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  1. Is it safe to assume that you will not be first in line for a vaccine? There will be a great deal of “science” involved in its development. Those irresponsible PhD’s!😏
  2. Unfortunately the CDC has recently been influenced by individuals not interested in widely credible science. We shall see how this plays out.
  3. It’s short sighted and takes a simple mind to hop the “I hate lawyers” bandwagon. Sure, there are unethical lawyers. All industries have unethical players when big dollars are involved. Nearly all lawyers are doing solid legal work for their clients and represent us “regular people” and their corporate clients with the best of intention. Paula
  4. Is the shuttle from the cruise ship dock in Sitka aka Old Cruise Ship Dock, accessible? Is it able to store a scooter? I am able to negotiate a few steps into the bus.
  5. RonPaula

    Venice Hoho

    Does anyone have experience with the Venice hoho boat? It looks like it picks up at the cruise ship port. I use a manual wheelchair and can walk a few steps if necessary, however it appears to be accessible.
  6. We just made Diamond and have looked at the listing of benefits. I am unable to find where we each get a day of VOOM. Can someone show me where this information is located? Thanks
  7. I live in Minnesota and woke up to -33 windchill. Obviously we don’t have access to outdoor water parks, so waiting in line with friends and family for 20-30 minutes in order to enjoy a water slide isn’t a burden. Its all relative.
  8. I just ordered one of these in rose gold along with some earrings. It’s perfect for travel.
  9. We’ll be on the the Serenade of the Seas in late May and am wondering where the cruise ship dock is located in Sitka. All I can find is the Old Sitka Dock which is a bit out of town. Is there’s another dock that I am missing?
  10. I’m considering Papillon and Sage Travel to book for these cities. I use a folding manual wheelchair which my husband is comfortable pushing. While Sage specializes in accessible excursions, Papillon states that they can customize a private tour to accommodate mobility issues. Does anyone have experience with one or both of these providers? The difference in pricing is around $300 for two tours.
  11. My husband and I travel with two large suitcases, a collapsible wheelchair and a folding rollator. We order Uber XL. It has always worked very well for us. Paula
  12. Thanks. I ended up just calling. Much easier.
  13. Hi, I’m trying to book shows for my group and when I pull up the show and click on the names to add, the page refers to booking a cabana and says to enter just one name. I am clearly in the entertainment area and have Ice Games or Mama Mia pulled up. Any thoughts on what might be happening? Paula
  14. Hi, We did this cruise August 2018 on Anthem. In Halifax we did RCI excursion Famous Peggy's Cove. It was OK. The history of the area is fascinating, but the tour guide wasn't very good. We were on a coach with designated handicap seating, which was very nice. You can do as much or as little walking as you desire at the stopping point in the little village. In Bar Habor we did Acadia National Park. Not through the cruise line. It was on a school bus type vehicle, but had storage for my manual wheelchair. If I remember correctly, the walk from the ship to the shore is long and can get steep using various ramps. But my husband was able to push me in the wheelchair. We didn't do much in St. John. Just walked around and had lunch. I can't recall what we did in Portland, but it's a pretty city. It was a really fun cruise and I would definitely do it again. Paula
  15. I like to have breakfast and lunch in the MDR however they close earlier than I would like. When the cruise compass states that the MDR closes at 9:30 for breakfast, does that mean that diners need to be leaving or being seated by 9:30?
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