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  1. We are very much looking forward to meeting Norma. I have read many of her posts over the years.
  2. I will also be on the October 25 Equinox cruise; see you at the Martini Bar. Sorry, no photo.
  3. Have a wonderful cruise, I'm looking forward to your review. I have been enjoying (very much) your cocktail countdown; a great idea !!
  4. I was on the Silhouette last February, and I some a women at the mustard drill who was definitely smokin' !!! I think it was Stewart's wife. She must have been an allergen because I had quite a reaction !!
  5. It's a long way from the Celebrity board, but I've found you !! I'm enjoying your review very much, and I'm glad I had a Yankee's shirt sighting.
  6. I've heard that the February 11, 2020 cruise has been cancelled.
  7. Hello...also known (mostly politically) as the Left Coast.
  8. I remember back in the early days of cruising, when the captain wanted to go water skiing, the passengers would have to row !!!
  9. If YOU are weird.....then I am VERY weird !!!!!🤪
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