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  1. “And the bottom 1/3 of people will never adopt the tech.” It’s this type of language that creates division on CC. Words and intention matter even more when writing.
  2. There are “feel good” stories and “horror” stories on all the cruise lines. I will continue to use itinerary and ship to select a cruise. Once we get past the COVID issues, customer service will be a useful marker.
  3. As I recall, it was easy getting onto the tender, which seemed more like a ferry. The ramps at the port were steep in places and were quite extensive. My husband pushed me in a wheelchair. It is quite steep to get into the heart of town. We did a tour of Acadia National Park but the bus was kind of a school bus design and maybe wouldn’t have enough storage for two scooters, however there was some beautiful scenery. Also, we did a bus tour in Boston. It was through Shore Excursion Group and called Concord, Lexington. That was a fabulous tour. This was on Anthem of the Seas.
  4. Welcome home. So glad you had a great trip. Alaska sounds like the perfect follow up cruise.
  5. My name is Paula, and I am an overpacker. But seriously, I love having several options for my days and evenings. I pack a lot not for “just in case” scenarios but because I love my clothes and jewelry. It makes me happy to bring along my favorite items. I use blue as my base color. Many shades and so many bright colors to coordinate with. I also have a few black items that somehow manage to find their way into my wardrobe. I find it fun to dress up a little bit when cruising. Even when lounging around in the solarium playing cards with my DH.
  6. Wow, what a nasty response, “if you want to live in fear…”. The OP didn’t give any indication that was the case. People have differing levels of risk tolerance. Responding to posts requires a careful use of words and phrasing. It also requires a level of maturity and empathy that is lacking on this forum.
  7. Seems they could have allowed you to stow your backpack under the seat in front of you. I often do this so that I have easy access to my things.
  8. Tracelets might work better because children can wear them. Typically children don’t have room cards.
  9. Do you use one at home? The reason I’m asking is that there is quite the learning curve to master operation. All control is handled by a joystick on the left or right arm. A crowded cruise ship might not be the best place to first try a motorized wheelchair. The disabled forum may have some ideas and advice.
  10. Many people have physical limitations or different financial situations which make the expedition cruises a bad fit. It’s a good thing that we have options for varying needs. I’m doing a Celebrity Antarctica cruise in January 2022 on Infinity. It was just in Spain having work done on it’s hull and a few other things but didn’t upgrade any passenger areas. It was confirmed by Celebrity that the ship would be Polar Code ready. Let’s hope that Princess is doing the same.
  11. I have mobility issues as well and use a manual wheelchair. There’s absolutely no way that I would attempt to climb into a zodiac. Also, it would be too challenging to move around on shore. Sometimes you have to go with plan b and make the best of it. We are taking a Celebrity cruise on Infinity which has recently been retrofitted to meet some Polar Code demands. Hope you enjoy your sail by cruise.
  12. I completely understand everyone’s disappointment with the Odyssey’s redeployment. I was dealing with the same just a few months ago when Odyssey was sent to Israel from Italy. We were to be on the TA from Rome to Fort Lauderdale. You were cheering your good fortune while we were dealing with the sadness of yet another canceled cruise. And now things in Italy and Europe are looking up. Maybe could have made that TA. This whole Odyssey has been a disaster. Paula
  13. Not the least bit offended. I wanted to make clear to Princess cruisers that dining in the MDR on RCI is not a free for all. We have always followed the suggested dress guidelines from when our children were small through our most recent cruise in February 2020. How people dress helps contribute to the overall vibe in a venue. Just as white tablecloths, formal place settings and the wait staff in uniforms help define the atmosphere. And no, we aren’t cruising with you in January 2023. We’re doing a Panama Canal in February 2023. Hopefully no new COVID-like illness to deal with. Paula
  14. I have been on 8-10 Royal Caribbean cruises and nearly every dinner was in the MDR. While your husband may have worn “smart” shorts for dinner, they are not appreciated by many guests and not encouraged by cruise line dress guidance. Shorts are only acceptable at breakfast and lunch. Paula
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