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  1. Slightly off topic, but we sailed Princess In 2019 and had to prepay. Folks on the roll call said it was standard practice. We did have a port cancelled and promptly received a refund.
  2. Cruise Critic has an insurance board, lots of good information there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ Hope the link works. If not look under cruise topics/ cruise insurance. We had an annual policy this year. It was good for one year from purchased. I actually got a partial refund. But that was an exception, I am guessing, This happened after the trips were cancelled. I don’t think the private insurance is usually refundable on the annual plans, but you can ask those questions once you get an agent. Several post on and are recommended
  3. The policy has been 120 days out, 130 for suites. Not sure if things are different right now.
  4. I certainly hope NCL cruises again, but things are shaky right now. We were on the STAR last year. Anyway, on the STAR, the concierge will be outside between Cagney’s and Modernos at times during the day. There is an extension/cell to call. She always picked up. She met us for escort onto the ship to Cagney’s for lunch the first day. We were escorted off ship at the ports after meeting outside of Gatsbys This included a tender port with priority boarding. We also attend a meeting about disembarkation. Funny, I don’t remember what was said but it was helpful,
  5. On our voyage last year it was Moderno’s for breakdat and Cagney’s for lunch. Very nice European style small buffet and made To order breakfast as well. We are escorted to Cagney's on embarkation. The entire Suite group was Escorted at the same time. Boarding was a little delayed so I think that is why that happened.
  6. I think there may be some confusion here. I was referring to the aft suites and I think you are referring to the forward suites. I could of been more clearer then just using the cabin number 9232 which is an aft suite. We have also sailed in a 2 bedroom on deck 11, also very nice. As far as I know, (last year,) no Haven on the STAR. Breakfast and lunch in a speciality restaurant. I also appreciate the other information about the other Gem class ships. Thanks.
  7. Deck 9 is between two decks of cabins. So mostly quieter. Deck 10 is underneath a public space. We stayed in 9232 with the wrap around balcony, was wonderful.
  8. Question about customs. Were you required to claim your bags at customs at a cruise port or was it an airport? After you claimed the luggage, and passed through customs, did the bags move on to their destination? I am guessing your home? Did you not clear customs On the way to the port? I am guessing maybe you embarked from a port in your county, so that wasn’t necessary? Just wondering how it works with customs. Thinking about using it for a transatlantic flight in the future.
  9. Hello, I am not sure which suite you are looking at, but we have sailed in 9212. It is a wonderful Aft cabin. The bedroom has a large bed. I think it is a king, I don’t believe it can be separated, but not 100% sure on that. Perhaps others know. The living room has a futon type couch that is comfortable. There is an actual door between the bedroom and the living room. The bathroom has a jetted tub and a separate shower that Both overlook the wake. Love that cabin. I am not sure about the dinning policy now, but last year we reserved three or four reservations several months in
  10. We cruised on the Royal last year. We embarked in Vancouver so our experience Was a little different. Glacier Bay: we did have a balcony room and could see much from there. But we also were in the Sanctuary. There was one other group there I believe and they left after they attempted to bring more people than the limit into a cabana. It did rain that day so refunds were offered. It was great having the entire area to ourselves. Also the retreat pool rea was empty. But there are clear “windowS” in both areas. We did move around though. On either side on deck seven midship
  11. How is this? RV rental to Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks. Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonland. We had this planned anyway for next May, but will Now drive to Vegas instead of flying to pick up RV. If anyone had any tips or comments please share. We should be on a Baltic cruise now, oh well. I like the row boat idea with the Beverage Package.
  12. Yes, deck 6 near La Cuchina. We were on her last year. The deck plans do look different than I remember, however. Odd. The two restaurants seemed to be flipped.
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