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  1. milolii

    Seeking best day resort for PV - AI please

    Thanks we are leaning towards this.
  2. I needed to include this quote for clarity.
  3. Hello, thanks for your input. Looking at pictures from the hotel website, Trip Adviors and the one photo NCL has posted, this seems like the most reasonable answer. While looking at NCL choices for our cruise, this does appear to be the nicest one. I am following another thread on the Mexican Riviera port of call bords about resorts at PV. I have also emailed the Hilton in PV. Many Of the responses from the hotels themselves state availability is subject to resort occupancy and you may not be admitted if the resort occupancy is at or above 80%. For the most part reservations are not accepted until right before or on the date you want. If someone has more information please share. So NCL May be the best option if you cruise in a busy season, but I have no intel on those dates. Steveweese, I’m on your roll call, why don’t we continue to look at this. I want to do experience a resort day at least once.
  4. milolii

    Seeking best day resort for PV - AI please

    Ok , so now I need to catch up. It seems like maybe one of the three, Secrets, Hilton, or Marriott . We go the first week of March.
  5. milolii

    Seeking best day resort for PV - AI please

    Here is the information on the Hilton. They do not take reservations in advance either. I am going to send a note the the Hilton in Cabo as well. Thank you very much for contacting us! We do offer day passes. If you come from a cruise ship we have a special price of $59USD per person if you show your cruise ID. Our resort is all inclusive; this means that all food and beverage will be included in your day pass with some restrictions like some premium liquors, spa, boutique, and Bali Beds. It is important to let you know that day passes are subject hotel's availability. Please let us know anything else you may need and be sure it's a pleasure for us to assist you! Best Regards, LIZETTE GONZALEZ CONCIERGE l FRONT DESK lizette.gonzalez@hilton.com HILTON PUERTO VALLARTA RESORT d: +52 (322) 176 1175 t: +52 (322) 176 1176 Av. Las Garzas 136-1 Zona Hotelera Nte. Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, C.P. 48333 México puertovallarta.hilton.com hilton.com
  6. milolii

    Seeking best day resort for PV - AI please

    Hi there, so was this the Hilton Puerto Vallarta? I have emailed them for a March. It does look very nice. And you were able yo just walk there? Thanks
  7. Hi, I looked at your link, it does seem very nice. Is the transport included and all the other stuff mentioned on the website, food vouchers beach chair? It seems likely me a great deal? Thanks
  8. milolii

    NCL Star Suite Dining

    Hi so that is diffent than Cagneys/ Modernos. Interesting. Thanks for the information.
  9. Hello, Does anyone know if and at what time may we possibly be able to drop luggage at San Pedro fir a NCL Cruise? We might be there as soon as 9am. I do not think we can board until after 11 Just trying to plan.
  10. milolii

    Baltic without Russia

    Yes, the Nordic countries plus Finland.
  11. milolii

    Baltic without Russia

    Thanks this is helpful. I thought I had replied earlier that I had looked at NCL and Princess, but I guess it did no go through. My bad. Thank you both.
  12. milolii

    Baltic without Russia

    I know this is an old thread from 2015. I was wondering if anyone has seen a Scandinavian cruise without Russia since these posts. Thank you.
  13. milolii

    Which Christmas Market trip would you recommend?

    This site is very helpful, thanks. I will keep it for further reference indeed.
  14. milolii

    Which Christmas Market trip would you recommend?

    I agree, wonderful markets in these cities and smaller towns. You will love it.
  15. Interesting, Thanks. I like the British Isles and then the Baltic B2B I see for July/August 2019, but can not sail until 2020. Both from Southampton. Wonder if that will happen again.