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  1. Thanks. I thought I posted there too, but will check. At the moment, we are holding off anything for this Christmas to see how things open up over the summer. We have also looked at a few of the Tauck land tours - especially the London/Paris one. I agree with you - I wanted to just base our itinerary off of theirs, and do it ourselves, but my wife likes the idea of being with a group of other families, as it may give our son a chance to make new friends.
  2. ah...what a good topic. Our first adventure into the world of cruising was when our son was 3. We took RCI Grandeur out of Baltimore for 6 day to Bermuda. Our son loved being on the ship, the kids club, the small pool - just about everything. My wife and I also enjoyed the ease of travel - we drove to port, walked on ship, and just relaxed. It kicked us off on a new way to travel, and up until Covid, we took one cruise every year thereafter. After our last Christmas cruise, we knew we needed some new itineraries, and as our son was soon going to age out of the kid's club, we
  3. This will be interesting to follow - at the moment, families can attend WDW or Universal Studios in Orlando without any vaccine requirement. We went to Universal in October and we were perfectly safe - no one caught Covid, and are planning to go back in April. IF the cruise lines are required as terms of starting up again, then they will have no choice - what will be interesting is if they are given some leeway in this regard.
  4. Thanks. I know that they have an excellent reputation, but always nice to hear first-hand comments.
  5. Nice. We may look for a new TA next year. We are due to move in June so will look for one in our new state. My wife wants to do more land-based international travel, so having a good TA will be helpful. I know there were people adding Machu Pichu onto their South American cruise, but this was not an option for us as it was over Christmas break and the cruise took up most of our son’s vacation.
  6. Yes. I hear you. My wife went a long time ago, and still ranks it as her most favorite trip ever. The catamaran is probably too small for us, but have already looked at Xpedition - also, they have suites that hold 3 people. My son really want to do Antarctica, but that is three times the price, so I think we may hold off on that one until he is a bit older. In the presentation you saw, did they talk about the longer land tours? I noticed online that there is a 10-day or 11-day option that includes a bit of a tour in Quito, but have read where other people have tacked on a trip t
  7. Has anyone taken their kids on one of the Tauck Family River Cruises? We noticed one that interests us and were curious if anyone has had any experience with these - especially for kids used to the larger cruise ships. How did they enjoy the smaller ship experience?
  8. Anthem is sailing out of Southampton the next two summers, and it is a nice mix of elegance and activities for all ages. We were booked on the 9-day Norwegian cruise in June 2021, but moved it to 2020 as we will be moving next summer and cannot make the cruise.
  9. We took our son when he was three and potty-trained so he could enjoy the kids club. He loved cruising and we were taking a cruise-a-year up until Covid shut things down. Also, we opted to take one of the smaller, older ships and then stepped up to bigger ships as he got older and could enjoy more of the activities. It worked well for us.
  10. Oh, I wish I had seen this sooner - we were booked on the Silhouette South American Christmas cruise with our son, who will also be 12 next year. But when they switched ships, we decided to cancel. Please come back and tell me how your cruise is! We may try to go again in 2022 if they have a bigger ship down there!
  11. That is excellent to hear regarding the year round season. And yes, we are aware of the cost. We have not spoken to a TA yet. We were less than thrilled with our last one so at this stage are just doing some research on our own.
  12. None of the ships I am looking at are that big - Flora is 100 passengers, and the others are all smaller.
  13. My wife and I are looking to take our son (11) to the Galapagos - maybe 2022. We were originally looking at Flora because we have status on RCI, but as we did more research, we ran across Xpedition/Xplorer and the Lindblad/NG cruises and began to wonder if we should reconsider... We have Antarctica on our wish list, and noticed that Lindblad/NG has several nice tours there, so maybe branching out would be a good thing - but have heard great things about Celebrity too. Just curious to what others have seen - which ships tend to have more families? Also, we were thinking about doing this over
  14. How are these cruises for children? We were looking to book one of these with our son - he is 11 now, but will probably be 12 or 13 before we can arrange to go. He is very interested in traveling Antarctica but we weren't sure if there would be other kids his age on board.
  15. How was your trip? We are looking at the same trip and we are three people with an 11 y/o son. Was the CS suite fine, or did you go with 2 connecting staterooms?
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