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  1. It is by the balcony. Excellent cabin.
  2. 20% gratuity is added. $12 PPD is the norm now.
  3. Much of the Reflection has not been updated for months. Can one of you currently onboard report out for us??
  4. Thanks for the report. We board when you disembark. Who are the musicians on board?
  5. Very refreshing perspective.
  6. Keep your hump then;-) You will not regret it. Cabin is same size but the balcony is huge. Sun and shade and lots of privacy. Enjoy!
  7. Agree with mandream. If your hump is first or third on an angle of the hump (i.e., 9292), it would be hard to give that up for standard balcony CC. If its the center of the hump, then the few upgrade benefits are worth the swap. Being your first X sailing, there are CC benefits that would be helpful for you.
  8. So were you able to transfer a reservation to another agent? The constant message on GP is that he is on medical leave. I can't see why he would maintain a dedicated phone number and website if he did not plan to return. On the other hand, I also do not understand why he has no autoreply on email or voice message directing you elsewhere in the interim. I would feel more comfortable moving my reservations elsewhere within TPI, but they suggested it was not necessary.
  9. Bookings done by this agent are most often "Group" bookings with perks beyond those offered solely from X. As a result, staff at X cannot access all of the information associated with the booking. We had the same problem trying to make final payment, had to go through agent...whom unfortunately was unavailable. After final payment was made contacted X a few weeks later to try and upgrade bev package for third guest. X agent could not do it because they cannot see what perks are already tied to a "Group" booking. Has to be done by a TA according to them.
  10. X is providing a grace period for bookings with GP. The parent company handled our final payment for a November 2018 sailing a couple weeks ago. You do need to hound them to follow-up. They are not travel agents, more like recruiters. We have an October 2019 sailing booked through GP too. Hoping he returns, but if by chance he does not, I hope it isn't difficult to have the booking moved to another agent. Please let us know if you learn more about GP's status. Thanks.
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