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  1. I did this tour almost 5 years ago on the Royal and absolutely loved it. The one thing that I still smile about when I think about it occurred in the laundry area. There was this machine that dried, ironed, folded and then stacked bedsheets in about 5 seconds flat. One after the other after the other. I was fascinated watching it and could have stood there for ages! This isn't to minimize all the other really interesting stuff we saw (I don't think it was mentioned above but our tour started in the big theatre where we went up on stage and then backstage to see the performers area - their moving costume rack was pretty neat!) but I was mesmerized by the laundry machine! As they say, different strokes for different folks!
  2. I've never rented a car in Port Canaveral before, and am considering booking one through Alamo. It sounds like there is a shuttle from the Carnival terminal to the Alamo compound (or whatever the correct term is!). Is that correct? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I use 2 websites to determine the number of ships in port however neither of them have info for Feb 1/2020 in Port Canaveral. (I use whatsinport and cruiseTT) Does anybody have another site that show the number of ships that day? Thanks!
  4. Unfortunately that's where I started looking and the only option is the shuttle to Orlando airport...so far...I'm hoping that someone recently or currently on a cruise out of Port Canaveral can advise what's available on board. I could end up taking a shuttle to the airport then a cab (likely expensive?!) to Disney Springs for a few hours, however I don't know if Disney Springs has somewhere I could leave my luggage. I will be exploring that possibility too but was hoping for another option!
  5. I haven't looked at the port of departure board as I want to know what Carnival does/may offer. A friend has travelled on RC and recalls tours available of the space centre - I'm hoping for something maybe like that to kill a few hours. I'll be on my own and am not interested in renting a car to do my own sightseeing/shopping, I'm just hoping for something interesting to avoid hanging out at the airport for over 10 hours. In other ports I've done tours that get you to the airport by about 2:00, which is better than getting there at 10:00!
  6. Hello, I have a late flight from Orlando and was wondering if Carnival normally offers any excursions for the day you get off the ship? The only excursion option at the moment is the shuttle to the airport but I was hoping that something else would be added - though maybe not until we are on board? I'm travelling at the end of this month if that makes a difference...! Thanks in advance.
  7. I've been in a cabin across from the laundry room twice. Never heard any noise from the machines however did hear plenty of chatter on occasion from the people using the machines. Some seem to stand in the hall talking to their partner/friend while waiting for their load to finish or somehow hold the doors open while entering/exiting so then the noise would 'escape'. Didn't bother me as I was usually getting changed and leaving the room again or just using my room facilities. I'd book that location again for the convenience when doing my own laundry!
  8. I haven't been on either of those ships yet, but can offer a suggestion that we've done successfully on most other Princess ships. You can easily pull the twin beds out from the (headboard) wall, move both night tables together so they are between the two beds, then push the beds back against the wall. This gives you more space between the two beds. One caveat - we were recently on the Golden Princess and could not do this as the one night table was somehow attached to the end of the desk. Good luck!
  9. Thanks so much, I'll save this for the winter and finish my plans then.
  10. Hello, We'll be in Oslo early next May and I'm really interested in visiting the Norsk Folkemuseum and the Viking Ship museum (that is practically next door). I know I can get there by ferry from Radhuusbrygge 3, however I don't know where the cruise ships dock in relation to Radhuusbrygge 3 or how to get there from the cruise dock. If anyone is able to post a map/link that shows the cruise dock and ferry stop I'd be delighted! Is it walking distance or should I take a taxi? If a taxi, do you have any idea how much a taxi would cost from the cruise dock to the ferry dock? Our ship docks at 10:00 and I want to maximize my time at the 2 museums as much as possible. We'll be on the Sky Princess if that helps to determine the cruise dock location. Thank you
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