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  1. Only star class suites have the DP and unlimited specialty dining and that is just on ships that have the suite program.
  2. They will be cruising in Germany with ships up to 2700 passengers. 2 of the lines are part of RCCL Ltd. one ship on 7/24 and another on 7/31. several other carnival owned ships to follow. Mid size ships approved meaning 2500+ passenger capacity. Max 5 day cruises to nowhere and Passengers must be from one of 3 Germany approved countries Including Germany. that is without a vaccine yet. Not sure if they require testing though.
  3. I have the new format but when inputting my c&a number it does not show the discount or fill in the name and birthdate.
  4. I made 6 new bookings that I will eventually put FCCs on that I am holding to apply at a later date to these cruises. This will screw the numbers. These will be 6 bookings not 12.
  5. That was the cruise planner order page not just an advertisement page. Big difference.
  6. I am fairly sure once you place an fcc you can’t get price drops. That is why you shouldn’t use them until just before final payment is due or by the use deadline. Which ever one is first.
  7. Didn’t Carnival Corp already make a statement on all their cruise lines?
  8. It doesn’t show up on the website. last Port Canaveral cruise 10/31 first Ft Lauderdale Cruise (5 night) 11/8
  9. Not sure about tables but 1 point for every $5 played on slots. So 2500 times $5 or $12,500 played through to reach prime.
  10. @Ourusualbeach thanks Ken so what is early? My daughter is my TA and is mainly a Disney specialist but is becoming very familiar with Royal because of me. I will have her call when I am with her to see what we can do. I want to use one on a November B2B and Another on a December B2B but I really want to make sure they are sailing first. May have to use them for 2021 cruises. -Tim-
  11. @Ourusualbeach So if you don’t apply the FCC for the first leg until 2 weeks before final payment you should be able to use the FCC for both cruises (B2B) at that time?
  12. @John&LaLa I meant August. Got my cruises mixed up. We have August 23rd & 30th booked and also 2 weeks in October. i guess we will see Laura in August.
  13. Thanks John i knew they extended the tiers out but when I originally called to check the expiration date which was listed as 3/41/2021 they stated that it was correct so I assume after the last cancellation they must of been extended the free cruises too. @John&LaLa are you scheduled on a Harmony cruise in late October? -Tim-
  14. The online certificate that hit the website in May showed an expiration date of 3/31/2021. I checked today and it now shows an expiration date of 3/31/2022. Is this correct? It works out better for me. Glad I didn’t already book a cruise using the old date.
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