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  1. Correct as it is essentially a slab of bacon which is high in fat content which gives it its flavor when cooked extra crispy. Love bacon.
  2. I agree with you John. with the 5/6 drinks and our free drinks in the casino Liz and I will no longer be buying the drink package. In fact even if we only had the 5/6 free drinks we would still not buy the drink package.
  3. There are different PCR tests. As stated earlier the Bahamas requires a rt-pcr test. It can be no older than 5 days and you must have the results before you apply for the health visa. If you get a free test by saying you were exposed to COVID or have symptoms you most likely won’t get on the cruise no matter what the test results are. The turn around time for the rt-pcr test is the most important factor for. picking a site for testing. rt-pcr tests are very accurate.
  4. We are in the same situation as you and it is a big loss for us but we will continue to book with Royal.
  5. Who’s boycotting? Just those that don’t want to get a shot. I really don’t think that is even close to a majority of cruisers.
  6. I hope they have some adjustments for the cruise if not we will be doing just as you wrote and hope both the lab and the Bahamas turn everything around in the max of 48 hours they each say they can do.
  7. The Bahamas website states you can’t submit the health visa application until you receive you negative test results. If that is right the 5 day limit for the test prior to entry may be difficult to meet.
  8. How do you apply for a Bahamas Health Visa if a COVID RT-PCR test has to be less than 5 days prior to entering the country.
  9. How do you apply for a Bahamas Health Visa if a COVID OCR test has to be less than 5 days prior to entering the country.
  10. My understanding is they just did repairs and the general maintenance. No upgrades per say.
  11. Only my agent gets the emails and then the agent contacts me.
  12. You don’t get cash from a slot machine you get a slip that can be cashed in at the money change machines or the casino cashier.
  13. I thought the bar didn’t open until 11 am in the coastal kitchen. who is making the bloody Mary’s prior to 11 am?
  14. Not sure the noise is any different but 1100 has a much larger balcony.
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