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  1. We took this tour in Juneau - booked it privately, but it was awesome...here was my son riding on the back of the sled.
  2. No, I meant in MDR. I was not sure if we were assigned a table in MDR, but could choose to eat in Luminea. Kind of like how RCI does it with CK. Suite guests can eat in CK, but they are still assigned a table in MDR unless they pick MTD. But thanks for telling me how Luminea works - so much to learn...lol
  3. Thanks. That is perfect. There are several items on there that our son likes...lol
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I am not sure if we will want to eat in MDR or not...lol. I was more curious if we were assigned to a table or not, as we may not show up. Would hate for table mates to be waiting for us. We mostly eat in specialties or WJ on RCI. Our son prefers the buffet, and my wife and I prefer the smaller restaurants to the MDR. Luminea sounds like it will be wonderful. Do they have a kids menu, or at least have options that may appeal to a less-than-adventurous kid may like?
  5. Does Serenade also have the hot dog place outside WJ? Our son loved that on Radiance.
  6. Ah...gotcha. This is our first cruise on Celebrity. We sailed on Harmony, and they had CK, but we were still assigned to the MDR too. Thanks for the quick response.
  7. If we had not booked SA, I would have booked the Reflection PC itinerary...lol. That is on my bucket list too, and I did not realize that Celebrity offered partial PC cruise, especially over Christmas break. Good luck.
  8. When we booked our cruise, someone said that we would eat in Luminea because we booked a suite. Are we assigned to eat in this restaurant instead of the MDR?
  9. We booked this cruise for next year on Silhouette over Christmas and NYE. Can't wait - friends of ours did it with their kids two years ago on NCL, and my wife has been pestering me ever since to book it...lol
  10. For those ages, I would avoid Vision and Empress. Freedom will be refurbished before you take your cruise, and that is a great ship already - but if you have already done ABC islands, you might want to try something different. Epic would be another good choice - plenty for the kids to do. But any 7 day cruise is going to be packed with families, and you wanted to avoid lines. If it were me, I would book Reflection for the partial PC. We just booked 14 day South America cruise on her sister ship, Silhouette, over Christmas and NYE in Dec 2020. You could join us - our son will be 11 by then...lol. But these ships look beautiful, and we booked for the itinerary. I would think that PC would offer an amazing itinerary too. There will certainly be less kids on board, and the demographics may skew slightly older. But check out the ship and see if this would do.
  11. Here is link for Brightline package: https://www.gobrightline.com/traintoport
  12. When we were on Harmony, this was offered every night so I bet Allure offers it too. OP: This option is called Adventure Dining. You sign up at kids club and drop off kids at 5pm or so, and councilors take kids to WJ for dinner. They usually have a roped off section just for the kids and they have food available in there so kids are not wandering around the entire WJ by themselves. The other option mentioned used to be called My Family Time Dining. Similarly, you sign up at kids club earlier in the day, and then meet them just outside MDR around 6:40.
  13. Check out the Brightline cruise package. We live in WPB, and hate driving to Miami so we were actually considering using Brightline.
  14. I hope I have not given some of the cruise lines some ideas on how they could start to restructure their own fares with regards to children - although my son will be 10 in October, so it will not matter that much...lol
  15. Sounds like Alaska - thanks. We booked a SA cruise for next December, and my wife and son will love to hear this. Living in FL, we like to see some variation in weather.
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