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  1. I see the thread has been moved to the insurance forum by the moderators. Some of the experts should respond. Steve and others give good advice.
  2. I think the OP is referring to international air travel. This is a good question. Many airlines now use an app such as Verifly. We cancelled our trip so never did use it. Not sure if the app would catch that. I have several middle names on my passport as well.
  3. I would still check out the insurance forum on CC and talk to an independent agent. There are strict rules around things such as pre existing conditions and Cancel for Any Reason. Buying separate airfare can present problems, with regard to the two items mentioned above. Although, if it is refundable, you may be oK. However, I am not an expert. We use tripinsurancestore.com. Steve(owner) posts frequently on the insurance forum mentioned by GeezerCouple and has hosted a Q&A for Cruise Critic. There are other recommendations on the forum as well.
  4. The Wednesday/ 96 hour requirement is for only for cruises involving Bermuda. The other conversations involve other cruises, for example, Alaska or the Bahamas. If you can drive to the port(Seattle or Miami) you don’t need to worry as much about testing before you reach the pier.
  5. We have two European trips for next year. One with a cruise, one without. Just FYI. EU countries can impose there own testing requirements, while considering the recommendations from the EU. Some countries already have a requirement that you must be within 270 days since your last vaccine. So hotels may not, but countries could, and have, in the past. The U.K.can set their own testing requirements. Then, the US still requires testing to board a plane flying to the US, including vaccinated travelers. A positive test at that point would result in a mandatory quarantine in a hotel. So, we plan to get tested before we leave home, and carry insurance to cover any of this. I think a lot depends on what happens this winter. Let’s hope we don’t have another wave, more of the world gets vaccinated, and that some of the requirements won’t be necessary. CoVID 19 Vaccine requirements for most international travel are probably here to stay.
  6. Where is your cruise? Where are you sailing? Some cruises tend to attract more participation than others. I have seem very active roll calls and then some not so active. Sometimes the ones where folks are forming shore excursions will get a following. The repositioning or transatlantic cruises tend to attract followings. Groups are also formed on other Social media sites. Interest does pick up about 3 months out. But you never know.
  7. I believe it was the local authorities in Bermuda who removed the passengers, not the ship. A cruise line wouldn’t have any authority if the Bermuda government decides such action is necessary.
  8. This is on the Crystal Symphony which is also sailing to Bermuda this week.
  9. Most US airlines do not charge for baggage on most international flights. As of now, anyway…..could happen though. Weight limits can apply, though.
  10. @gwesq Thanks for the update. Glad those passengers are back on board and wishing you all the best.
  11. Ah ok. That seems a better option for everyone. Ty
  12. The Crystal Symphony thread is long with a lot of post as you might imagine. The information about the testing begins on Page 2 around post 45. 2 CC members have posted that they are part of those off ship now. One post that her party was a “close contact” and was retested last night. If they are negative they may return true ship. She also says she is paying for the room and food but that she will submit to her insurance. Crystal is using some sort of tracking device. I don’t really know much about it. So the “close contacts” aren’t necessarily member of their cruising group. Are cruisers only the Breakaway 9/26 sailing due to be tested tonight?
  13. @MiddleagerI See, good luck! Yes, it does seem NCL could improve on this. The Princess Boards have post from cruisers still thinking and hoping they will sail to Hawaii for the holidays, whereas NCL stated over a month ago, no Hawaiian cruises until late January. Just an example, but it does seem NCL is doing a better job than Princess. @freezincoldvery helpful report, ty.
  14. Last year, we put a mask on a stuffed Santa. It actually made us chuckle. We included Santa on our FaceTime visit with family.
  15. Isn’t this Bermuda? Not Bahamas? Perhaps a typo/autocorrect? Nothing like this has happened in the Bahamas, right?
  16. Agree. Slim. Was the Jewel supposed to return to service in January?
  17. Bermuda… several have been kicked off to quarantine from the Symphony
  18. Well, shoot! over on the Crystal boards, passengers are reporting that on the Crystal Symphony, 5 passengers tested positive and were taken off ship to quarantine in Bermuda. Additional passengers who tetsed negative but were in close contact(but did not know the 5, I think) were also taken off to quarantine. There is a long time CC member among them. Here is the link to the thread. Relevant conversations start on page 2, post 45.
  19. If remember the table settings as well. Haven’t seen it on other cruise lines, though.
  20. Hawaii cruises. I hope you cruise. Just FYI NCL has canceled the Pride of America’s cruises until January 22. This announcement was made in August. It seems this ship would be the among the first to start cruising the islands since her home port is Honolulu. Good luck.
  21. I’ve been watching the sale for a month. It is continuous. I asked a few weeks ago about this and a few responded the sale has been ongoing for a while. BUT it could end at anytime. And it is an excellent offer. If I was interested in a cruise that is not too far in the future and departing from the country I live in, I would book it.
  22. Some Folks on board are posting live on the roll call.
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