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  1. Discovery Princess: We are on the 4/29 Discovery cruise -LOs Angles to Vancouver. Most information I have seem is March 1, 2022, as Astro Flyer points out.
  2. As of Monday, the US does not intend to lift its restrictions/ban for visitors from the UK or EU due to the Delta Variant. This is despite the UK opening her borders to US citizens.
  3. Lots of information here. We love the Haven as well. I just want to point out the thread is just over 2 years old. Just something to consider while reading.
  4. I agree with you. At least don’t make final payment until necessary. We canceled the last remaining portion of our trip On Friday. We had made many changes, including dropping many places and countries. But have now decided to travel domestically. Good luck!
  5. Now the CDC and the US State Department has moved the U.K. back to a level 4 “do not travel”. I’ve been watching the traffic light announcements since early June. Generally, possible hints are leaked the week before. So the next set of information should be posted in just over two weeks, Each time the US has failed to make the green list. I suspect we won’t make the next list either due to the increase in cases here. Also of note in that Portugal was once on the Green list, only to be pulled back to Amber with little notice. I think it was maybe 5 days notice?
  6. We sailed on the Royal Princess in 2019. Asked about coffee making options in the room as were used to having this option on other lines. Answer was No, coffee was available 24/7 in suite lounge. We had some discussion about some devices available on sailings out of the U.K. The steward acknowledged that was true.
  7. The company (Randox) that oskidunker and I were discussing has a presence in both the U.K. and Ireland, I believe. I was replying to oskidunker’s previous post, #31. We were discussing where you could get a test, not the requirements in this exchange. I noted that our test was also at a hotel. Apologies if it was was confusing. Oskidunker is looking for solutions in the U.K. Are you familiar with the company? Any thoughts? We, sadly had to alter our vaccination and not travel to the U.K. this year because of the requirements. But hopeful for a 2022 visit.
  8. My next sailing is April 2022. But I feel for all of you. Booking, canceling, and rebooking
  9. Our test is also at a hotel meeting room in Cork. I chose this company as it is evidently a well established testing company. They test for other things. The price is very good and I could get a Sunday morning appointment. I would ask at the hotel how to get to the testing site. At least this could be a back up plan for now. But I wouldn’t buy the test just yet. On our travel RN appointment this morning, CoVID testing before leaving the US was discussed, but she did note that as of July 19, would not be required for vaccinated US citizens entering Ireland. Also testing to return to the US was discussed. It was informative. She also discussed other concerns besides CoVID specific to Ireland. So worth doing.
  10. I am conducting research for testing to re enter the US from Ireland. I have looked at several testing sites and types of tests offered in Ireland. We also are moving between two cities, Dublin and Cork. We return to Dublin the day before we fly home after spending several days in Cork. We have decided to have the PCR test in Cork early Sunday Morning (before a tour) as our return flight is Tuesday. From what I can determine, from all the sites I researched, PCR test results are emailed to you. We are using Randox Lab, a company operating in both the U.K. and Ireland. They do have testing near/at Heathrow. Before we leave the US we will have testing done here, even through we are vaccinated. I see you are from the Bay Area. Not sure what type of healthcare insurance you have, but if you are with Kaiser, the HMO has a travel department. We meet with the RN this morning, (Video visit). We are thinking she can time the prep departure test from the US test and offer further advice. I could report back if this would be of interest. Good luck.
  11. Check the US Embassy in the U.K. website for information on testing sites and more information. ( Hope this copies over) if not, please google it. https://uk.usembassy.gov/covid-19-coronavirus-information/ As others have said, PCR tests take longer than Antigen test. We are traveling to Ireland the end of July. (As of now anyway) We will see. We need to show vaccine documentation, but no testing(as of now) Testing is required to renter the US. Working on this now, using information from the US Embassy in Dublin’s website. I have found several testing sites including weekend coverage. We are responsible for the costs. I am emailing the companies with questions. A passenger locator form is also required, but it’s too soon to complete this. We changed our plans about a month ago and decided not to include the U.K. on our trip. We made this decision after waiting months for announcements about US/U.K. travel that never came. PM Johnson had hinted such travel might happen as far back as May 17. Then the G7, still nothing. We also watched every three weeks as the US failed to be placed on the “green list”. The Delta Variant is of concern, despite the high rate of vaccinations in the U.K. If we go, I will post how we met the requirements. Which may be of some use. I hope to complete most of the documents online with a paper back up. Good luck!
  12. The U.K.’s focus is on the infection rate per 100,000 and the US has failed to meet the green list. I think the list is reviewed every three weeks. PM Johnson had predicted that the travel restrictions would be lifted May 17. Then came the G7. No announcements. So there have been many promises to create a US/U.K. Travel Corridor from both governments. The U.K. Is dealing with the Delta Variant, despite their high vaccination rate. Just another point of interest. About a month ago, the U.K. did put Portugal on the green list and then shortly afterwards took it off with a few days notice, creating chaos for their citizens vacationing in Portugal. Perhaps some U.K. Posters will give more insight. We changed our travel plans last month and dropped the U.K. Portion from our trip for this year. Our trip is mid August.
  13. Favoritevacation. I can’t help you decide if you should make your final payment. But you should read the CDC’s information on the requirement for CoVID 19 testing. We are using the Antigen test for our reentry in August from Ireland. We chose a travel clinic we found from a list on the US Embassy’s website in Dublin. I emailed the clinic and although they can’t guarantee what the US will want at any given date, they did say they are testing Americans using the Antigen test, “all week long”. Here is a recent study https://www.cochrane.org/CD013705/INFECTN_how-accurate-are-rapid-tests-diagnosing-covid-19 The CDC website does state you could be required to quarantine or isolate and your return trip could be delayed. Your airline’s passenger ready page should have a link. You should also be able to upload your test and vaccine documents, depend on the airline. Have a back up plan, including a hotel in mind, perhaps near the airport as most airport offer testing On site or near by. Many airlines are waiving change fees, but fares would most certainly be higher. However, remember US airlines took a lot of US federal funds and should be obligated to give consideration. I would mention that if it becomes necessary. You did not say which airline you are using. I would also look at these four things in the countries you are scheduled to visit. What is the vaccination rate, the infection rate, how prevalent is the delta variant and how serious is the countries’ approach to containment. Use local news to get this information. Also maybe arrange your on board testing in time to get a repeat test. So yes, have a back up plan. Be prepared to fund all of this and accept the changes if necessary. Otherwise, you may want to consider a different vacation this year. Good luck!
  14. You need to be among some of the fist people on board, and head up to the Sanctuary right away, utilizing the elevators that are not used as frequently. Thiughts are that reservations are more in demand on warm weather cruises and sea days . Some times the B2B cruises have snapped up some of the spots as they are usually already on board before you. Good luck What ship re you sailing?
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