolate covered "non-salty licorice" is also available, for those who think the salty licorice is too "adventurous".
  2. Marlenecook- We plan on taking the bus to South Station and then the T to Cambridge during our port day next week. (1) Does the bus accept dollar bills? The fare is $1.70 pp. (2) Since we plan to transfer to the T, do we pay the higher T fare ($2.40 pp) on the bus and then ask for a "paper or transfer ticket" from the driver? Thanks.
  3. The doors to many of the indoor public restrooms (as opposed to the public restrooms on the pool deck) were left open during the May 1 Joy sailing as well. The same “gastro” notification was in our Freestyle Dailies on the last two days. We noticed an increasing number of people who skipped the washing stations in the Buffet and Observation Lounge later on in the week.
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