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  1. In 2019, I purchased a reusable yellow nylon bag from a Bonus Supermarket and filled it with 5 bags of chocolate covered licorice. I grew up eating salty Dutch licorice so it was an unusual taste sensation. I liked it, hubby did not. I recall that chocolate covered "non-salty licorice" is also available, for those who think the salty licorice is too "adventurous".
  2. Marlenecook- We plan on taking the bus to South Station and then the T to Cambridge during our port day next week. (1) Does the bus accept dollar bills? The fare is $1.70 pp. (2) Since we plan to transfer to the T, do we pay the higher T fare ($2.40 pp) on the bus and then ask for a "paper or transfer ticket" from the driver? Thanks.
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